analysis process project diagram problem lean matrix data decision chart map cause solving management planning effect performance factor problem-solving analyze activity kaizen mapping standard plan customer solution value improvement statistics distribution article idea value-added non-value-added waste visual project management selection probability continuous example collection information stakeholder goal action criteria why relationship variation variability frequency graphical answer question action plan root hierarchy brainstorming creative flow current task step value analysis prioritization option alternative workplace methodology decide change tree connection design dependency timeline benchmark team select time mean shape spread risk control assessment graph plot metric metrics gathering questions survey research measurement compare pair center creativity visual management color séquence strategic strategy personal pestle pest objective best wasteful transportation external operation business drawing variable sign signature deliverable charter whys toyota multiple five ask output input analyzing report pdca state muda inventory future box essential observation bar priority options alternatives rank weight standardize 5s transformation influence interconnected social mind concept relation how table decision making correlation comparison requirement quality tracking bar chart best practice rework swot organize field quadrant eisenhower sample normal median deviation impact assess threat mitigation cons deciding pros selecting histogram attribute pattern feedback measure checklist sheet check tree diagram causes resolution how-how how how to be as is continuous improvement journey road map roadmaps roadmap route target destination paired comparison subjective ranking pairwise pairs paired evaluation benefits lessons project closure project-closure shortfall outcome completion closure closing close traffic light traffic-light traffic reporting rating rate light evaluate brainstorm mind-map thought topic mind map brain technology technological scanning scan political politics pestel environmental economical environment economic economics statistical box plot quartile comarison scatter interval bin gap analysis bridge to-be as-is gap condition symbol swimlane redesign flowcharting flowchart cross-functional arrow good practice best-practice yokoten word-class success sharing innovative innovation experience copying waste analysis valuable unavoidable nva visual control signal signage safety marking label display board andon process chart inspection delay transport store symbols weaknesses threats strengths weakness strength opportunities opportunity instruction policy practice work sustain standardizing standardization sop procedure operating consistent consistency waiting wasted processing overproduction movement excess defect defective engagement involvement internal organization stakeholders stake power interest steps process-map process mapping process map process-mapping activities problem statement business case voc statement milestone member document benefit accountability responsible roles responsibility raci informed consulted accountable troubleshooting five whys 5 whys 5 test study shewhart pdsa opdca do deming cycle act high-level outputs inputs customers suppliers supplier sipoc scope ipo possible potential symptom ishikawa fishbone category branch bone paper follow-up countermeasure corrective approach a3 thinking a3 kj grouping groups create collecting categories affinity value stream map vsm stream material manufacturing avoidable adding added place walk observer observations mbwa gemba walk genba gemba expectation exciter basic satisfaction model kano feature delighter cumulative vital principle percent pareto 80 20 weighting solutions projects prioritize score pugh baseline rpn raid log raid log issue dashboard assumption 5s method work area sort shitsuke shine seisou seiri seiketsu program japanese arrange area force field change management against technique making hindering helping force representation complexity interrelationship interrelation network node illustration representations interaction connect collaboration venn 5 ws & 1 h five ws and one h kipling-method kipling q&a scoping where when who what 5w2h 5w1h tool relationships problem solving intersection functional house whats hows deployment function progress gantt best-in-class competitive big data world-class competition best practices benchmarking workshop six sigma practical play library individual games exercise excellence dmaic 101 yield understanding throughput sigma scrap rolled rejects measures first final defects y x four fields celled cell axis axes urgent urgency priorities important importance grid covey z-table z-score empirical normality curve bell inference poisson binomial prediction population discrete uniform statistic outlier descriptive tendency range position register likelihood mitigate occurrence respond consensus minus interesting pmi balance plus trend count participants focus facilitator discussion group interview conversation questionnaire sheets tally kpis indicator key indicators
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