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Catalan ecosystem of citizen participation. Participation infrastructures

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European Week of Regions and Cities, 7 October 2019. Brussels: Four Motors for Europe.
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Catalan ecosystem of citizen participation. Participation infrastructures

  1. 1. Catalan ecosystem of citizen participation Participation infrastructures Identificació del departament o organisme 07/10/2019
  2. 2. Network of Transparent Governments 2 x 13 departments +
  3. 3. Vision & Mission of Citizen Participation Vision The Administration keeps a constant dialogue with citizens. Mission To transform the Administration by means of citizen participation, and to transform the Administration to enable citizen participation. 3
  4. 4. Theory of change (most abridged) 4 Electoral processes Direct democracy Deliberative processes Transformation of the Administration New actors & new spaces Infrastructures Improve efficacy and efficiency of public policies Understanding the complexity of public decision-making Reduce populism (fascism) Foster a shift towards a technopolitical paradigm of collective action
  5. 5. Value chain 5 Instruments of citizen participation Infrastructures New actors New spaces Knowledge management Transformation of the Administration Diagnosis Implemen‐ tation EvaluationDesign
  6. 6. Ecosystem of citizen participation Nationwide ecosystem of citizen participation, coherent and consistent in methodology and infrastructures, efficient and effective Space of coordination and exchange of knowledge Foster instruments collectively Coordinate training activities Promote synergies between public bodies 6
  7. 7. Infrastructures of citizen participation Methodology Training Technology New actors, new spaces, new instruments Governance of the model 7
  8. 8. Decidim Catalunya: goals  A tool for a methodology: technology is not neutral  A service for all and from all  1 solution for everybody  Economies of scale  Network economies  Expand the AOC model of Transparency and e-Government  Digital identity  1 citizen, 1 digital identity  1 citizen, 1 multilevel identity  An actor with a voice of its own in a big community Decidim (‘we decide’), a participation and KM digital platform 8
  9. 9. ParticipaLab network: A network of networks 5 directorates-general Several networks  Telecentres  Libraries  Civic centres  Social innovation labs 1,500 public facilities ParticipaLab (‘participation lab’), a ‘quality democracy’ layer for public facilities 9
  10. 10. ParticipaLab network: Goals  Turn public facilities into reference sites in the municipality on citizen participation and engagement.  Raise awareness on quality democracy, citizen participation and innovation on political and democratic processes.  Coach the local Administration in citizen participation projects and social innovation for political and democratic processes.  Guide citizens through citizen participation processes, increase their willingness to engage and broaden the socio-demografic range of participants.  Promote social innovation projects in the field of civic action, politics and democracy. 10
  11. 11. ParticipaLab network: Portfolio 11 Goal n Resource 1 Resource 2 Resource 3 Resource n Network 1 Network 2 Network 3 Network n Coordination committee Technical office DG leading the resource Resource • Tasks • Products
  12. 12. Identificació del departament o organisme To cite this document: Peña-López, I. (2019). Catalan ecosystem of citizen participation. Participation infrastructures. European Week of Regions and Cities, 7 October 2019. Brussels: Four Motors for Europe http://ictlogy.net/presentations/20191007_ismael_pena-lopez_-_catalan_ecosystem_citizen_participation.pdf To contact the author: ismael.pena@gencat.cat @ictlogist All the information in this document under a Creative Commons license: Attribution – Non Commercial More information please visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/