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marketing businees plan

SLOGEN we make your life luxury
Project Name: Marketing plan Empire Shoping Center
Presented to: SIR JAVEED
Group Name : Best Fr...
Contents of Marketing Plan
Part 1: Dedication
Part 2: Acknowledgement
Part 3: Executive summary
Part 4: Introduction
a) Vi...
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Rent attire  the project
Rent attire the project
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marketing businees plan

  2. 2. SUPERIOR UNIVERSTY LAHORE Project Name: Marketing plan Empire Shoping Center Presented to: SIR JAVEED Group Name : Best Friends Leader Name id: shanzay Rana roll no 2 Members name id: Sumbal rollno 1 Aqsha sharif rollno 35 Company name: The Empire pvt Company Logo: Company Product
  3. 3. Contents of Marketing Plan Part 1: Dedication Part 2: Acknowledgement Part 3: Executive summary Part 4: Introduction a) Vision statement b) Mission statement c) Company d) Product Part 5: Analysis a) Current market situation b) Objectives c) SWOT analysis d) Market survey e) Marketing strategy f) Basis of segmentation g) Targeting h) Marketing mix Part 6: implementation and control a) Budgeting b) Action programs Part 7: Annexes’ a) Customer feedback survey
  4. 4. Dedication I am pleased to submit my report on the launching of new shoping center “EMPIRE” to you. I have tried my best to come up to your mark by providing unique ideas and elegant presentation. I am thankful to you for giving me an opportunity to survey, analyze and enhance my knowledge. Acknowledgement: A work is never a work of an individual. I owe a sense of gratitude to the intelligence and co-operation of those people who had been so easy to let me understand what I needed from time to time for completion of this exclusive project. I want to express my special gratitude towards Sumbal who is our CR of class, and aqsa sharif she is my best friend , for giving me such a unique project of idea and this idea very easy and important for me Last but not the least I would like to forward my gratitude to all the people who always endured me and stood by me and without whom I could not have been envisaged the completion of my project. These things are very important for me because I learn many things from this project
  5. 5. Title page Types of company Private Types of business; Shoping Center Product items Cloths Cosmatics and others Name of shoping center; The Empire shoping center Address; depalpur madina chowk behind tahir shoping center front of chicken shop Fax ; 1234567 Email. Empireshopingcenter007@gmail.com Tel ph:03001234567 Business logo Business name Our slogen
  6. 6. Executive summary: This report explains the marketing plan for launching a new shoping center named EMPIRE shoping center. . In the very beginning of the report I explained the vision and mission statement of the company and I have further carried out. It will be introduced in the market with the help of various promotional displays and advertisement and distribution of the samples to the general public. This report examines that this product is initially launches in city DEPALPUR domestic market. The study includes both primary and secondary research. The primary study focus on survey of the competitors and the likings and disliking of people. Through this strategy company can penetrate in the market and can attract bulk of customers. For this purpose I have conducted SWOT analysis of the company to see company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Then I have explained the purposes, benefits, and objectives of the product. Then I have make the marketing mix strategy of my product. I have divided market into different segments and decide to target kids, youngsters, mature and old age persons. I have also paid special attention to the packaging, color, and price of the product, I have decide to place my product in the city of depalpur, I will promote my product through electronic media, cable, and outdoor sources. I have also conducted customer feedback survey to know the opinion of public about my product. So that I can develop it accordingly.
