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Enabling Mobile Virtual Reality Gaming | Nizar Romdan

  1. 1 Enabling Mobile Virtual Reality Gaming Know Your Hardware! Nizar Romdan Director of Developer Ecosystem 16th February 2016
  2. 2 About ARM Apps Processor Cortex-A5 Cortex-A9 Cortex- A15 Cortex-A7 Mali™-400 Mali-T760 Mali-450 Mali-T604 Cortex- A17 Mali-T720 Mali-V500 Mali- DP500 Power MgmtCortex-M3 Cortex-M0 Bluetooth Cortex-M3 Cortex-M0 Cellular ModemCortex®-R4 Cortex-R5 Cortex-R7 WiFi Cortex-M4 SIM SecurCore® SC300™ GPS Cortex-M3 Cortex-M0 Flash ControllerCortex-M3 Touchscreen & Sensor HubCortex-M0 Cortex-M3 Cortex-M4 Sensor Hub Cortex- M0+ Camera Cortex-M3
  3. 3 The ARM Business Model 2-3 years ARM research and development Cost incurred 2-3 years Partner chip development License revenu e $ 20+ years Multiple applications development and sales Royalty revenu e $
  4. 4 Real presence scales emotions 10x The feeling of actually being there
  5. 5 VR is not new – People were discussing VR the 90’s  Expensive and bulky hardware  Inadequate technology offered limited graphics capabilities  Virtuality – Sega VR – Nintendo Virtual Boy VR is now accessible  Emergence of low-cost hardware based on existing platforms  Mobile platforms offering console-like performance offering more realism VR is about immersing users into Virtual worlds  All the virtual world is graphically rendered Introducing VR Virtuality Sega VR
  6. 6 VR Use Cases Games Experiences Training Education TV/Film Advertising
  7. 7 ARM Ice Cave VR Demo Frozen ice cave demo developed in Unity 5.0 High-end graphical showcase in Virtual Reality  Geomerics Enlighten  Reflections, refractions, soft shadows, …  OpenGL ES 3.0  Artwork from AAA art studio (RealtimeUK)  Optimised for Mali-T760 MP8 and above  Implemented camera streaming from GearVR device to another device (other people can see what the player is doing)  Alpha version shown at APM 2015  Final at Unite Boston 21st September 2015 Screenshots from Samsung Galaxy S6
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  11. 11 VR Opportunities Could Hit $30B by 2020 – Likely to be mainly from Gaming & Hardware
  12. 12 VR Hardware Landscape Worldwide
  13. 13 Virtual Reality Segmentation Samsung Gear VR Zeiss VR One Google Cardboard Oculus Rift Sony Morpheus HTC Vive (Steam VR) Mobile Desktop/Console
  14. 14  Headset based on Smartphone  Partnership between Samsung Mobile & Oculus  First version for Galaxy Note 4 (Mali-T760)  Second version for Galaxy S6 (Mali-T760)  Resolution 1080p – 60 Hz  First VR appstore Introducing GearVR
  15. 15 China VR Headsets – DeePoon Case Study
  16. 16 2020 Opportunity in Mobile Computing Mid-Range Smartphone Entry-Level Smartphones Premium Smartphone 650m devices in 2020 450m devices in 2020 1,000m devices in 2020 Laptops and 2-in-1s 250m devices in 2020 Tablets 450m devices in 2020 Source: Gartner and ARM estimates
  17. 17 How Long Until Desktop GPU Compute Is In Mobile? 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 GFLOPS/Sec PS3 Xbox 360 Current mobile compute capability very near console Mobile Today PS4 XboxOne
  18. 18 Stereoscopic Display (via headset) – Providing wearer with a sense of depth  Render left eye and right eye independently  Barrel distortion effect applied to rendered output via post processing Sensor input for head-tracking – To add realism to the output image Sensor input for interaction (hands-tracking) – To provide an immersive experience How Virtual Reality Works Left eye Right eye Eye gap (IPD) Left eye Right eye Lens Lens 2x CPU Processing 2x Vertex processing Increased Fragment Processing
  19. 19 Virtual Reality Technical Challenges
  20. 20 ARM Graphics Developer Centre – Supporting Mali developers with a full range of resources through one, easy-access portal
  21. 21 • API Trace & Debug • OpenGL® ES, OpenCL™ • Debug and improve performance at frame level Mali Graphics Debugger Mali GPU - Timeline - HW Counters - OpenCL visualizer ARM DS-5 Streamline • Analyze shader performance • Generates binary shaders • Command line tool Mali Offline Compiler • Emulate OpenGL ES 2.0 and 3.0 • Windows and Linux • Khronos Conformant OpenGL ES Emulator • Command line and GUI • ETC, ETC2, ASTC • 3D textures Texture Compression Tool Integration with partners’ tools Third Party Tools Mali GPU Software Tools Performance Analysis, Debug, and Software Development
  22. 22 ARM Guide to The Unity Developers – Released Available under Released at Unite Seattle 2014, and regularly updated and expanded at each key Unite event  ARM-specific and general advice  Optimization process  Profiling and Debugging  Advanced Graphics Techniques
  23. 23 ARM Mali VR SDK v0.1 available now under  Tutorial – Introduces the concepts of stereoscopic vision  Fundamentals of stereoscopic rendering  Effects of lenses and methods for correcting lens distortion in software  Calibration  Sample code  Eye separation – Viewing distance – Size of screen – Lens separation ARM Mali VR SDK v0.2 to be released mid Dec 2015  Support for using OVR_multiview extension  Foveated rendering ARM Mali VR SDK v1.0 planned for Mar16 @ GDC’16  Expose functionality as a user-friendly framework  Add support for priority contexts ARM Mali VR SDK under Development
  24. 24 Thank You!

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  1. Narrative: Compute in mobile GPU is following Moore’s Law. Now inline with current generation console And first generation shader based desktop GPU’s Mobile not a poor cousin in terms of GPU compute
  2. Mention GPUVerify ARM provides a full range of software tools for compiling, debugging and profiling DS-5 Mali Graphics Debugger All the other Mali GPU tools (see slide) Mali Graphics Debugger Allows developers trace OpenGL ES and OpenCL API calls  in their application and understand frame-by-frame the effect on the application to help identify possible issues. Complimentary to DS-5 Streamline Debug and find bottleneck with dynamic analysis DS-5 Streamline System performance analyzer – Mali support – OpenCL support Mali Offline Shader Compiler Same compiler as Mali driver but for desktops (Windows, Linux and Mac) Static analysis of the most expensive shaders Get instructions count for each Mali pipeline type Very useful for optimization of shaders OpenGL ES Emulator Emulate OpenGL ES 2.0 and 3.0 on desktop, using the OpenGL driver Texture Compression Tool Texture compression is important on mobile platforms because bandwidth and memory are limited. OpenGL ES standard texture compression formats are ETC and ASTC, developed by ARM. Our tools come with command line executables and libraries, which can be integrated in third party tools and even redistributed, under with an appropriate license from ARM. Availability Mali tools are available free of charge to OEMs, partners and independent developers We support Android and Linux target, 32 bit and we are now working on ARM 64 bit Mali tools run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X