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A Trip Through The Alps

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Switzerland Tourism
Switzerland Tourism
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A Trip Through The Alps

  1. 1. A TRIP THROUGH THE ALPS Open the Curtains so the Show will continue through THE SWISS, FRENCH, AUSTRIAN AND ITALIAN ALPS . Click to advance José Sebastião Martins
  2. 2. Mount Pilatus is a mountain that is in a solid mass of the Swiss Alps and is close to the city of Lucerne. The highest point is 2137 meters above sea level. Monte Pilatus
  3. 3. It is a tourist attraction for the city of Lucerne. The city is connected to the top of the mountain lift rail best known in the world (Pilatusbahn) with a maximum decline of 48%. Monte Pilatus
  4. 4. The summit is also accessible by cable car. Since the summit offers an exceptional view over the region of Lake Lucerne. Monte Pilatus
  5. 5. Vevey is a community and a city in Switzerland in the canton of Vaud, with about 16,321 inhabitants and is situated on the banks of Lake Léman. Was known in antiquity as Viviscus, having been first mentioned by the ancient Greek philosopher and astronomer Ptolemy, who gave the name of Ouikos. Vevey
  6. 6. Charlie Chaplin lived in this city between 1953 and 1977 and was buried in the communal cemetery. Vevey
  7. 7. D'Oex-Château is a municipality in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. It is the capital district of Pays-d'Enhaut. Ghateaux D’oex
  8. 8. The Dutch graphic artist MC Escher and his wife, Jetta Umiker, spent several years in the city. Ghateaux D’oex
  9. 9. Also, the British actor, David Niven, lived much of his life in Château-d'Oex. He died at his villa on July 29, 1983 from motor neuron disease (Lou Gehrig of Dolenciaa) at the age of 73 years. Ghateaux D’oex
  10. 10. View of the mountains around Château-d'Oex, in winter, where he observed the typical Swiss chalet. Ghateaux D’oex
  11. 11. world famous "Balloon Week" is held in the month of January. Nearly 100 gather for the festival every year in Château-d'CEx. Ghateaux D’oex
  12. 12. Gstaad (pronounced STAHD), has a small population with approximately 2,500 people. Is a village located (46 º 28 'N, 7 ° 17' E) is 1050 meters above sea level, the spoken language is German, and is situated in the canton of Berne in southwest Switzerland. Gstaad
  13. 13. Gstaad is known for its luxurious hotels and shops, as its high-society nightlife, fine dining, excellent service and international stars. Gstaad
  14. 14. Gstaad, which is part of the municipality of Saanen, is known as one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world and was also the location of the Institute Lê Rosey's winter campus since 1916. Gstaad
  15. 15. It is also one of the best ski areas in the European Alps. The city is located in the Bernese Oberland in the Swiss Alps. Gstaad
  16. 16. Gstaad, called "the Place" by Time Magazine in the 1960s, is widely known for its famous during holidays, including Ernesto BERTORELLI, actress Julie Andrews and Elizabeth Taylor has already gone up around here. How old famous people include actor Roger Moore, Prince Rainier, Grace Kelly and many other celebrities. Gstaad
  17. 17.   Grindelwald is a municipality in the district of Interlaken in the canton of Berne in Switzerland. Grindelwald
  18. 18. Grindelwald can be reached through a small gear train (Berner Oberland Bahn) from Interlaken. Grindelwald
  19. 19. Today, Grindelwald is also a popular summer resort with many miles of trails and roads through the Alps. Grindelwald
  20. 20. For the winter slides are prepared for roads and trails. Grindelwald
  21. 21. It is famous as a winter tourist season, with slopes for beginners, intermediate and challenges of the Eiger, frost sides to experts, there are activities for new skiers. Grindelwald
  22. 22. Zermatt is a community of Switzerland, in canton Valais, with about 5625 inhabitants. It covers an area of 242.67 km2. Limited to the following communities: Alagna Valsesia (VC-IT), AVAS (IT-AO), Yesterday, Bionaz (IT-AO), Evolnène, Gressoney-La-Trinité (IT-AO), Macugnaga (IT-VB) Randa, Saas Almagell, Tasch. Zermatt