  7. 7. Introduction to the empire shoping center Company’s vision statement: “Be the leader in the customer value” Company’s mission statement: “To set world class standard in the shoping field through providing a diverse range of high quality shoping products that are we have . In accordance with the Islamic principles striving to satisfy consumers’ tasks and needs and serving the society.” Company slogen We make your life luxury The Empirer Shoping Center Business in DEPALPUR: EMPIRER SHOPING CENTER will commence its business in DEPALPUR from October 2017. The facility has been founded on empirer centeral Area of the city. Our business is expected to match the demands of the product. Wee have ensured the installation of modern, sophisticated and efficient equipment conforming to the very latest standards of “Goods Manufacturing Practices”.and we fulfill every demand of our customers
  8. 8. INTRODUCTION TO “EMPIRER” Empirer willstart in depalpur october 2017 it is a new shoping center we will start soon .our main objective is to provide good cloths and good things on resionable price .and our mission is to provide matchable things who our customers need.and we also gives lot of jobs to new peoples who is jobless our business name is empirer and it is a private business and It is a new business we start and we have no any branch in others city .and three peoples invest their funds and start new business as a shoping senter Slogan: “we make your life luxury ” Items are avaliable in emprir: Cloths Toys Garments Dress pants Woman feshion cloths Bridel dress Woman costmatics
  9. 9. Bangals Footwares Hand bags Man cloths And much more Current Market Situation: Emprir is a fresh new shoping center that is going to be introduced in the domestic market of depalpur. We are focusing to all levels of generation. The kids, youth, old and over all families Price range Price is a main factor is every business we start new business and we sale our products on modrate price not too high and not too less because we also focus on our products price accourding to market situation Objectives: Following are some of the objectives of the company;  To increase the 25% market share  To increase the length of product line i.e. its five now, we should increase it to 6 or 7 soon.  To increase profits  To face strong competitors i.e. like tahir shoping center and adnan shoping center
  10. 10. SWOT Analysis: Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat Strengths:  Updated technology plant  Quality product  Specialists available for specialized jobs and tasks  Hire experienced staff  Medical insurance of employees  Pakistani made  Targeted to low and middle class people  Reasonable price  Expiry date above 6 months Weaknesses:  New in depalpur area  Small distribution network  Strong competitor  No market share  Limited experience of customers Opportunities:  Increase the distribution network  Acquiring the newer technology and techniques  Market is very big and attractive
  11. 11.  Takeover of the distribution Threats:  Political instability  New entrance from the competitors  So many competitors  Retaining consumers  Economic instability  Increase of general sales tax Our Competitors: The emprir is currently facing a competitive environment. Because the competitors of emprir are:  Tahir shoping center  Usama shoping center  Adnan shoping center Product review: The emprer shoping center give every things to his customers such as cloths garments toys on moderate price because we are new in market and our customers do not know about as Competitive Review: Tahir shoping center Competitor: The competitors of emprer are more than 5. Tahir shoping center and adnan shoping center are leading market right now and other are far away from it. Tahir shoping center and Adnan shoping center have loyal customers over the years because they are very old and customers are aware of their merits and
  12. 12. demerits. The company’s first purpose is to compete with the competitors having large market share The main competitors are; Tahir shoping center Adnan Shoping center Product: All product provided by tahir shoping center is International Ltd. Qualities:  High quality availability  Large range of products in large varities  Standardized and attractive packing  Large promotion and market coverage
  13. 13.  Available in various packing Price: Minimum price of products is Rs. 1000 Place: Tahir shoping center has a 35% market share in depalpur. Promotion: They promote their product through  Electronic media  Print media  FM radio  Sales promotion Adnan shoping center Product: They also provide good qualities of products and good price Quality:  Large promotions and market coverage  Large range of cloths qualities  High availability Price: Minimum price of per goods is RS 900
  14. 14. Promotion: They promote their product through  Electronic media  Print media Sales promotion Place: Adnan shoping center has a 30% market share in depalpur . Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy is based on positioning of the product in the mind of consumers.  Providing high quality products to the customers  We will distribute our product on mass level to that we can maximize the profitability Positioning strategies: We want to put an image of our product in the consumers mind as compare to competitor’s product. We want to target the high school, college and graduate students and government sectors and families that have to improve her life style and we change the minds of peoples because our products is too good
  15. 15. Market Segmentation: Emprir shoping center will have market segmentation on two basis;  Geographical segmentation  Demographic segmentation Geographical segmentation: The emprir geographic target area is depalpur. Supplying product to all areas of depalpur, and have further divided the city into five zones.  Zone A: Madina chok  Zone B: khalila abad kalone  Zone C: ghala mandi road  Zone D: the area of bus stand  Zone E: and over all tehsil level of depalpur Map of depalpur
  16. 16. Demographic segmentation: Demographic segmentation is done on the basis of;  Age  Gender  Income occupation  Education  Lifestyles  Social classes  Family size Market Targeting: Steps involve in it are; 1) Evaluate market segments: The segments have been selected need to be evaluated properly. For this three points are considered that are:  Segment size and growth: it needs to consider the geographic and demographic segments company has launch new shoping center selected for introducing is going to be launched and its growth.  Segment structural attractiveness: it involves power of the buyers of the cloths, suppliers of the cloths and its availability in the segment  Company’s objectives and resources: targeting should be done in a way so that the company can achieve its targets with the resources it have 1 segments: the segments selected by the company for shoping are:  Ready mate cloths  Every type of cloths like kids boys and matures
  17. 17. Targeting: Company will target following customers:  Kids  Youth  Mature  Youngsters Marketing mix:  Product  Price  Promotion  Place Product strategy:  Develop the long term relationship with the customers  Give values to the customers to delighting them  Do whatever it takes not to satisfy the customers but retain our customers In order to accomplish this objective the company has established sales, marketing and support terms Product variety: Our product would be available in following items:  Man cloths  Female cloths  Pure german cosmatics  Special bridal dress  And much more
  18. 18. Brand name: The name which we have chosen for our product is “EMPRIR” Quality: High quality assurance would be our first priority. This would be ensured by:  Implementing high quality standards  Total quality management  Acquisition of the high quality raw material and readymate things Design: “emprir” is a shoping center, and our every thing have good packing mean our design is also different than others . Features: Here are some features of our product:  Fresh original australian cloths  Provides good qualities toys  Provides all type man cloths  Also Beneficial for kids  Excellent in brand  Give brand cloths  With good packing Packaging: Product units are packed in plastic involpeps and boxex and some are gift papers Pricing strategies: Our pricing strategies for the product are for total cost which includes customs services and other expenses. Pricing strategies usually changes as the product passes through its life cycle. The price should be set at moderate level in order to attract a large number of buyers and to gain large market share.
