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7 Key Findings on Latest Customer Service Trends

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Check out these 7 most important findings from LiveChat's Customer Service Report for 2017.

The report is based on 245 M (!) customer service conversations from 2015 and 2016. The report includes main customer service trends and predictions for the upcoming months.

Read the short summary of it!

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7 Key Findings on Latest Customer Service Trends

  1. 1. 7 Key Findings on Latest Customer Service Trends
  2. 2. 97mln 139mln chats in 2015 Demand for live chat increased by 43.41% in 2016 chats in 2016 Businesses using live chat had 43.41% more chats with customers in 2016. This equals to an increase of 4.11% in the number of chats with customers for an average business.
  3. 3. Summers are slower than the Holiday Shopping Season on live chat Companies can expect the lowest amount of chats in June, which increased only by 33.72% in 2016, and the Highest During the Holiday Shopping Season, which saw 53.74% more chats in the November-December period of 2016.
  4. 4. Businesses still are not fully utilizing the potential of live chat Whenever a customer wants to start a chat on LiveChat and there is no agent online, a ticket is created. The huge increase in tickets in 2016 (up by 86.29%) suggests that businesses could get even more chats if they had more agents online.
  5. 5. Tech companies set the customer satisfaction bar at 92.91% Tech companies set the new bar for best customer satisfaciton. IT, Software and Web Hosting businesses produced the best results in 2016, with up to 92.91% customer satisfaction, which is the score to beat in 2017.
  6. 6. Fast response time is a big part of the customer satisfaction formula Out of the 12 industries that scored an increase in customer satisfaction in 2016, 9 of them sped up their first response time. Response time and handling cases in one touch seem to be the two biggest indicators of good customer service.
  7. 7. Australian companies lead in customer satisfaction Australian businesses provided the best customer service on average in 2016. On average, 91.35% of customers of an Australian business are satisfied with the received service.
  8. 8. US companies are closing on 91% average customer satisfaction score The current customer satisfaction score to beat for a US-based company is 90.84%.
  9. 9. Read the full report for free Two years of data, latest customer service trends and benchmarks, expert advice READ THE FULL REPORT
  10. 10. Give LiveChat a try Want to get the same effect in your business? Start 2017 with LiveChat on your website, on your social media or in your apps to convert users into customers over chat. Signup now for free 30-day trial. SIGNUP FOR FREE