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Worldwide Business Opportunity

  1. Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc. (Idream)  We are one of the franchise companies that have a good reputation in the world of business franchises. Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc. (FFI)  has been established as a franchisor for entrepreneurs with the main goal of promoting job creation and global entrepreneurship.
  2. OVERVIEW  It was formally established in 2006, but its humble beginnings could be traced back from way back 1992, with the simple Red Cricket Vending Concepts Inc. This factory, originally located in Quezon City Philippines, supplied the common snack foods such as siomai, siopao, kikiam, and fishballs to the market.  It was in 1996 that Red Cricket entered the food cart business, creating their own brand of food carts for their products. Examples of these food cart businesses that they started include My Pao, which sells dimsum dishes like siomai and siopao; and Jack’s Eatabols, which sells kikiam and fishballs. At that time, these food carts were not yet open for franchise, but because of the huge number of inquiries that they received, Red Cricket opened these food carts for franchise in the year 2000.
  3.  With the growing number of franchisees that Red Cricket was able to secure, they decided to rename the company with Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc. in 2006. FFI is committed to giving high quality food products to their growing number of loyal consumers, and since 2006, the number of products that they are selling has increased. From two food carts, they now have more than 10 food carts available for franchise.
  4. Vision and Mission Vision To be recognized and respected as the most successful franchise marketing company in the Philippines.  Mission FFI is committed to uplifting the lives of every nationality by providing totally reliable and competitively superior products, empowering him with the business knowledge to become a successful business owner by fostering customer enthusiasm through the integration of people, technology and business systems. 
  5. COMPANY PROFILE  In 1992 Red Cricket Vending Concepts Inc. established its factory in Sangandaan, Quezon City Philippines. Supplying siopao, siomai, fishballs, kikiam, etc. to the market. In 1996 Red Cricket established it’s own brand of food carts MY PAO and JACK’S. Due to many business inquiries for franchise and product supplies Red Cricket opened MY PAO and JACK’S for franchise in year 2000 which grew to 60 outlets.
  6.   Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. (FFI) was established in 2006. Since then the number of Franchisees has increased significantly from when FFI first started, and with the continuous support of a loyal and growing consumer base throughout the country, our Company will keep growing and improving with the ever increasing market demand through a comprehensive and systematic program both for the Franchisee and the consumers. True to the commitment of providing people with the best quality food product.
  7.  Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. (FFI) was established with the primary purpose of tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit that we believe lies in most Filipinos aiming to succeed in a business venture. The current economic trend has placed a new focus on how to generate more ―job creators‖ in our economic system, and has made the idea of a global celebration of entrepreneurship as a path to positive growth especially relevant.
  8. AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS      2005 National Product Quality Excellence Awards (MY PAO Best Dimsum Franchise) 2005 Consumers’ Choice Dangal ng Pilipinas Annual Awards (MY PAO Most Outstanding Franchising Business Venture) 2006 National Shoppers’ Choice Annual Awards (PINOY PAO No.1 Dimsum Chain) 27th Annual PEOPLE’S CHOICE Awards (2009 Outstanding Franchising Business Opportunity Company) 2011 ASIA PACIFIC AWARDS " OUTSTANDING FOOD CART FRANCHISE BUSINESS"
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  27. BIO PH
  28. Bio pH was created to promote a healthy, energetic and vibrant body, resilient to the toxic environment. It also helps replenish mineral reserves.  When its taken on a daily basis, Bio pH Alkaline Mineral Powder will neutralize acidity in your system and help us build a complete supply of Minerals needed by our body.  Bio pH help us achieve a higher quality of life and overall wellness. 
  30. GUYABANO WHEAT GRASS JUICE  Guyabano known as Graviola, it is believed to be good against internal parasites and it’s many nutrients. It is loaded with so many health promoting goodness. Guyabano is an excellent source of Vitamin C, prevents UTI. It contains half the potassium, has rich magnesium content. It helps the body to pro duce energy. It can supply the body a good amount of Thiamin & Vitamin B. It keeps bone healthy, boost good cholesterol level, provide iron which prevent the common blood disorder Anemia, has Riboflavin that guards against migraine.  Wheatgrass so nutritious is considered one of the most beneficial Super Foods on earth. It is known for its ability to lessen the effect of radiation and slow cellular aging, inceases red blood cell count, cleanses the blood organs and Gastrointestinal track and simulates metabolism, detoxifies your liver and blood. Wheatgrass contains range amount of chlorophyll and is thought to have a wide variety of health promoting properties.
  32. Stem Cell Activator Capsules  SAISEI beauty capsules from FRANCE. It has the stem cell technology that stimulates your bone marrow to produce your own stem cell. Making you look more young and radiant. It has a glutathione and collagen content that adds up to your skin elasticity and the whitening effect that everyone wishes. BFAD and FDA approved.
  36. TFD THE FILIPINO DREAM To build your empire why not start here?  You will be joining business firm called TFD  Which is under the Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc.  We are operating worldwide We are equipped with performance marketing and we are known for trading. We provide products at a very low cost for members that you can resell at a higher price similar to Buy and Sell method.
  37. Performance Marketing System     The concept of revenue sharing—paying commission for referred business—predates, this is what we are using. you will be paid with a commission for each sale you close, and there are times that you are paid with performance incentives for exceeding objectives. We distribute commission into hierarchical referral system of sign-ups and sub-partners We use a "pay for performance" model, meaning that the merchant does not incur a marketing expense
  39. HOW TO START  First you need to choose the package that you wanted  The higher the package the bigger the earnings you’ll have monthly or even weekly
  40. PACKAGES  1. GOLD PACKAGE – costs 22,500 pesos / $512 worth of products  guaranteed in 1 week you will have paycheck of 3,500 pesos or $79  2. VIP PACKAGE – costs 52,500 pesos /$1194 worth of products  guaranteed in 1 week you will have paycheck of 7,500 pesos or $170
  41. Mode of Payment You just need to deposit to our company bank the amount of the package you want.  BANCO DE ORO : bank name  Business account name: Pinoy Pao Express Inc. Account number : 240325338 Swift code: BNORPHMM *As soon as you send the payment please forward us the reference number and amount of deposit 
  42.      You will receive products amounting to the total of investment you made You will have your own Online business account to track your earnings You are now a legitimate seller of our company products and franchises worldwide. You are entitled to have our company referral incentives, house and lot, car incentives if you exceed the company expectations. After joining expect a paycheck under your name within a week. (paychecks are given every Friday)
  43. REFERRAL INCENTIVE  You are expected to refer at least two people at the onset of this business  You will have a percentage of your referral’s earning too  After a week of joining please expect a pay check that will always be on FRIDAY.
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  49. THANK YOU! I’m Ms. Leanne Fernandez Your business marketing consultant I'm looking forward to be your business partner. Lets work on this together 