  19. 19. Amount in Pak Rupees: The total per unit price that we will offer as follow:  The cost of cloths Rs 200  Electricity Rs.100  Factory overhead Rs.100  Miscellaneous Rs.50  Retailer margin Rs.50  Profit Rs.100  Total price Rs.600 In accordance to our strategy we have decided to offer the product to the customers at the price of Rs.600.The price is very much compatible and the offer is substantial enough to attract a large percentage of market in very quick time. According to this grid we are introducing new product in current market so we follow Product Development Strategy. Communication strategies: Promotion: Actually the promotion is a first step when we are launching a new product but we make its strategies in last. We want to make a good product image in mind of customers, so that they will buy only our product. Current Product New Product Current Market Market Penetration Strategy Product Development Strategy New Market Market Development strategy Diversification Strategy
  20. 20. Criteria promotion: a) Awareness b) Knowledge c) Liking d) Preference e) Purchasing Main Source Of Promotion: I. Electronic media II. Print media III. Cable network IV. Bill boards V. Hoardings Electronic media Channels Time Duration Total Geo Tv Prime Time,Post Prime Time 1 Min 5000 AAG Tv Prime Time,Early Day 1Min 4000 AAJ Tv Early Day,Prime Time 1Min 3000 Hum Tv Post Prime,Pre- Prime 1Min 2000 Din Tv Early Time,Prime Time 1Min 1000 Total 15000
  21. 21. Print media: News paper &magazines Page Coloured or black and white Size Daily basis Weekly basis Charges Jang Front Coloured Standard size Daily 1000 Express Mid Coloured Standard size Daily 2000 Din Front Coloured Standard size Daily 1000 The Daily Times Back Coloured Standard size Daily 1000 Nawa waqt Back Coloured Standard size Daily 1000 Akhbar-e- jahan Back Coloured Full size Weekly 1000 Total 7000 Bill boards: Location Size Duration Total cost Kachare chok 20*60 1 month 20000 Bus stand 20*60 1 month 10000 Madina chok 20*60 1 month 5 000 Purane chungi 20*60 1 month 50 00 Total 40000 Hoardings: Location Size Duration Total cost Madina chok 30*90 1 month 12 00 00 Bus stand 30*90 1 month 10 00 00 City Centre 30*90 1 month 10 00 00 Total 32 00 00 Cable: Location Time Cost Khalila abad kalone 6:00to10:00 30000
  22. 22. Ghala mandi road 4:00to8:00 10000 Bus stard 12:00to8:00 25000 Rata khana road 5:00to11:00 20000 Total 85000 Benefits: Following are the additional benefits which are offered to the customers to give them value: I. Purchase any three things and get one free product II. Purchases ten pents and shirts and get one oxford three piece III. If you purchases a small products from our choping center then you will able to participate in lucky draw and you can win following prizes: 1. Samsung FM Guru 2. DVD system 3. Rs.5000 Places: Distributors Review: To assure the availability of its product.”impire” shoping center has established effective network of registered dealers. The main target of these shoping center in depalpur. The end consumers would then purchases “empire” shopingcenter . The distributor are the most reliable distributors in the region. They enjoy a flawless reputation combined with business relations with numerous retailers even in the rural area of the depalpur. This has ensured that “empire”will be made available all over depalpur
  23. 23. Budgeting: Sr. No Description Amount 1 Cost of land 250,00,000 2 Raw material 5,00,0000 3 Stationery 50,000 4 Office expenses 1,00,000 5 Furniture 5,00,000 6 Staff salaries 50,000 7 Freight inward charges 60,000 8 Repair and maintainance 150,000 9 Research and development 90,000 10 Technology 10,00,000 11 Marketing media expense 6,648,630 Total 38,648,630 Controls: This is the main and last element of the marketing planning by using this we can check our product standard by comparing it with our standards if there is any problem arrive in marketing plan then it must be corrected MANUFACTURER DISTRIBUTOR WHOLESELLERRETAILER CONSUMERS
  24. 24. Three main function are performed under this element of planning that is: 1. Measuring 2. Comparing 3. Correcting Measuring: We can check our marketing condition through measuring in which different types of tasks may be performed like: Survey Survey for the future: In order to learn weather people would like to buy or use our product, we have decided to conduct a market survey in future so that we can assure that people likes our product or not. Comparing: In controlling process we compare our product with our standards Correcting: If any problem occurs then correcting process will take place in which we found that from where the problem will arises. A Marketing Organization: Empire shoping center chief marketing officers,holds overall responsibility for all of the company’s marketing activities.There are other subordinates with him to help the sales campaigns,trade and consumer sales promotion,and public relation efforts. Action programs: The empire shoping center will be introduced in may. Following are summaries of the action program we will use during this summer session to achieve our stated objectives.
