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Color Management Workflow

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A presentation on color management compiled for the Comox Valley Camera Club.

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Color Management Workflow

  1. 1. Nathaniel TubbCVCC Education Committee www.nathanieltubb.ca
  2. 2. The Goal of Color Management To process a digital image from capture to final presentation state as efficiently and accurately as possible Note that color management may appear as CM throughout this presentation. Color Management Workflow 2
  3. 3. A Bit of Background “… color management as a solution rather than a meaningless punishment.” The Scenario: your final print doesn‟t match what you see on your display Color Management Workflow 3
  4. 4. Color Management Workflow 4
  5. 5. Light, and How it is Displayed Red, Green, Blue Values  R + G + B = White > (255, 255, 255) Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Values  C + M + Y = Black-ish  + K = Black Displaying Color  Monitors are Backlit  Prints are Reflective Color Management Workflow 5
  6. 6. Light, and How it is Displayed “Different scanners and cameras will produce different RGB values when… confronted with the same original or scene.” Likewise, different monitors will produce different colors when given the same RGB values. Scanners and cameras use different filter sets just as displays use different LEDs to produce the color. Notice the problem??? Color Management Workflow 6
  7. 7. 1st Purpose for CM Render ambiguous RGB values unambiguous  By associating them with a specific color as perceived by humans, color appearance CM achieves this by assigning a profile to the image. Color Management Workflow 7
  8. 8. Typical Image Profile Color Gamuts ProPhoto RGB, Adobe RGB (1998), sRGB Color Management Workflow 8
  9. 9. Camera Capture Digital cameras* are not limited to sRGB capture Camera sensors are often capable of capturing colors outside Adobe RGB *Some compact point „n‟ shoot cameras may only support saving as sRGB Color Management Workflow 9
  10. 10. 2nd Purpose of CM Match the specific color appearance throughout the workflow  Camera > Monitor > Print or the Web  Characterize (profile the devices) > Standardize (a controlled constant) > Translate Color Management Workflow 10
  11. 11. CM Setup CM begins with Your Monitor Calibrating and profiling the display  Colorimeter/Spectrophoto meter vs. The Human Eye Color Management Workflow 11
  12. 12. Color Management Workflow 12
  13. 13. Calibration/Profiling Devices X-Rite  i1 Photo Pro 2 $1300  ColorMunki Design $500  ColorMunki Photo $400  ColorMunki Display $170 Pantone  Huey Pro $100 Datacolor  Spyder Studio $560  Spyder 4 Elite $250  Spyder 4 Pro $170  Spyder 4 Express $120  Spyder Print $350 Color Management Workflow 13
  14. 14. The Working Environment Tips to keeping a consistent viewing area:  Monitors work best in low light  Avoid automatic dimming  D5000 (daylight balanced) light bulbs  Avoid direct light sources falling on your monitor  Remove colorful or other distracting objects from around the workstation Color Management Workflow 14
  15. 15. Settings for Photoshop CS Edit > Color Settings North American Prepress 2 Defaults  Gray Working Space = Gamma of your RGB working space  Convert To Working Spaces  Deselect > Profile Mismatches: Ask When Opening  Deselect > Profile Mismatches: Ask When Pasting  Select > Missing Profiles: Ask When Opening Color Management Workflow 15
  16. 16. Settings for Ps Elements Edit > Color Settings Not as much control Optimise for Printing  Adobe RGB Color Management Workflow 16
  17. 17. Previewing Prints WYSIWYG; sorry, not entirely possible No printing technology* can reproduce the bright, saturated colors like your monitor displays Equally, monitors cannot display metallics, fluorescents, nor dark saturated colors as can print *Brands such as Epson have developed proprietary inks that are capable of a much boarder color gamut than traditional CMYK inks. Color Management Workflow 17
  18. 18. Previewing Prints in Photoshop CS aka. Soft Proofing View > Proof Setup  Printer + Paper ICC Profiles  Check > Use Black Point Compensation  Printing to Canvas? > Paper White and Black Ink Color Management Workflow 18
  19. 19. Color Management Workflow 19
  20. 20. Previewing Prints in Ps Elements Does not natively support Soft Proofing PsE Requires Add-ons  Elements+  QImage Color Management Workflow 20
  21. 21. Adjusting the Soft Proof Duplicate the image and display side-by-side  Image > Duplicate, Window > Arrange  (PsE) File > Duplicate Use Adjustment Layers such as Brightness/Contrast, Curves or Levels, or Vibrance/Saturation Color Management Workflow 21
  22. 22. Color Management Workflow 22
  23. 23. Finally to Print Photoshop Manages Color Printer + Paper Profile Relative Colorimetric or Perceptual Color Management Workflow 23
  24. 24. PsE Print Dialog Color Management Workflow 24
  25. 25. Publishing to the Web Monitor Majority Rules  Very few people calibrate their monitors Tagged (profile assigned) vs. Untagged  Do your images have embedded profiles (sRGB or Adobe RGB)? Not all web browsers are color-managed  Many browsers ignore embedded color profiles or ignore your monitor profile Keep your working Adobe RGB images for editing/printing but upload sRGB images for now, until more browsers are on board Color Management Workflow 25
  26. 26. Resources Adobe Color-Managed RAW Workflow  Find link on my site… The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers, by Scott Kelby  kelbytraining.com/books London Drugs Photo Lab ICC Profiles  http://www.londondrugs.com/PhotoLab/content.aspx?id=3012167b-1b04- 495c-bed7-9a9ab82f1393 nathanieltubb.ca > tech blog > Color Management Workflow Color Management Workflow 26