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Play It Forward Campaign - 2014-15 LDA Collaborative Project Presentation

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Project: Partner with Community Action to assist and promote building a new playground at the Community Kids Learning Center.
Members: Jake Hess, Dave Kipp, Jean Miller, Jolene Terrones, Shandra Thomas
Description: “Play it Forward” is a partnership with Community Action to assist and promote building a new playground at the Community Kids Learning Center. This will provide children with a safer, development-appropriate learning environment. Improvements to the facility will help Community Action integrate outdoor play with social skills, gross motor skills, and creative training. It may also increase the facility’s rating with the state and provide additional financial opportunities. Our team will obtain sponsors for materials and supplies, build bike barns and Plexiglas fence, organize a work day, and promote community involvement and knowledge of the project and organization. Our project will also demonstrate to the kids and their families a sense of commitment and community pride. This will offer a better-rounded social, physical, and gross motor educational project for years to come.

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Play It Forward Campaign - 2014-15 LDA Collaborative Project Presentation

  1. 1. Jolene Terrones  11 years special education teacher  3 years assistant principal  Lives in Oregon, WI  Bachelor’s Degree - UW Whitewater  Master’s Degree – Cardinal Stritch University  Master’s Degree – National Louis University
  2. 2. Shandra Thomas  Shandra Thomas  Senior Personal Banker  5 years with BMO Harris Bank/ previously M&I Bank  Born and raised in Janesville- Rock County  Attended Washington Elementary, Franklin Middle School, and Parker High School  Associate's Degree from UW- Rock County in Arts and Science
  3. 3. Jean Miller  Project Manager  27 years with ANGI Energy Systems  Born and raised in Milton & Janesville
  4. 4. Dave Kipp  Janesville Transit System  Operations Supervisor  5 years at JTS  20 years at Beloit Transit System  Born and raised in Beloit  Attended Waterman Grade School, Roosevelt Junior High, Beloit High School (all in Beloit)  Associates Degree from Moody Bible Institute in Communications
  5. 5. Jake Hess  Johnson Bank  Branch Manager 2 Years  Banking Industry 17 Years  Lives in Beloit  Business Administration – Rockford College
  6. 6. Community Action, Inc. of Rock and Walworth Counties
  7. 7. Community Kids Learning Center
  8. 8. Equipment is worn out Does not enhance the child’s development Current Playground
  9. 9. Current Storage Current storage buildings are in disrepair and cannot house all the equipment
  10. 10. YoungStar Wisconsin Program Studies show that children who experience engaging one-on-one activities and have safe, healthy and nurturing learning environments: • Have a better chance to graduate from high school • Are less likely to engage in criminal activity • Are less likely to qualify for special education programs • Earn higher wages • Have a better chance at lifelong success
  11. 11. YoungStar Wisconsin Program YoungStar rates child care providers in the state • A one to five star rating system is used • The goal is to attain a five star rating A financial incentive is tied to the rating system • 4 Stars = Increase of up to 10% of Wisconsin Shares subsidy • 5 Stars = Increase of up to 25% of Wisconsin Shares subsidy
  12. 12. YoungStar Wisconsin Program Community Kids currently has a 4 Star rating A Five Star rating cannot be obtained with the current playground The playground needs age-specific play areas Areas for special outdoor learning classes It needs areas that target: • Age-specific gross motor skill development • Age-specific social interaction & development
  13. 13. It’s Time for a New Playground Cozy Dome Omni Spinner
  14. 14. New Playground design
  15. 15. 0-2 year old area Shade area, Moveable Structures (slide, etc.) Playhouse
  16. 16. School and Community Involvement  Craig and Parker High School – Combined Advanced Construction Class  Teacher, Joe Kruser  25 students from both Craig and Parker  Working Classroom and Apprenticeship  3408 Widgeon Janesville, WI  Bike Barns & Plexiglas Fence
  17. 17. School and Community Involvement  Parker High School – Advanced Placement Art & National Art Honor Society  Teacher, Rebecca Diener  5-7 Students
  18. 18. Bike Barns (2) – $4000 Materials Labor - donated
  19. 19. Plexiglas Fence - $800 Materials Labor Donated
  20. 20. Our community will build this playground Sponsors/Organizations already involved in the revitalization: • Data Dimensions • Janesville Noon Kiwanis • MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. • Blackhawk Community Credit Union • Alliant Energy Systems • Gerber Leisure Products Leadership Development Academy Group project representing: • ANGI Energy Systems • BMO Harris Bank • Janesville Transit System • Johnson Bank • School District of Janesville
  21. 21. How to donate Visit playitforwardjanesville.org for more information and secure online donations. Mail a check to: Play It Forward Campaign c/o Community Action 20 Eclipse Center Beloit, WI 53511 Contact Lynn Vollbrecht at (608) 313-1321 lvollbrecht@community-action.org
  22. 22. Please Join us at Community Kids Learning Center 2230 Center Ave. Janesville, WI 53546 To rebuild the playground Date TBD