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Moving Company Kansas City

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Moving Proz Largest Local Moving Company in Kansas City MO offering residential and commercial movers in Kansas City. Our expert movers and packers will handle your belongings with care. Free estimates!

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Moving Company Kansas City

  1. 1. Moving Company Kansas City
  2. 2. Guide to Planning Your Move in Kansas City • Kansas City is known by a lot of affectionate nicknames — the Paris of the Plains, Heart of America — but one thing’s for sure: it’s a place that 470,000 people call home. And it’s no wonder: it’s got 250 distinct neighborhoods that comprise the state of Missouri’s largest and most populous city. • As the second largest metropolitan area and 37th–largest city by population in the country, this is city that’s big in size and big on heart. With something for everyone, Kansas City is an ideal place for many to work, raise and family and live out their retirement.
  3. 3. Moving Tips for Kansas City Moves • Planning a move to Kansas City? Check out this handy guide to moving specifically to this area. Partner with your trusted local movers to make your trip a smooth one.
  4. 4. When to Move • It’s advisable to time your move in late summer all the way to early spring if you can. Late spring and early summer marks tornado season in Kansas City. Ideally, fall is the best time to move here, as the temps are on the cool side and you won’t see as high a risk for storms. When on the hunt for property, look for a home with a storm shelter either in the house or somewhere on the property. Each year, many festivals and events take place in and around the city such as the Village Crawfish Festival, Middle of the Map Festival, Missouri State Fair and the Kansas City Auto Show. Avoid these times when moving if you don’t want to deal with big crowds. Licenses for Pets Be sure to license your dogs, cats and ferrets when moving to Kansas City so the city can keep track of the number of pets and reunite lost, licensed pets with their owners. Get all pertinent information from your pet’s veterinarian and make sure everything is documented. Change of Address Right before you move or right after you move, it’s important to change your address. You can do this online with the USPS, with no need to go down to your local post office. The form is free, convenient and hassle free.
  5. 5. Know Before You Go • Be aware of the amenities, attractions and transportation options afforded you in Kansas City before your move. You’ll be happy to know the downtown metro area isn’t very congested and features one of the most well-maintained infrastructures in the whole country. While there is traffic, the impact is lessened thanks to the presence of many freeways (mainly I-70 and I- 435). The public transit system is led by bus transportation company KACTA. MAX is a rapid transit system that syncs up the downtown area to commercial hubs. The airports here include Kansas City International Airport and Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport. Schedule Your Move Today • Now that you know all about moving to Kansas City, it’s time to partner with a professional mover who can get you there efficiently, safely and affordably. Our professional moving company has locations in Overland Park and Lawrence, KS, as well as Kansas City, MO, with fully licensed and insured movers who can cater to all your moving and packing needs. Contact us to get a free quote on moving costs or fill out our convenient online form.
  6. 6. Business and Residential Moving Services Local Movers Long Distance Movers Residential Movers Business Movers Packing Services Piano Movers
  7. 7. Contact  More Info There are many ways for you to request a free moving quote from Moving Proz. Fill out the free moving quote form online, email us, or give us a call at 913-815-4044  CONTACT INFO 10442 W 116th Terrace #220, Overland Park, KS 66207 913-815-4044 www.movingproz.com