  23. 23. Zermatt is at an altitude of 1620 meters above sea level. Is famous for the Matterhorn and the absence of cars, and even more than that, it's a special place that has no comparison, the place in which it is situated, for its natural beauty, especially in the winter time which is almost covered with snow. Zermatt
  24. 24. In Zermatt, first class restaurants, rustic, traditional, pizzerias and fast foods. The city also offers clubs, skating rinks, tennis courts and squash courts, indoor golf, movies and more. Zermatt
  25. 25. The Matterhorn (French Mont Cervin, Italian Monte Cervino) is perhaps the best known mountain in the Alps. Located on the border of Switzerland with Italy, its graceful silhouette dominates the Swiss town of Zermatt and the Italian town of Breuil-Cervinia, Val Tournanche. Zermatt
  26. 26. Ski areas, many open all year round, are connected between them, it is possible to ski for several days without passing twice on the same track. The resort offers skiing and helicopter skiing. Zermatt
  27. 27. Zermatt is located in the valley at the foot of Matterhorn, is surrounded by spectacular mountains and has all the charm of a typical Swiss village. The car traffic is banned and the transport is provided by horses (carriages and wagons) and electric cars. Zermatt
  28. 28. Tiefencastel is a community of Switzerland, in Canton gray, with about 245 inhabitants. The official language in this community is German and Romansh. Tiefencastel
  29. 29. Covers an area of 14.85 km2 with a population density of 16 inhabitants per km2. Limited to the following communities: Alvaneu, Alvaschein, Brienz / Brinzauls, Cunt, Filisur and others. Tiefencastel
  30. 30. In the winter high season, access to the narrow roads to reach Tiefencastel is very risky because the snow is intense. Tiefencastel
  31. 31. Évian is a community of France, in the northern part of the department of Haute-Savoie, on the banks of Lake Geneva, opposite to Lausanne, in Switzerland. It has a population of about 7,300 inhabitants. Évian
  32. 32. The city is home to Evian Mineral Water, which is the bedrock of the economy, together with the Casino d'Evian, thematic, the largest casino in Europe and the Evian Royal Resort. Évian
  33. 33. Evian is also home to the new Hilton Evian-les-Bains. This new development is an added value outside the town and attract more tourism. Évian
  34. 34. Bellagio is an Italian community in the region of Lombardy, the province of Como, with about 2945 inhabitants. Here is the port city where they go and come from various places, including the famous city of Como. Bellagio
  35. 35. Bellagio is an Italian community in the region of Lombardy, the province of Como, with about 2945 inhabitants. Here is the port city where they go and come from various places, including the famous city of Como. Bellagio
  36. 36. At the city limits are part of Bellagio Aureggio people, Casato, Guggiate Suir, Loppia, Pescallo, San Giovanni, Vergones and Visgnola. Bellagio
  37. 37. The former fishing village, whose name means "beautiful lake", is a tourist attraction since the nineteenth century, and its narrow streets surrounded by medieval houses make the city an attractive .. Bellagio
  38. 38. Inspired the Bellagio Bellagio Hotel and Casino, located in Las Vegas in the United States of America, designed by architect Jon Jerde to the casino owner Steve Wynn. Bellagio
  39. 39. Bellagio is located at the tip of the triangle Lariano in the peninsula that divides Lake Como in two southern arms. Bellagio
  40. 40. In the extreme west, the city of Como is located, on the opposite side of the triangle to the east, lies Lecco, and the extreme north occupied by Bellagio. Bellagio
  41. 41. The public walkway on the banks of the lake to the north is the mountain in the Alps. The city is located on the promontory of Monte Nuvolone which its 1094 meters high, 75 km north of Milano and 55 km west of Bergamo. Bellagio
  42. 42. The city is situated in the triangle Lariano and is famous for its picturesque location at the intersection of the three arms of the river from Lake Como, with its particular form of a "Y" reversed. Bellagio
