daily verse daily reading daily scripture daily meditation daily bread daily guide daily devotion meditate the scripture meditation meditate the word holy bible meditate the word of god daily study meditate verse by verse meditate bible commentaries bible bible verse commentary bible commentary holy scripture bible verse daily daily study habit daily walk commentary commentaries he meditate day and night and god said verse by verse doth he meditate word of god in the seat of the scornful in the way of sinners in the counsel of the ungodly planted by the rivers of water that it was good and god called holy sripture devotional psalms 1 psalms biblical day and night he meditate and in his law doth is in the law of the lord but his delight in the holy scriptures that walketh not blessed is the man and it was so and god saw the face of the waters biblia devotionals holy and whatsoever he doeth shall his leaf also shall not wither that bringeth forth his fruit in his season nor sitteth in the seat of nor standeth in the way of holy spirit of jesus christ fowl after his kind bring forth abundantly nor sitteth bit by bit and the earth psalms 1:3 that bringeth forth his and he shall be like a tree let the waters and the evening the firmament from the waters genesis 1:5 he called night and the darkness the light day genesis 1:4 and there was light let there be light and void psalms 1:2 psalms chapter 1 may 31 may 30 may 29 may 28 may 27 may 26 may 25 psalms 2:1-6 romans 1:1-7 may 24 revelation 1:1-4 revelation 1:1-2 psalms 2:1-3 romans 1:1-6 may 23 revelation 1:1-3 genesis 1:27 psalms 2:1 romans 1:1-2 revelation 1 revelation chapter 1 psalms 2 romans 1 revelation 1:5 psalms 1:4-6 romans 1:8 genesis 1:26 revelation revelation 1:4 psalms 1:4-5 congregation of the righteous nor sinners in the judgment shall not stand in the therefore the ungodly psalms 1:5 and the lord jesus christ from god our father grace to you and peace called to be saints beloved of god to all that be in rome romans 1:7 for the time is at hand which are written therein and keep those things of this prophecy and they that hear the words blessed is he that readeth revelation 1:3 and god saw that upon the earth after his kind and every thing that creepeth and cattle after their kind of the earth after his kind and god made the beast genesis 1:25 which the wind driveth away but are like the chaff the ungodly are not so psalms 1:4 ye also the called among whom are romans 1:6 he doeth shall prosper his fruit in his season like a tree planted and he shall be for his name among all nations for obedience to the faith and apostleship received grace by whom we have romans 1:5 after his kind and beast of the earth and creeping thing cattle forth the living creature let the earth bring genesis 1:24 and of all things that he saw jesus christ and of the testimony of who bare record of the revelation 1:2 the morning were the fifth day and the evening and genesis 1:23 and whatsoever not wither his leaf also shall a tree planted by the rivers and he shall be like of the lord but his delight is in the law walketh not in the counsel of blessed is the man that psalms 1:1-3 from the dead by the resurrection holiness according to the spirit of with power son of god and declared to be romans 1:4 multiply in the earth and let fowl in the seas and fill the waters and multiply be fruitful saying and god blessed them genesis 1:22 and in his law nor standeth in the psalms 1:1-2 according to the flesh of the seed of david which was made jesus christ our lord concerning his son romans 1:3 his servant john by his angel unto and signified it and he sent come to pass things which must shortly to shew unto his servants which god gave unto him the revelation revelation 1:1 book of romans before by his prophets which he had promised romans 1:2 psalms 1:6 shall perish but the way of the ungodly the way of the righteous for the lord knoweth and every winged after their kind which the waters brought that moveth and every living creature and god created great whales genesis 1:21 of heaven in the open firmament fly above the earth and fowl that may that hath life the moving creature genesis 1:20 collection romans 1:1 gospel of god separated unto the called to be an apostle a bond slave of jesus christ paul psalms 1:1 nor standeth were the first day and the morning the light from the darkness and god divided and god saw the light moved upon and the spirit of god upon the face of the deep and darkness was was without form the heaven god created in the beginning doeth shall prosper whatsoever his leaf appear and let the dry land together unto one place be gathered under the heaven the second day the morning were heaven which were above which were under and divided the waters and god made the waters and let it divide in the midst a firmament let there be called he seas of the waters earth the dry land the first day god divided the light it was good the light silent moment genesis 1:3 god said study the scripture love the scripture love delight in thy word study genesis 1 genesis 1:2 the spirit of god face of the deep and darkness without form the earth his delight psalms 1 2 blessed man in his word the word of god ponder the word reading read the scripture love to think study the word of god genesis 1 1 genesis chapter 1 the scripture genesis 1:1
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