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Question 5 - How does your media product attract the audience?

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  1. 1. Question How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. To attract my audience I uploaded my film opening onto YouTube and then sent out the link to it on social media sites such as Facebook Messenger. I sent the link to many people, mostly them being the target audience which is males and females between 16-20 (young adults). I then asked them to watch my film opening and give me feedback, being open to both negative and positive comments. As well as this, I put my film opening onto my blog so that regular viewers of my blog would also come across this and watch it. Online and on social media sites was the best way for me to distribute my film opening and attract my target audience as social media is very influential for teenagers and young adults. After giving my audience days to respond, I then collected up all of the feedback that I had received whether it was via a text message, verbally or in response on social media. I am happy with the feedback. Most of my audience liked the idea I was trying to get across via the narrative. I also got some constructive criticism which was helpful. Myfeedback …