  43. 43. Bellinzona is a community of Switzerland, in Canton Ticino, with nearly 17,286 inhabitants. It covers an area of 19.84 km2. Limited to the following communities: Arbedo-Castione, Giubiasco, Gorduno, Monte Carasso, Pianezza, Sant'Antonio. The language of that community is Italian. Bellinzona
  44. 44. It is famous for its castles, including since 2000 on the bottom of the list of world heritage by UNESCO. Bellinzona
  45. 45. Bellinzona is directly linked to major cities in Switzerland or Italy, you can get to it from Locarno in (approximately 20 minutes), Lugano (approximately 30 minutes) of Zurich (2.5 hours), Berne (3.5 hours) or from Milan (about 2 hours). Bellinzona
  46. 46. Trento (in Italian "Trento", in local dialect "Trent" in German "Trient" and latin "Tridentum") is an Italian community in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige Province of Trento, with approximately 104,946 inhabitants. Trento
  47. 47. Trento covers an area of 157 km2, bordering with Giovo, Lavis, Albiano, Terlago and others. Very mountainous, the province has an area of 6207 km ² and in 2001 the total population was 477,017 inhabitants. Trento
  48. 48. According to the results of the council was the establishment of the Tridentine Mass and the ritual formally approved by the Catholic Church, trying to eliminate the local variations which existed previously. Trento
  49. 49. Initially, Trent was a Celtic town, later conquered by the Romans and became famous by the Council of Trent (1545-1563) which led to the Counter-Reformation. Trento
  50. 50. Bolzano (Bozen) is an Italian community in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige, Bolzano province, with around 94,989 inhabitants. Bolzano
  51. 51. The city of Bolzano is bounded by the River Talvera and the water comes from melting snow. Bolzano
  52. 52. Bolzano is considered the oldest city in the region of the Dolomites, and medieval center has functioned as a starting point for several routes of migration to the region. Bolzano
  53. 53. Here is the fruit market of Bolzano, it is a tourist attraction for its beauty. The decoration is made from the fruit itself. Bolzano
  54. 54. The Dolomites (Dolomiti in Italian) are a mountain range of the eastern Alps in northern Italy. Dolomite Mountains
  55. 55. The Dolomites area extends to the community of Cortina D'Ampezzo and the provinces of Belluno - which is its most relevant - Bolzano, Trento, Udine and Pordenone. Dolomite Mountains
  56. 56. Here nature is more bountiful than ever, rewards the retina of our eyes with such beauty, giving us the contrast between the green landscape with snow in the Dolomites. Dolomite Mountains
  57. 57. The highest point of the Dolomites Marmolada, with 3343 meters above sea level, which is at the bottom. Other peaks are: Piz milk Schier Monte, and Monte Antelao. Dolomite Mountains
  58. 58. This is a ski resort in the winter time more intense, forming a beautiful landscape typical of the Alps, Italy. Dolomite Mountains
  59. 59. Tyrol is an Austrian federal province with 12,648 km2 and a population of 675,000 inhabitants. Tirol
  60. 60. Tyrol is dominated by the Alps, dominated throughout its territory is crossed by the River Inn through Innsbruck. Tirol
  61. 61. Reutte is a city of half Tyrol well near Füssen in Bavaria. It is the center of the Lechtal Alps. Tirol
  62. 62. The province is bordering Germany to the north, south on Italy and Switzerland. Alpine Tyrol areas are visited by many tourists throughout the year, due to its great beauty and also for the innumerable places where they can practice winter sports. Tirol
  63. 63. The state is divided into nine districts (Bezirke) and a statutory city, (Statutarstadt) Unsbruck. Districts and their administrative centers are from west to east and from north to south. Tirol
  64. 64. Hall in Tirol is a town in Austria, and is located 10 km east of Innsbruck in Innsbruck-Land district, with a population of approximately 15,000 inhabitants. Tirol
