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TikTok Facebook Stories Instagram Stories Social Media Success Feb 2022

  1. TikTok, Facebook Stories & Instagram Stories for your business Jonny Ross @jonnyross Captivate new & existing audiences, and stay on-trend with your online marketing strategy
  2. Jonny Ross - Digital Marketing Strategist of an award-winning digital agency Fleek Marketing - Named in Business Insider’s ‘42 under 42’
  3. TikTok
  4. What is TikTok? • Social media platform where users watch & share 15 or 60 second videos, with the ability to add different filters/sounds/visual effects • User-generated content (UGC) is often based on current video trends on the app • Pictured (right): app interface • More fun than Insta – people don’t expect TV productions!
  5. TikTok Stats • 7th most-used social media platform in October 2021
  6. TikTok Ad Reach • 10 percent of the world’s total population, regardless of age or location • 15 percent of everybody aged 18 and above, regardless of location • 24 percent of everybody aged 18 and above outside of China and India
  7. TikTok Age Stats
  8. TikTok Ad Reach
  9. TikTok Stats • Over 13 million active users in the UK alone (Oct 2021) • Average daily time spent on the app: 52 minutes • Engagement rate is a lot higher than other social media platforms • Depending how you define engagement, ~10% engagement for TikTok seems average/conservative • Facebook and Instagram is ~3% (engagement divided by fans/followers) • This means that you can reach significantly more people on TikTok than on other platforms organically
  10. Best Practices for Brands on TikTok Demographics? Trends & Challenges Authentic Funny Simple Content Collaborate
  11. Video Trends & Hashtag Challenges • Launch a video trend or challenge in order to increase press/brand awareness in your niche • Use a hashtag unique to your brand and challenge • Incentivise users to take part: • Competitions • Giveaways • Discounts for participants
  12. Example Campaign: Fortnite • A free multiplayer shooter-survival game, where players compete to be the last one standing • 63% of Fortnite players are aged between 18-24, so TikTok’s younger demographic is perfect for engaging their target audience • In January 2020, they launched the ‘#EmoteRoyaleContest campaign’, inviting TikTok users to create dances. The winner would have their original dance featured in the game, as well as winning merchandise and in-game credits
  13. Example Campaign: Fortnite Fortnite publicised the competition: • Using simple adverts on TikTok • Using in-game announcements to reach current players • Using two well-known Fortnite influencers (individuals w/ large followings of fellow players) to market the game
  14. Fortnite: Using Simple, Fun Adverts
  15. Fortnite: Marketing using Influencers
  16. Fortnite – Campaign Results • The campaign ran for a week, with a massive reach – over 550 million views of the #EmoteRoyaleContest hashtag! • The competition came a few weeks before an expansive update to the game, helping fortnite reach non-players & re-engage former players of the game
  17. Fortnite Campaign Example Submissions
  18. Collaborate with users/businesses whose audience is your niche • Some brands pay influencers to market their products, shout-out their accounts or participate in their challenge • Rather than paying influencers, some smaller users with sizeable followings may review or promote your products for a freebie, e.g: • Book reviewers (if you were releasing a book) • Food accounts (for food retailers) • Region-specific lifestyle accounts, such as Leeds bloggers (for businesses with a target audience in a defined region).
