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Heather’s Monthly Retrospective Oct-Nov 2010

A personal reflection on the first month of establishing Think Design Execute Pty Ltd. What has worked well, what hasn't and what stil puzzles me.

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Heather’s Monthly Retrospective Oct-Nov 2010

  1. 1. Heather’s Monthly Retrospective…. Personal journey of working for myself….. 18 Oct – 12 Nov 2010
  2. 2. What Worked Well?
  3. 3. Excellent 1st Client!
  4. 4. Presented at the Integrated Learning Strategies Forum www.slideshare.net/heatherdickinson/social-learning-in-the-workplace Delegates Feedback: “I should probably let you know that you actually had one of the highest presentation scores, and the scores for this event were generally very high compared with other events so well done!” – Eben Foster – PM, Liquid Learning
  5. 5. Great Work/Life Balance Our daily bike ride to school……
  6. 6. Volunteering at the School Clearly my son is impressed!
  7. 7. Supporting Mum at the Pool
  8. 8. What Didn’t Work So Well?
  9. 9. Web Site….need to spend some time setting this up…mmmm
  10. 10. Social Media & Research • I would like to dedicate more time to reading and contributing to social media • Moodle was mentioned A LOT at the conference – more investigation • Would like to spend more time exploring the use of Virtual worlds and mobile technology.
  11. 11. What Still Puzzles Me?
  12. 12. Accounting… Have an appointment with the accountant next week to help….
  13. 13. Web Site I will recruit my step son (aged 13~!) to help me….
  14. 14. Classic Mid-Thirties dilemma.. Embracing the business – or focus on expanding the family..…
  15. 15. Stay tuned for next months update…..