  65. 65. The Castle Tyrol, Merano in the capital of the Count of Tyrol Castle, the cradle of origin of the name and country. Castle Hill has been the solution of the pre-historic. A cemetery was found in the beginning years of the Middle Ages .. Tirol
  66. 66. The Tyrol is surrounded by the Alps, so the access by mobile is not always easy, but the possible views of the landscape is always breathtaking. Tirol
  67. 67. The house you see, is one of the Glockner Berggasthof Austrian Alpine Association (Department of Klagenfurt). The High Alpine Road Glossglocker slightly below the end of the town Pasterze in Heiligenblut, in the federal state of Carinthia. Glockner The house has 125-year history. Grossglockner
  68. 68. Here is another view from the house of the Glockner Berggasthof Austrian Alpine Association (Department of Klagenfurt). Grossglockner
  69. 69. The beauty is so contagious that anyone can’t resist stopping in this place for a hot chocolate and take some pictures to mark a "souvenir." Grossglockner
  70. 70. The Grossglockner is the highest point of Austria. Has 3797 meters of altitude. It is the second most prominent mountain in the Alps, after the Mont Blanc (which is the highest mountain in Europe). Grossglockner
  71. 71. Aqui, el propio letrero nos muestra la altura de este lindo lugar, que sólo la retina de nuestros ojos es capaz de captar la belleza natural que está frente a nosotros. Glossglockner
  72. 72. The new Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse will be open for traffic by May 8 2009
  73. 73. Heiligenblut (meaning holy blood) is a municipality in the district of Spittal an der Drau in the Austrian State Caritina, located in the high alpine region Hohe Tauren ridge with 1288 meters, Heiligenblut is located on the side of the Grossglockener the highest mountain in Áustria. Grossglockner
  74. 74. The road to get here in the High Alpine Glossglocker is narrow with poor visibility in winter time, requiring a minimum speed, because it would be a waste to let this beauty quickly pass our view without any fotography. Grossglockner
  75. 75. Zell am See is the capital of the Zell am see district in the Austrian state of Salzburg. It is the second largest city in the Pinzgau with about 10,000 inhabitants. Zell am See is a tourist destination and a transportation hub for the region. Zell am See
  76. 76. Zell am See was already populated in Roman times. In 740 AD, by order of Archbishop Johannes (John) of Salzburg, monks founded the village "Cella in Bisonzio. Zell received the rights of a market town, in 1357, and rights of city, January 24, 1928. Zell am See
  77. 77. The town of Zell am See is divided into five districts: Bruckberg (residential area) popular), Zellermoos (farm hand), Erlberg (including a Nature Reserve), Schmitt (llocalización many cable) Thumersbach (Noble district, a popular balnear and beautiful scenery), Prielau (a popular Summer resort) Zell am See, Cidade Velha (Center site), (Schüttdorf) (richest population) Zell am See
  78. 78. The "Hausberg" of Zell am See is the Schmittenhöhe is a famous mountain in the area greywacke (including grasses Pinzgau mountains), which today is used primarily for winter sports. Zell am See
  79. 79. Krems is a city of 23,932 inhabitants in Austria, in the federal state of Lower Austria. It is the fifth largest city and is approximately 70 km west of Vienna .. Krems on the Danube River, it's worth a visit during any season and probing in the region of the Nibelungen stream: The Wachau Valley is UNESCO cultural heritage! Krems
  80. 80. Krems is located where the rivers Danube and Krems in the eastern end of Wachau valley used to flow together, in the Waldviertel. Worth a visit during any season and probing in the region of the Nibelungen stream: The Wachau Valley is UNESCO cultural heritage! Krems
  81. 81. Credits: José Sebastião Martins Written by José Sebastião Martins Imagens: Internet author and do Formatação: José Sebastião Martins Music: Nun sagen wir Aufwiederseh'n; Au Revoir, Il Mondo; Wildecker Die (music TYROL) Herzbuben Data da formatação: Setembro/2008 e-mail do author: jsmartins46@yahoo.com.br Please modify não e nem os alters credits. Click here to exit