  19. Engage Users to Grow Organically • For organic reach, post content that users are more likely to engage with • The more people who engage with your content, the more likely that TikTok’s algorithms will promote it to similar users • Videos that work best: simple, funny, creative, entertaining - not sales-driven
  20. Example Campaign: NBA • The NBA’s (National Basketball Association) TikTok account is a good example of a brand appealing to their audience by keeping their content simple and engaging • They post frequently, but each post isn’t time-consuming and carefully crafted or expensive • Many of their posts include game highlights & funny moments during games or at half-time (funny facial expressions/celebrations, players or managers dancing, team mascots’ antics)
  21. NBA Example Posts
  22. Example Campaign: NBA • Through posting a handful of simple, funny videos a day, the NBA have 14.2M followers, 202M likes, and their videos get organic views from millions of people each week
  23. Should B2B Businesses Market on Tiktok? • TikTok’s audience of 800 million active users is predicted to keep growing significantly, and the average age of its users is slowly increasing • Content which performs best is what users perceive as creative, authentic & fun - the opposite of overtly sales-driven B2B marketing - so you must be willing to engage with users on a personal level for TikTok to fit into your social media strategy
  24. Example Campaign: VaynerMedia • Digital marketing agency VaynerMedia isn’t on TikTok, but the brand’s CEO Gary Vaynerchuk is • Vaynerchuk has amassed a large following on the app by marketing himself rather than his brand - 12.7 million followers
  25. VaynerMedia Strategy • Showcasing a more personal, rather than cold and corporate, side to his business has allowed the entrepreneur to grow significantly on the app • Vaynerchuk provides useful content for his desired audience: life advice, motivational advice, social media, entrepreneurial & money-making tips • He also includes a lot of funny and personal content, a strategy which allows users to see a more human side to him and his business
  26. Gary VaynerChuk Example Videos:
  27. Gary Vaynerchuk on TikTok Marketing Vaynerchuk is a big advocate for TikTok marketing for businesses: “For me, there is no better place to go to sell to Gen Z than TikTok, right this second, because the scale of attention at that age level is remarkable…. I'm fascinated how people can miss hundreds of millions of people who are using something - how we, as an industry, can dismiss that.”
  28. TikTok for Business (Paid Advertising) • A TikTok platform designed to help brands advertise on TikTok • Its slogan (pictured right) drives home the key message for marketing on TikTok - advertising works when your brand is authentic, when you have fun & make users want to engage.
  29. TikTok for Business (Paid Advertising) TikTok’s Marketing Tips: • Make use of hashtag challenges and interactive polls • Be relevant • Be on-trend
  30. TikTok for Business (Paid Advertising) • Paid advertising on TikTok is still rare, so it’s more costly than other platforms - many SMEs successfully market their brand through building it organically on the app • However, as advertising is rare, TikTok isn’t as saturated with ads as other platforms, so ads deliver more ‘bang for your buck’ • When setting a daily budget for your campaign, there is a minimum daily spend of £50 - when choosing a lifetime budget, there is a minimum daily spend of ~£20 • Campaign objectives: traffic, conversions, app installs, reach or video views
  31. TikTok for Business (Paid Advertising) Demographics to choose from: • Gender - no limit, male/female • Age - no limit, 13-17, 18-24, 25-35, 45-54, 55+ • Location: In the UK, you can choose some cities and counties. • Interests: a large variety of interests (e.g. accessories, apps, education, beauty, tech & electronics), but more limited than Facebook • Retargeting those interested in your website or TikTok profile using the TikTok pixel
  32. Practical Tips & Tricks • If you’re new to the app, don’t just start posting - watch what other people are doing, what works for them • If your niche audience has a presence on TikTok, engage with TikTok users related to that niche who are already established on the app • TikTok’s ‘For You’ page shows users posts by accounts they don’t follow, based on hashtags or other accounts that the user is interested in. It is good for discoverability – post engaging content and you’ll be recommended to users in your niche organically
  33. Practical Tips & Tricks • TikTok is growing, fast, and its audience is getting older - while those 25 and below still make up the majority of the app’s demographic, the average age of TikTok users has been gradually increasing • TikTok challenges are a great way to increase your reach without much input from your brand, using user-generated content • Simple, fun, authentic, funny or useful content does best on TikTok - a direct sales-driven approach is less suited to the app • TikTok can work well for brands, so long as you’re willing to let loose, be personable, and maybe even a bit weird or silly, to see results!
