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The Path Home

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Michael Mamas discusses the unifying path of existence. Learn more at MichaelMamas.net

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The Path Home

  1. 1. The Path Home
  2. 2. Everything is born out of, and gravitates back to, Oneness.  The path back to Oneness is called “evolution.”
  3. 3. Oneness is the source of infinite intelligence and creativity underlying everything in existence.
  4. 4. Evolution continues and eventually a species emerges with an awareness capable of fathoming the depth and breadth of existence— a human being.
  5. 5. The capability of human awareness is compromised by stresses, strains, and impurities in the nervous system.  The brain is then unable to function to its full capacity.  Similarly, a bell covered with mud does not ring.
  6. 6. Through proper meditation, the stress, strains, and impurities in the nervous system are washed away.
  7. 7. When human awareness is purified, one awakens to their own true nature. Your true nature is to be one with the source of all existence, all knowledge, all harmony.  Some would say one with God.
  8. 8. The process of the evolution (purification) of awareness is highly elusive.
  9. 9. No gardener would ever peel back the petals of a bud in order to make a blossom.
  10. 10. Evolution of consciousness is a natural process.  The awareness is not manipulated, it’s freed.
  11. 11. Spiritual liberation, freedom from limitation, and enlightenment are all words for the same thing.  It is your birthright.
  12. 12. Look Deeper Live Better with Dr. Michael Mamas www.MichaelMamas.net