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  1. 1. A TRUSTED PARTNERFor almost 20 years, Systems Evolution, Inc. hasbeen focused on providing pragmatic business andtechnology solutions to our client base. Our reputationas a trusted advisor is based on an unwaveringcommitment to client success and the reliableoutperformance our clients have come to expect.Please visit our website (www.sysev.com) to learnmore about how SEI can support your business andtechnology initiatives. Atlanta • Boston • Cincinnati • Dallas • Phoenix www.sysev.com
  2. 2. WhAT WE Do SEI provides highly valued business and technology services tailored to individual client opportunities. Rather than trying to be everything to everyone by bringing in an army of resources, we deploy key strategic resources in leadership roles focused on the following service areas: • Project Planning & Execution • Technology Planning & Deployment • Business Process Optimization • Enterprise Information Management Our approach is to partner with our clients for long term success by: • Adapting to our clients’ business needs and priorities • Focusing on delivering “traction” to our clients • Fostering a collaborative environment that values leveraging our collective intellectual capital for our clients’ benefit • Maintaining a local delivery model that provides our clients with consultant continuity and cost savings Our consultants are resources you can count on. They build credibility and trust with the business, IT, and executive management and develop lasting relationships with the members of your team. E N S U R i N g A l i g N m E N T T o D E l i v E R R E S U lT S W h E N c o l l A b o R AT i o N , l E A D E R S h i P A N D E x P E R i E N c E i S c R i T i c A l Who WE ARE Systems Evolution, Inc. (SEI) is a boutique business and technology consulting firm focused on delivering superior value to local clients since 1992. We provide the agility, consistency and personal attention of a local partner while leveraging the reach and knowledge assets of a national organization. oUR commiTmENTTo collAboRATioN ThE SEi ADvANTAgE AND kNoWlEDgEShARiNg iNcREASES By engaging an SEI consultant, you benefit from years of relevant individual ThE PRoDUcTiviTy, experience, as well as the collective knowledge of a diverse organization qUAliTy, AND of thought leaders. We hire consultants with an extensive track record of iNNovATioN iN All successful implementations of business and technology solutions in your ThAT WE Do problem space. Our consultants are based locally, providing the consistency of, and accessibility to, resources that our clients depend on. When you work with an SEI consultant, you’re working with an owner of the company whose priorities are aligned with your goals and whose focus is on driving results and exceeding client expectations. They are empowered to serve as your advocate and make decisions that support your success.
  3. 3. SERvicE oFFERiNgS PROJECT PLANNING & EXECUTION Beyond execution of a project life cycle, our Strategic Project Managers apply their thought leadership, business acumen, and change adoption skills to your desired business challenge to deliver results and benefits for the long term.comPANy vAlUESSEI is an employee owned and managedcompany with a business model focusedon core values of excellence, participation,integrity and collaboration. Our consultants TECHNOLOGY PLANNING & DEPLOYMENTfoster those values to ensure they extend to Whether you are evaluating, designing, developing, orthe clients we serve and the communities deploying a business transformation technology, ourwe live in. consultants will help you choose and implement the right business solution to deliver value to the organization. BUSINESS PROCESS OPTIMIZATION We understand that business process optimization (BPO) is important for an organization to drive tangible results. Our consultants’ depth of experience leading BPO initiatives addresses many of these challenges and delivers results to the bottom line. ENTERPRISE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT We assist our clients in developing processes and technologies to manage and leverage vast amounts of corporate data to produce competitive advantages for their organization. We focus on defining creative, pragmatic, and holistic solutions that span business strategies, technology solutions, business processes, and organizational needs.