  34. 8 Top Tips to Grow your business
  35. Tip 1 Clearly define your target audience TikTok knows its users The better the content matches the better engagement the more video completions
  36. Tip 2 Use Use your bio to define who you are & what you do Use Use 3 separate lines & include a call to action Link Link to all your other social media platforms
  37. Tip 3 Quantify your expertise Create a content strategy – think 4-5 broad categories Break down each into 5-10 sub topics to create 60 second videos. Tell a story, start with problem, show journey and give solution! Test, try, double down
  38. Tip 4 •Add Value, people want to be •Inspired •Entertained, or •Informed
  39. Tip 5 Use viral sounds You can even turn the volume down!
  40. Tip 6 Do Video Responses to comments It builds rapport It grows original video views!
  41. Experimental Tip •Close your app
  42. Bonus Tip Change Display Name Think Search Engine Think Keywords!
  43. Instagram Stories
  44. Instagram Stories Overview • Instagram is a visual social media platform which focuses on photo & image sharing (pictured: interface) • Instagram Stories are one of its features: full-screen photos and videos which vanish after 24 hours (video: example of Instagram story, how to access) • There are a variety of built-in user- friendly features to edit images/videos
  45. Instagram Stories Overview • Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users • Over 28 million users in the UK alone • 70% of Instagram users look up brands on Instagram, and 60% discover new products through Instagram • Instagram Stories are used by 500 million users every day • 1/3 of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses • 1 in 4 surveyed Millennials & Gen Z-ers look for Stories of the products & services they want to buy
  46. Instagram UK Demographics (Age) • 31% aged 25-34 • Good representation of all age brackets • Image:
  47. Facebook Stories
  48. Facebook Stories Overview • Facebook is the single most-used social platform in the world • Facebook messenger, Facebook’s chat system, is the fifth most-used platform • Image:
  49. Facebook Stories Overview • 2.89 billion users use Facebook daily • The average daily time spent on Facebook by users is ~ 1 hour 15 minutes
  50. Facebook Stories Overview • Facebook Stories are very similar to Instagram stories; they are full-screen videos or images which disappear after 24 hours • 300 million Facebook users use Facebook Stories every day • They are visible on the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps Facebook App Facebook Messenger App
  51. Best Practices: Facebook & Instagram Stories
  52. Example Campaign: Minimalist Baker • This business has amassed a sizeable following through sharing free, simple recipes: 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or less than 30 minutes to prepare • Minimalist Baker posts recipes to their Instagram Story daily • Because the recipes are so simple, the brand’s Instagram Stories focus on being short, easy-to-follow and eye-catching!
  53. Best Practices: Instagram Highlights • Instagram Stories only show up on followers’ homepages for 24 hours, but Instagram’s Highlights feature allows users to save their favourite stories to their profile permanently • Highlights also allows users to categorise stories, including a short title & Image • This is a useful way to provide current/potential customers or clients with useful information: contact information, FAQs, COVID-19 Updates
  54. Minimalist Baker: Example Recipe
  55. Example Campaign: Minimalist Baker • Minimalist Baker makes great use of Instagram Story Highlights • Not only do their highlights include plenty of helpful information & FAQs that their customers might have…
  56. Example Campaign: Minimalist Baker • But Minimalist Baker have also saved many of their most popular, most simple, and most useful recipes as Highlights • Not only is this useful for followers of Minimalist Baker, it also reinforces their brand message of simple, accessible recipes • Minimalist Baker’s Instagram strategy has allowed them to amass 2M Instagram followers!
  57. Best Practices: Harnessing Interactive Features • Instagram Stories come built-in with a ton of interactive features for users: Add a location tag or hashtag to your story & it might be shown to users who search that location or hashtag Using Polls, Questions or Quizzes lets your customers interact with your stories, making them more personable rather than one-sided Sliders allow your customers or clients to contribute their opinions
  58. Facebook & Instagram Cross-Compatibility • Facebook owns Instagram, which means that there are many compatible features integrated into the platforms • If your business pages on Facebook & Instagram are linked, you can automatically post Instagram Stories as Facebook stories as well • This allows you to repurpose your Instagram stories to Facebook without having to post them twice, or change their format
  59. Example Campaign: Buffer • Buffer is an online social media management software which allows users & businesses to schedule posts on various social media platforms • Their marketing is primarily B2B, to SMEs & digital marketers • Every Thursday, Buffer uses Instagram Stories’ Polls feature to quiz their followers
  60. Example Campaign: Buffer • Buffer’s Thursday quizzes are aimed at their target customers: topics test users’ social media expertise • Quiz winners get real prizes, prizes which people in their target market will find useful • This incentivises Buffer’s target audience to participate, raising awareness of the brand & reinforcing Buffer’s position as knowledgeable in the industry
  61. Best Practices: Direct Your Audience Elsewhere • Verified accounts or accounts with over 10,000 followers can link to their website from their Instagram/Facebook Story • Retail businesses can add products to Facebook/Instagram’s ‘shop’ feature, and link to these products within Stories • Accounts with less than 10,000 followers can still link stories to their website through paid advertising • Simply prompting your followers with a Call To Action such as ‘visit my website’ or ‘click the link in my bio!’
