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LevelEleven - An Overview

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LevelEleven's Compete software is designed for the VP of Sales. Take a look at this quick overview to see what it's all about.

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LevelEleven - An Overview

  1. 1. VP’s of Sales are wondering… Quick lead follow-up Are my salespeople spending enough time on the behaviors that drive sales? Connecting with clients Booking meetings & demos Meeting face-to-face Building pipeline Pitching new products Advancing deals Keeping Salesforce updated leveleleven.com @levelelev
  2. 2. LevelEleven creates focus by tapping into salespeople’s competitive nature Sales manager identifies any behavior tracked in Salesforce The LevelEleven Competition Engine socializes performance against those behaviors Via high impact leaderboards in Salesforce, on TV’s, mobile phones, in Chatter, in salespeople’s inbox, and via realtime notifications in their daily workflow leveleleven.com @levelelev
  3. 3. And it works… fast! $5.8M in incremental sales in 2-months 60% more sales wins in 3weeks = + 137% more appointments in 2-weeks  $1.6M in sales From $0 to $500k in new product sales in 6-weeks Your CRM data LevelEleven Competition Engine 127% more appointments set per day 29% more pipeline & 320% more record updates leveleleven.com @levelelev
  4. 4. The industry is “abuzz” about LevelEleven Tap Into Salespeople’s Competitive Instincts 4 Companies That Will Dominate Dreamforce Getting High Yield from Sales Reps LevelEleven Raises $2M from Salesforce & Former NBA Star #4 in 50 Best Companies to Sell For Thought Leadership at Dreamforce 2013 • • • • • • • • • • • • Q&A w/ LevelEleven CEO at Partner Keynote 30-Apps in 30-Minutes Gamification Thought Leaders Gamification: BS or Bottom Line? Is Competition Healthy or Damaging? Compete to Win (Don’t Motivate to Lose) Gamification Isn’t for Kids Anymore Improve Your Sales Process with Gamification Work.com keynote 5 Secrets to Gamification in the Enterprise Gamification Best Practices New Ways to Drive Sales Performance leveleleven.com @levelelev