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Getting the content right: how we succeed together at Confab for Nonprofits

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Ready to overhaul your website, CMS, everything—or just tear out your hair about how your organization appears online? Treasure Coast Hospice, one of the largest nonprofit hospice and palliative care providers in the country, needed their website to better communicate services, reach donors, and engage volunteers. But they first needed to ask: What do we really need to communicate? What content is working well, and why?

Sit in on a conversation between Michael Hallinan, Treasure Coast Hospice’s web strategist, and Margot Bloomstein, their content strategy consultant, as they recount how they developed a message architecture of the organization’s communication goals, conducted an all-hands-on-deck content audit to understand the value of their existing content, and then collaborated with a development team to build a “content first” website—all on a timeline and budget that can scale to the needs of any nonprofit organization.

Presented together at Confab for Nonprofits, #confabnp, in Chicago on June 16, 2014

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Getting the content right: how we succeed together at Confab for Nonprofits

  1. GETTING THE CONTENT RIGHT: HOW CLIENTS & CONSULTANTS SUCCEED TOGETHER Margot Bloomstein @mbloomstein Michael Hallinan @rmhallinan Confab for Nonprofits June 16, 2014 #ConfabNP
  2. this could be you. Client, or content strategist, at the mercy of the waves! The Gust, or A Ship in High Seas Caught by a Squall Willem van de Velde, 1707
  3. heaven! And that’s where our story begins
  4. Suddenly, there was a ray of light, sent from heaven… The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, Rembrandt, 1633
  5. …an cont • inc • con bud • “we • dec scoA French Ship and Barbary Pirates, Aert Anthonisz, 1615
  6. A French Ship and Barbary Pirates, Aert Anthonisz, 1615 This isn’t sustainable for anyone: we abandon campaigns, shift priorities, blow out the timeline, and cannibalize our budgets.
  7. You know the story.
  8. At the mercy of the waves…
  9. We needed a better way.
  10. Our rudder: the message architecture gave us a POV to help us steer into changing winds We offer reliable patient care with empowering guidance and support thanks to both efficient internal systems and deep roots in the community—strengths that enable us to shape the industry. TCH offers reliable, empowering clinical patient care. • Professional and focused • Comprehensive and diverse in staff and services • Approachable and accessible Internal delivery mechanisms allow TCH to scale and operate like a well-oiled machine, offering appropriate skills, staff, and services—but still offer the sensitivity and relevance of a premium, community-based healthcare partner. • Large enough to be efficient but small enough to be welcoming • Detail oriented and tactically smart; systematized but customer-oriented TCH is an industry-driving thought leader. • Visionary and pioneering in hospice services, palliative care, and patient and caregiver support • Innovative and technically savvy
  11. I hear what you’re saying. These are the goals we’re all working to accomplish. Remember, we agreed on this strategy and direction.
  12. <image from cardsorting>
  13. Content audit
  14. Content audit What do we need?
  15. Content audit What do we have?
  16. Content audit Is it current? relevant?
  17. Content audit Is it appropriate for our goals?
  18. Content audit Q: How do we pace for emotion?
  19. Content audit A: see our content model
  20. Visual & verbal emotional hook1 Service response2 What to expect3 Call to action3 Abstract anxiety Concrete action
  21. Content first, to drive content types and their hierarchy
  22. We righted the ship. Our message is consistent, content types are sustainable, we didn’t waste budget or effort chasing the wind, and content and design anticipate the future.
  23. Why is this important?
  24. Content is time travel: Moves audience from one place, belief, habit to another Persuasion of professional communicators CONTENT IS TIME TRAVEL
  25. © 2014 Treasure Coast Hospice and Appropriate, Inc. THANK YOU Margot Bloomstein @mbloomstein margot@appropriateinc.com Michael Hallinan @rmhallinan mhallinan@tchospice.org MORE: slideshare.net/mbloomstein amzn.to/CSatWork