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Reasons You Are Not Ready To Be A Social Business Success

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Ever wondered why "social" isn't catching on at your company? Maybe you've tried it but it just doesn't seem to fit the way you work. During my years working with companies adopting social, I've found what I believe to be some very good reasons why YOU may NOT BE READY to become a SOCIAL BUSINESS SUCCESS. I'm sure these aren't all the reasons, but they are the ones I see (and sense) most often. Time for a little cultural inspection.

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Reasons You Are Not Ready To Be A Social Business Success

  1. Reasons you* are not ready to be a social business success *you, your team, your department, your division, your company
  2. You are selfish
  3. You’re always asking “What’s in it for me?” You consider your ideas, knowledge & insights, yours. You are not interested in sharing. You are a hoarder of information.
  4. You are a Bully
  5. You demand things are done your way. You use your position, power and persuasion to control others. You consider others as a tool to advance you and your causes. You criticize others who think differently.
  6. You are Lazy
  7. You strive to do just enough to get by. You look for the easy tasks & avoid anything that looks like a challenge. You love joining large web meetings & conference calls because you can look busy without really having to do anything.
  8. You are deceitful
  9. You only tell people what you think “they need to know”. You excuse your lies by proclaiming the end justifies the means. You use terms like “white lie” and “untruth”. You keep “records” to be leveraged when needed.
  10. You are Scared
  11. You worry about what others think about you. You are so afraid of making a mistake that you rarely attempt anything new. You feel out of place and unappreciated. You have a hard time keeping up with your peers.
  12. If you can relate to one or more of these reasons… It’s highly unlikely you will be a social business success… Until you change your culture.
  13. The good news is that you can change your culture. But there is one more reason you will need to consider.
  14. What if you are generous, courteous, hard working, trustworthy & confident? What other reason might you need to consider?
  15. You are Unequipped
  16. You don’t have the necessary social smarter work solutions in place to leverage your outstanding qualities. You need a mobile, secure & analytic rich environment in which to succeed.
  17. You need a #NewWayToWork Even the best of cultures have to be enabled. How will people share if it’s hard or impossible? How will experts be leveraged if they can’t be found?
  18. You need IBM Verse Ibm.com/verse Mail that understands you. Less clutter, more clarity Connecting me to we.
  19. You need IBM Social Ibm.com/social Amplify the value of human connections. Build a social network with a business focus. Identify, appreciate & leverage expertise & ideas.
  20. You need a Smarter Workforce Ibm.com/smarterworkforce Attract, engage and grow the best talent. Create an engaging, social and collaborative culture. Connect the right people to get the work done.
  21. If you have a “reason”… Let us know, we can help!
  22. Ibm.com/verse Ibm.com/social Ibm.com/smarterworkforce
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