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Copy Corrections for Teachers

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A guideline for school teachers about student's copy check. how to check the copies , writing remarks, keeping followups etc.

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Copy Corrections for Teachers

  1. 1. ndex
  2. 2. • Index should be properly and neatly written in the given format (Sr no./Date/Lesson or Topic/Remarks or Parent’s sign)• Should be regularly maintained .• The signatures of teachers and remarks to be filled immediately after corrections.• Parent’s sign to be ensured if it is sent home .
  3. 3. Neatness
  4. 4. • Name, class, subject etc should be neatly and legibly written on top of the note book .• Ensure neat and correct work by spot checking, taking a round while the students are writing so that you know how they are doing the work, and checking them immediately if their work is not up to the mark.• Encourage students who do the work neatly and give remarks to those whose work is untidy.
  5. 5. Correctionsof note books
  6. 6. • Very thorough and accurate checking is expected from you all.• Read each and every word carefully while correcting.• The corrections should be so thorough that even commas and full stops should not be ignored.• Write focused and personal remarks.•Correct only with blue pen
  7. 7. Follow up work
  8. 8. • After every lesson the students should do corrections.• Use editing symbols for correcting students work.• The Teacher should also check this correction work and if there are mistakes in this, Re-correction should be done by the students.
  9. 9. Diagrams/Map work
  10. 10. • Encourage drawing and diagrams/map work etc as children learn better with graphics.• Ensure that these are relevant and done creatively.• They should be neatly done leaving proper place and not cluttered up.
  11. 11. Work sheets/job sheets
  12. 12. • They should have proper headings and written very neatly• Paste or attach them to the relevant note books or make a separate file to keep them safely and neatly
  13. 13. Facilitating students’ learning through copy checking .
  14. 14. What should be done?
  15. 15. By the teacher By the student
  16. 16. Thank You Fahmina ArshadBSS Primary Jauhar