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Self Made Success

Self Made Success is earned by following certain steps that all successful entrepreneurs have followed to get to the top.

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Self Made Success

  1. 1. Self Made Success The Blueprint On What You Need...
  2. 2. First, What’s Your WHY? ● ● ● ● ● ● Give your family a better life? Not be dependent on a job? Travel the world? Set your own schedule? Help people around the world or locally? Just make a lot of money?
  3. 3. The Decision And The Vision ● Decide what your goals are based on your why and do whatever it takes to reach them ● Decide to be successful and not settle for anything less. (Do whatever it takes) ● Visualize what your goals are and what you need to do to reach them
  4. 4. Pick Your Vehicle ● Your vehicle gets you to where you want to go. ● Product, company, service, etc. ● You have to have something to sell or make money off of that is of high quality ● Make your own product/service or be an affiliate of others’ products
  5. 5. Setting Up Your System ● You need a website, blog, or page ● Have something that captures leads from traffic. Lead capture page ● Redirect them after they become a lead to something of value: video, article, audio, ebook, etc. for FREE ● Then send them the sales page
  6. 6. Start Driving Traffic ● Every business needs it (Keep it targeted) ● Who would buy what you sell? ● Traffic from SEO, PPC, Solo Ads, Banner Ads, Social Media, Videos, active marketing, etc. ● Master one, but don’t rely on it completely
  7. 7. Have An Email Marketing Service ● Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp, GVO, etc. ● Build rapport, give value, call them to take action at the end to get the sale. ● Daily emails
  8. 8. Tracking, Testing, Tweaking ● ● ● ● Track where your traffic comes from Track conversions of lead capture pages Track sales conversions Test new emails, promotions, traffic sources, pages, etc. ● Tweak good ones to be even better
  9. 9. Personal Development ● Be your best as a person, not just an entrepreneur ● Books, audios, videos, events, etc. ● 30-45 min a day ● Go to bed a better version of you than you were when you woke up earlier that morning
  10. 10. Thanks For Reading Visit http://selfmadesuccess.com/how-to-create-self-madesuccess/