  62. Best Practices: Direct Your Audience Elsewhere • On Facebook, share a recent post to your Story – if the post contains a link, users who view your story can click it • Facebook pages can also add various clickable Call-To-Action buttons to their stories: • Learn More will embed the URL to your business’ website in the post • You can also use other Call-To-Action buttons based on the information listed on your Facebook page
  63. Example: The Guardian • Newspapers, magazines & blogs are just a few industries where directing users off Facebook or Instagram can be very effective • Pictured: The Guardian has simply posted an eye-catching headline, and included a Call-To- Action which tells users to ‘swipe up’ • Swiping up takes users to this article on The Guardian website: a simple, effective strategy to increase web traffic
  64. Instagram & Facebook Stories: Paid Advertising • Paid advertising for both Facebook & Instagram can be set up through Facebook’s ‘Business Manager’ • Since it’s done through Facebook’s Business Manager, you don’t need an Instagram account to run adverts on Instagram stories • Since Stories take up a user’s entire phone screen, advertising here is a great way to ensure you have their undivided attention
  65. Instagram & Facebook Stories: Paid Advertising • Visually appealing content is key, especially if your advert will be shown to people who don’t follow you • They might not know your business or have an interest in it, so be sure to catch their attention and make a good first impression • Paid adverts can include a call-to-action no matter what your following is, such as a link to a specific page on your website, or a prompt to message your Facebook page
  66. Instagram & Facebook Stories: Paid Advertising • Facebook has a much lower minimum budget for advertising than TikTok: you can advertise for as little as £0.80 per day • Facebook has a very wide range of demographics to choose from. Categories include: • Age, Gender, Location (more specific than TikTok – can be a single town/city), Various interests, Education, Job Title, Behaviours (e.g. devise usage, prior purchases), Connections (e.g. people who like your Facebook page, friends of people who like your Facebook page)
  67. Practical Tips & Tricks: Marketing with Facebook & Instagram Stories • Visual, even striking, content works best on Facebook & Instagram stories • Designing stories doesn’t need tonnes of time or talent – free online software such as Canva can be used to easily create beautiful designs. Canva’s features include: • Thousands of free templates • Drag-and-drop interface • Instagram & Facebook Story templates already in the right size • Optional animated functions & background music
  68. Practical Tips & Tricks: Marketing with Facebook & Instagram Stories • Pictured: Some of Canva’s free Instagram & Facebook Story Templates
  69. Practical Tips & Tricks: Marketing with Facebook & Instagram Stories • Pictured: Some of Canva’s free Instagram & Facebook Story Advert Templates
  70. Practical Tips & Tricks: Marketing with Facebook & Instagram Stories • You can use stories to complement your posts – you can direct people to your latest post, showcase a product from different angles, or talk about its specifications • You can use stories to showcase a more personal side to your business than normal posts, helping your followers to build a connection with you • You can benefit from user-generated content by encouraging them to share pictures or reviews with a branded hashtag, and share those posts to your story - this show others that your product has a good reputation
  71. Practical Tips & Tricks: Marketing with Facebook & Instagram Stories • Things which work for some businesses might not work for yours! • Keep track of how your stories are performing using Facebook & Instagram’s ‘insights’, and don’t be afraid to change it up if something isn’t working • Pictured: below = Facebook Story insights, right = Instagram story insights
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