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Big taxi Pick Up and Drop Services

It doesn't matter wherever you are Our maxi cab will Pick up you and drop you at your destination safely. So, whenever you stuck at any place in Singapore Then sure book our services by visiting http://www.bigtaxi.sg/ Or also by calling @ +65 86852942.We will be there for you at any time.

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Big taxi Pick Up and Drop Services

  1. 1. BIG TAXI : Driven for You & Your Family
  2. 2. Big TaxiBig Taxi ServicesServices Big Taxi runs best maxi cab services which are unalike from others fake taxi companies who always cheat the customers. The Big Taxi some major services that are running successfully in Singapore are – Seven seater maxi cab Nine seater Maxi taxi 13 seater minibus Lego Land Exchanges Malaysia transfers Airport transfers
  3. 3.  Our 7 seater is doing a great job by transferring people from one place to another and making their journey easy and convenient. Some features of Our Premium Cab are as follows:– Fully Air condition Cab Leather covered seats Six seats for you & your family and one for Driver Neat and clean cab GPS enabled CNG Operated Vehicles Nice and polite driver 7 seater rates start from $55 Seven Seater Prime Taxi
  4. 4.   Nine seater has a marvelous look, Our clients prefer this Singapore big taxi for any Corporate events or meetings.  Some interesting features about this cab are:-  Spacious  More comfortable  Seats are adjustable  Laptop Stand  GPS enabled  Well-professional driver  Nine seater rates start from $65 Nine Seater Big Taxi
  5. 5.   Well, Big Taxi has a Mega Cab which comes with many features. Thirteen seater Maxi Cab is a wonder in itself. Book this prime Cab for celebration, weddings, picnic, Sightseeing, Visit Historical places.  Features of party bus:-  More Space for your comfort  Very neat & clean floors minibus  Wheel chair  Music system  GPS enabled  Rates starting From $70 Thirteen Seater Premium Cab
  6. 6.  Tags big taxi booking big taxi Singapore Maxi cab singapore big taxi services Best big taxi big taxi online Prime maxi taxi Big Taxi Online   maxi taxi online Singapore Singapore big taxi Premium Cab Booking Online Premium Cab Booking cheap big taxi
  7. 7. ThankYou! Visit Our Website For Booking Big Taxi http://www.bigtaxi.sg/ Customer Support Team:- +65 86852942