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Is appreciative coaching right for you

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What is appreciative coaching? Is appreci

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Is appreciative coaching right for you

  1. 1.  By: Kassandra Bibas, CKO ROI Coaching http://www.kassandrabibas.com
  2. 2.  Think Martha Beck meets Tony Robbins meets Oprah meets Iyanla Vanzant plus coaching certification…
  3. 3.  
  4. 4.  Coaching is about: co-creating an impossible future standing in people’s greatness creating a winning game plan asking powerful questions discovery, challenge and change Coaching is ONLY for those who are willing to live the answers to the questions they’re asking
  5. 5.  What specialty does your coach have?
  6. 6.  What’s missing? What stresses you? What isn’t working well at the moment? What are you afraid of? Where are you sabotaging yourself?
  7. 7.  What you focus on grows. Focus on what isn’t working & you get more of it.
  8. 8.  
  9. 9.  life is a mystery to be embraced rather than a problem to be solved Coaching questions focus on the positive, not the negative clients focus on their highest vision for themselves and live in that space
  10. 10.  
  11. 11.  We choose our lives Our actions (past and present) contribute to our current reality and affects what we believe is possible for us The key is to focus on past successes as a way of strengthening our faith and action toward a positive future We co-create our reality
  12. 12.  Louise L. Hay
  13. 13.  A positive attitude leads to positive change A focus on possibility, not problems Nurturing your reflected best self (RBS) It’s about helping clients discover that while their norm may be complaining, criticizing, and whining, they’re much happier and more effective when they live and act from a positive and joyful place
  14. 14.  - Albert Einstein
  15. 15.  “Questioning and change can happen in the same moment.” –Sara Orem The questions we ask lead us down a certain path The more positive the questions, the more powerful and successful the journey our clients can embark upon We ask questions that help clients reframe their past from their perspective in the present Positive questions prompt new thinking
  16. 16.  -Robert Browning
  17. 17.  Coaches give clients the freedom and permission to see themselves in a new way In appreciative coaching, we help clients reframe, reimagine, and refocus their life stories so they can move into more hopeful and joyful action toward a desired change
  18. 18.  - Byron Katie
  19. 19.  What we visualize and believe we can do, we take action towards If we can’t see it (and believe it), we can’t do it A big vision starts with small steps We have confidence moving into the future when we carry with us what is best about the past
  20. 20.  -Louise L. Hay
  21. 21.  You’re ready and willing to change your story You are willing to release the need to suffer You’re ready to redo your life choice by choice You want to create a life you love to look at AND you’re willing to make the paradigm shifts necessary to do so You’re ready to own the parts in you that aren’t yet ready to live an empowered life You’re ready to feel the fear and live your dreams anyway
  22. 22.  Check out http://www.kassandrabibas.com for a great selection of appreciative coaching digital body/mind/soul downloads