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The Future of Advertising isn't Advertising

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William Owen's talk at the APA's International Content Summit

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The Future of Advertising isn't Advertising

  1. 1. is the traditional model dead?
  2. 2. “an inherently unethical and, frankly, poisonous endeavor that sees people as sheep to be manipulated, that vaunts style over substance, and deems success to be winning awards. Peter Merholz, Adaptive Path
  3. 3. making useful stuff selling stuff
  4. 4. “Ideas that do” Stop communicating products & start making communication products Gareth Kay, Goodby Silverstein & Partners
  5. 5. why?
  6. 6. mass media model client big fat media channel Ad creative Media buyer
  7. 7. client Agency media buyer channel Digital media buyer channel Agency channel channel channelchannel channel Digital agency Agency channel channel channel channel channelchannel channel fragmented media model
  8. 8. earned media model client channel Agency channel channel channel channel channelchannel Agency Media buyer Agency Agency
  9. 9. client channel Agency channel channel channel channel channelchannel Agency Media buyer Agency Agency networked media model Agency
  10. 10. er....yes is the traditional advertising model dead?
  11. 11. the distintermediation of media buyers ...and a new advertising model that isn’t advertising ...and media owners
  12. 12. “the audience is prepared to take the huge trouble to be styled and photographed and upload their picture for consideration to be included in the site – it’s an incredibly intimate form of engagement.” Juliet Warkentin, WGSN
  13. 13. visitors countries av. time on site press coverage reach paid media budget increase in trenchcoat sales 333,00 191 5.5 mins £6.8m £0 85% in 3 months
  14. 14. rich social transactional useful direct measurable (launch and learn)
  15. 15. mass media interruptive one-directional mediated tried formats based on faith old model networked media earned (useful) participatory direct new formats measurable new model
  16. 16. great big cultural shift
  17. 17. “advertising and marketing agencies can evolve their practices to appropriately engage in user experience problems, I believe that the industry’s DNA simply cannot support such mutations.” .Peter Merholz, Adaptive Path
  18. 18. unknown problem fast, agile user-focused multi-disciplinary new culture known problem slow, linear sales-focused comms solution old culture
  19. 19. Experience Design will become the master discipline for businesses that want to be good at selling stuff. Russell Davies, Head of Planning, Ogilvy
  20. 20. m ass m edia fragm ented m edia earned m edia netw orked m edia + services most ad agencies smart ad agencies agencies that don’t call themselves ad agencies
  21. 21. thank you William Owen @wdowen william@madebymany.com http://madebymany.com