  25. 25. Step 1: We will initiate 80,00,000 rupees trades sales promotion campaign to educate dealers and generate excitement for the product lunch and provide sample crate to our selected product reviews, opinion leaders and celebrities as part of our public relation strategy Step 2: We will start integrate print/display/television campaign. Step 3: As the shoping center advertisement continues, we will add consumer sale promotion by including them to our messages. We will also support or retailer to increase our sales. Step 4: We plan to roll out a new advertisement having new views of customers through survey who have used our products which will help to promote our price Organizational structure function. Admistrationmanager Sumbal General manager Shanzayrana Marketingmanager Aqsasharif Operatingmanager Rabiaiqbal Financial manager maria
  26. 26. POSITION TASK AND RESPONSIBILITIES General Manager 1. Complete management responsibilities in ensuring the company objectiveand mission can be achievedaccording to plan. 2. Supports motivationof employees in organization productsor programs and operations. 3. Looks to the future for change opportunities. 4. Oversees the overalloperationsof organization. 5. Analyse monthly report of every department. Administration Manager 1. Update and maintaindatabasewith accurate client information. 2. Controllingthe financialexpenses for administrationdepartment. 3. Identify and inform the duties every department. 4. Managementof staff’s salary payment, bonuses and incentive,EPF and SOCSO
  27. 27. POSITION TASK AND RESPONSIBILITIES Marketing Manager 1. To set a strategic marketing planfor the companyand identifynew marketing opportunities. 2. Promoting the productsand services of the business to the customers. 3. Analyze SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunityand Threat) of the companyand strengths and weaknesses of our competitors. 4. Prepared the department report and submit to the top manager. Operation Manager 1. Manage the qualityof products and ensure problemsare handled efficiently. 2. To set a rules and procedures for staff to follow in order for department run smoothly. 3. Manage and determine the operation cost adequatewith the company budget. POSITION TASK AND RESPONSIBILITIES
  28. 28. Financial Manager 1. Manage and controlthe overall budget, expenses and profits of the company. 2. Prepare monthly and annualcash flow and income statement. 3. Researching and reporting on factors influencingthe business performance 4. Managinga company'sfinancial accounting,monitoring and reporting systems. Timing of our shopingcenter timing Monday opening time 9.00 am to 11 pm Tuesday 9.00 am to 11 pm Wednesday 9.00 am to 11 pm Thursday 9.oo am to 11 pm Friday leave close
  29. 29. Saturday 9 .oo am to 11 pm Sunday 9.00 am to 11 pm Shoping center details Our shoping center have 4 floors One is man floor Second is female floor Third is children floor 4th floor have cloths items Staff details One is general manager Second admistration manager 3rd finacial manger 4th is operating manager Workers 40 workers we need in our business
  30. 30. 10 female girls who know about makeup cosmatics things and guide batter our customers 10 male workers we need for mans dealings 5 security guards for batter security 5 accountant master 5 sweepers for sweeping 5 laduges boys who carry customers laduges and drop on account Salaries details 1 10 mans seleries one is10000 is equal to 100000 2 10 femalessalaries one is 10000 is equal to 100000 5 Securitiesguards one is8000 isequal to 40000 5 Accountans one is12000 isequal to 48 000 We see everythingin ourbusinessandwe manage averythingandwe solve everyproblemssoon we launchour businessw Our financial resources- Directorshanzayrana invest 10000000 Junierdirectorsumbal invest 5000000 CompanyCEO invest 2000000 Profitsdivide onthe retionof investment
  31. 31. loans details take loanfrom state bankof pakistan 10000000 monthaly paymentsintrest 100000 tex details 10 % charge govt 5 % customduties 2 % retailertex At the endwe once again see ourprojectand againmanage everythingwhoconnectedwithus business Why we start thistype of businessbecause shopingisveryimpoatantfactorinoureveryfieldof lufe Andeverybodywantgood standardlife goodstandardclothsandinthis businesswe provide lotsof jobsfor joungbiysandyoungirlswhohave no any job Our mainobjective istoprovide goodstandardthingstooursepalpurarea Special thanks to www.google.com tahirshopingcenter www.youtube.com and I am verythnkfull towhohelpme alot inthe class and all creditgoesto google because all logotookfromgoogle andmapof depalpuralsofrom google thanks
  32. 32. the end