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Import excel rows to sharepoint list

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How to import excel rows to a SharePoint list with Microsoft Flow

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Import excel rows to sharepoint list

  1. 1. 12NOV2018 //Peter Heffner How to import Excel rows into a SharePoint list with Microsoft Flow Intranet Solution Specialist
  2. 2. About This presentation describes how to import rows of an Excel file into an existing Sharepoint list with Microsoft Flow It addes rows to a list. It does NOT update existing items in the Sharepoint list (However, that would also be possible) Data has to be in Excel format (CSV doesn‘t work) Data has to be defined as a table Order of columns doesn‘t matter Person fields work with email addresses and „lastname, firstname“
  3. 3. The Sharepoint List
  4. 4. The Excel file Data is formatted as a Table. The Excel file is saved on a OneDrive
  5. 5. The Flow – Get rows Create a new Flow from blank Here I chose to trigger the Flow manually Next I add the Excel „Get rows“ action and specify the Excel file and the desired table
  6. 6. The Flow – Set variables Next add the data operation „Compose“ as an action. The „Apply to each“ is then automatically added Rename your Compose for easier mapping later on Select which Excel column should be assigned to the compose
  7. 7. The Flow – data operation „compose“ Then add more „compose“ to assign the othe columns. Skip what is not needed. Tip: You don‘t need to do that for Choice- or Person fields
  8. 8. Create SP item As the last action add „Sharepoint - Create Item“ and assign the variables
  9. 9. The Coice field The Choice field is slightly different. Chose „Enter Custom Value“ and select the Excel status column
  10. 10. The Flow Also for the Person fields, chose „Enter Custom Value“ and select the Excel column In fact, you wouldn‘t need to compose those variables for lookup fields like Choice or Person
  11. 11. Done! Run the Flow!
  12. 12. This guide is accurate at the time of publication. Due to future updates for Office 365 applications, it can happen that these instructions are not that accurate at some point of time. Thank you //Peter Heffner Disclaimer