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Stop procrastination

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Think about procrastination and stop it.

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Stop procrastination

  1. 1. Stop Procrastination 25th May, 2014 Saiko Shiroto
  2. 2. Time has come Good day, ladies and gents. We need to talk about procrastination. Wanna avoid thinking of this? I know I know… Just let us step forward a bit right now.
  3. 3. How about you? Is it tough to keep time? How do you feel like after you procrastinated something? Regretful? Guilty? ...or feel nothing like a log?
  4. 4. What could be procrastinated? What kind of things do you procrastinate? Something like… - Calling to your friend - Contacting potential customer - Paying tax
  5. 5. My case I do it also. - Answering to questionnaire - Contacting to repair something - Calling back to the phone
  6. 6. What procrastination causes? Procrastination causes bad things. You might have lost something. And you do procrastinate again. It is like a bad and sticky habit. All Pain, No Gain.
  7. 7. Bad things examples - Get your reputation down - Reliability is lost - Relationship is broken - Backlogs are piled up - Lose confidence
  8. 8. Escape from the doom Would you like to escape from the doom? It is all about changing the habit. First of all, just admit YOU ARE PROCRASTINATING.
  9. 9. Step 1: Check what happened Okay, let’s start from the reality. - See what you were going to do. - See what stopped you to do that. - See what happened.
  10. 10. Step 2: Check what is required It’s time to think of the requirements. And then that tells you where to start. ( and don’t be greedy )
  11. 11. Step 3: Let’s start Now we are ready. Okay? Just start it simply. You can stop procrastinating. Trust me :)
  12. 12. Take It Easy. Have FUN!