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Make Things People Want & The Hollow Factory...

A talk given at the IAB France & Hyper Island Workshop in Paris, 27th November 2012

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Make Things People Want & The Hollow Factory...

  1. john v willshire smithery LTD @willsh
  2. Bonjour
  3. 7 years at PHD Media in London,latterly As Chief Innovation Officer
  4. let me takeyou back tothe Glasgow2012olympics...
  5. North korea andsouth korea havebeen enemies for over 70 years
  6. so It’s aprobably nota good ideato mix theirflags up
  7. Merde.
  8. Wednesday 15th July, Hampden Park, GlasgowNorth Korea Vs Columbia
  10. REALLYnot happy
  11. The players come back out, eventually.North korea win 2-0.
  12. and then, the strangest of apologies is issued...
  13. “ It wasnt a real flag, it was a flag on a video graphic ” Paul deighton, locog chief executive
  14. Real not Real eh?
  15. this story tells ustwo things
  16. 1. Scottishpeople aren’tafraid ofnorth korea
  17. 2. digital and physical aren’t different ‘things’...
  18. “all our metaphors are broken.The network is not a space, and it’s not time, it is some other kind of dimension entirely. ” @jamesbridle http://booktwo.org/notebook/sxaesthetic/
  19. “all our metaphors are broken.The network is not a space, and ” it’s not time, it is some other kind of dimension entirely. @jamesbridle http://booktwo.org/notebook/sxaesthetic/
  20. let’s think aboutProduct, Brand andmedia metaphors...
  21. The factory makes an end product...
  22. end product impliesstasis, or even death
  23. We have made a thing,and it is finished
  24. products today arenever finished.They’re justplatforms forpeople to build on...
  25. “A brand is simply acollection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer” Feldwick, 1991
  26. hey, let’s find out whatthese perceptions are and put them in an onion...
  27. if your brand is a bit shit, coat it with other stuff tooOh look, it’s a bruce Lee Nokia N96
  28. A brand today is morelike a bittorrent file...
  29. “ a mechanical metaphor, the infamous transmission model ” Prof. Mark Hobart, SOAS, on the dominant media metaphor http://mediasocialchange.net/2011/05/06/metaphors-of-media-and-social-change/
  30. media:let’s shout at people
  31. media: a rented home for afixed idea...
  32. makeproductefficiently
  33. innovation as incrementalimprovement
  34. Six Sigma seeks to improvethe quality of processoutputs by identifying andremoving the causes ofdefects and minimizingvariability in manufacturingand business processes. Wikipedia
  35. makeproductefficientlymake brandvaguelyinteresting& buy loadsof media
  36. “The best minds of my generationare thinking about how to makepeople click ads” ” Jeff Hammerbacher
  37. we need tofind newmetaphors...
  38. “ media is the connectivetissue of society ” clay shirky, cognitive surplus
  39. “ media is a vehicle for knowledge ” cesar hidalgo MIT media lab
  40. “ just like Mediabuildings, devices, is hybrid, spaces, events etc. Nothing is all-digital any more that it’s all-physical. ” Dan Hill, @cityofsound
  41. edia is product is brand is medoduct is brand is media is produrand is media is product is bran edia is product is brand is medoduct is brand is media is produrand is media is product is bran edia is product is brand is medoduct is brand is media is produrand is media is product is bran
  42. we need new metaphors todeal with what comes next
  43. 1. more clients will bemaking things locally
  44. rebalancingeconomies towards manufacture
  45. “reshoring” shipping costs up? labour costs as % down?Then you bring it back homehttp://www.inc.com/eric-markowitz/the-long-journey-home-why-manufacturing-is-returning-to-the-usa.html
  46. 2. people care moreabout what they buy
  47. “ The internet is biased towards fact.  People don’t care about your brand mythology, they care about where your product is made and what’s in it. ” douglas rushkoff
  48. 3. the things are... ALIVE!!!!
  49. “ SPIMES: MaterialInstantiations of an immaterial system ” Bruce Sterling
  50. “Physical things directly connected totheir metadata about useand constructioN ” Matt Jones, Berg
  51. media ships as part of every product
  52. “My Tuna isa spime” Dan Williams @iamdanw
  53. the infrastructureis evolving quickly
  54. it will onlyget a lot,lotstranger
  55. The NEw yorker, 1946
  56. 1. Clients will be closer to making things...2. people will look more closely at the things they buy...3. Things contain media for agencies to create for...
  57. but what doclients & agencies know about making things?
  58. you are theruiners of allthingsgood bill hicks on marketers
  59. C3podemeanshimselffor a washingmachine
  60. really?
  61. The StarWarsHolidaySpeciallooksclassy incomparison
  62. you are theruiners of allthingsgood
  63. though actually...
  64. people stoppedcaring in1999
  65. so what is actually being ruined here?
  66. WHY RUIN your brand WITH STAR WARS?
  67. there isnothing inhere that’sinterestingget meDarth Vadar
  68. you are theruiners of allthingsgood
  69. So how might you go about it instead?
  70. less world buildingworld borrowing more
  71. the labourtheory of value
  72. developed ...andby adam later bysmith... karl marx
  73. modern economics: the value of a thing isdetermined by what one is willing to give up to obtain the thing
  74. The labour theory of valuethe value of something isdetermined by the labourthat went into itsproduction
  75. Field Notes
  76. £0.99 £3.33per pad per pad
  77. We’d ratherbuy this world...
  78. ...thanthis world
  79. “marketing isworld building.With unlimitedbandwidth wecan now showyou the world.” @TobyBarnes
  80. To Do a common thinguncommonly wellbrings success henry john heinz
  81. “ I’m really interested in the making of ‘it’ -where the making is part of the ” story of the ‘it’... thomas heatherwick
  82. Marx washalf right...
  83. it’s not about themeansof productionhttp://www.voyoslo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Means-of-Production-PLAYFUL12.006.jpg
  84. it’s about themeaningin production
  85. uponlayer uponlayer uponlayer upon
  86. Labour theoryof brand value:make every product withthe infinite canvas ofthe internet in mind Picture: Greg Petchkovsky http://vimeo.com/43442146
  87. makepeoplewantthings
  88. makethingspeoplewant
  89. Mercijohn@smithery.co@willshhttp://smithery.cohttp://shop.smithery.co