food chain matter food web dna lipids organic compounds mixtures climate change technology science enzymes newton's first law of motion force teachers thermodynamics energy sun temperature sustainable development photosynthesis periodic table electron affinity ionization energy electronegativity paradigm shift kuhn cycle thomas kuhn society meiosis mitosis telophase anaphase metaphase prophase interphase cell division mathematics polysaccharides oligosaccharides monosaccharides amino acids saponification thiols aldehydes ketones ethers functional groups organic chemistry catalyst laboratory apparatus separatory funnel polar covalent bond non-polar covalent bond reflection refraction ph surface tension evaporation thermometer ions acid base chemical formulas chemical symbols salt projectile motion motion gas work physics classroom management second law of thermodynamics first law of thermodynamics kinetic energy potential energy nicolaus copernicus galileo galilei ptolemy chromosomes genes proteins biochemistry carbohydrates inorganic compounds elements homogenous mixture chemistry heterogenous mixture compounds astronomy oceanography water solar system terrestrial planets minerals evolution diversity ecological succession respiration biosphere population planet earth trophic level atomic size henry moseley dmitri mendeleyeev john a. newlands johann wolfgang dobereiner molar mass mole changes properties atoms lothar mayer metalloids anion environment environmental education environmental conservation schools social media blogging internet second-level digital divide digital divide reality rea meditative thinking reflective thinking flourishing human flourishing martin heidegger psychoanalysis sigmund freud freudian revolution theory of evolution charles darwin darwinian revolution heliocentrism geocentrism copernican revolution intellectual revolution ribozymes translation ribosomes ribosomal rna transfer rna messenger rna ribonucleic acids tsopropyl alcohol paraffin plastics asphalt natural gas carl schorlemmer hydrocarbon derivatives derivatives hydrocarbon nucleophiles electrophiles oxidation-reduction reactions radical reactions addition reactions elimination reactions substitution reactions organic reactions phenyl carboxylic acid tetrahydrofuran bronsted-lowry theory of acids and bases deprotonated protonated hydroxyl esters carboxyl group amides amines alcohol thermal instability flammability reactivity unsaturated compounds saturated compounds iupac inorganic chemistry paradigm optical isomerism geometric isomerism stereoisomerism functional isomerism position isomerism chain isomerism structural isomerism isomers isomerism voting webster adams hamilton's plan jefferson's plan apportionment lypolysis lipogenesis fatty acid synthesis fatty acid beta oxidation fatty acid metabolism vldl ldl hdl cholesterol lipid metabolism four color theorem graph coloring platonic solids weighted graph planar graphs subgraphs edge-picking algorithm greedy algorithm dirac's theorem. hamiltonian circuit hamiltonian path sir william rowan hamilton cori cycle glycogenolysis glycogenesis nadh glucose glycolysis carbohydrate metabolism metabolism euler circuit euler path leonard euler koningsberg seven bridges loop segment vertex graph nervous tissue muscular tissue connective tissue epithelial tissue cell tissue feedback inhibition allosteric regulation isomerases lyases transferases hydrolases oxidoreductases substrates water-soluble vitamins macronutrients body mass index fat-soluble-vitamins nutrition nutrients micronutrients vitamins reproduction jacques philippe marie binet deductive reasonin inductive reasoning reasoning problem solving logical nor logical nand logical identity logical equality logical false logical disjunction logical conjunction logical negation logical true logical connectives logic truth table binary operation unary operation operand set mathematical symbols language golden ratio fibonacci sequence fibonacci disaccharides carbigydrates buffer benefits structure safety laboratory accidents preautionary measures inorganic compounss respitatio proteins and and fats blood tests thrombocytes leukocytes erythrocytes abo groups blood urinometer urochrome test for bile pigments. test for bile acids test for bile test for acetone bodies test for heller's test for coagulation test for murexide test for uric acid test for urea test for sulfates test for chlorides test magnesium test for calcium urine urine cpmposition urine formation urinary system excretion peptide bond antibody f. salkowski test liebermann-burchard test (test for sterol) acrolein test spotting effect solubility test surfactant detergent soap soap making waxes steriods phispholipids fats saponifiable nonsaponifiable osazones'stest iodine test selwanoff's test nylander's test fehling's test barfoed's test benedict's test molisch test carbohydrtaes amide amine alcohols ideal gas law combined gas laws gay-lussac's law charles's law boyle's law particle size concentration of reactants nature of reactant rate of chemical reaction chemical reaction physical change chemical change homogeneous heterogeneous simple distillation iron stand adapter distilling flask graduated cylinder condenser crucible tong test tube rack spatula test tube brush test tube holder acid and base burette glass funnel watch glass beaker test tube reagent bottle octet rule covalent bond ionic bond chemical bond catión ampere theory domain theory ferromagnetic diamagnetic magnetism magnet atomic theory of magnetism weber theory ferrimagnetic paramagnetic electrostatics electricity insulators electric charge protons coulomb neutrons conductors coulomb's law electric current electrons electric fields molality molarity diffraction electromagnetic wave bioluminiscence light lens interference lux transverse wave musical tones timbre frequency rarefaction compression duration sound envelope location altitude doppler effect intensity noise amplitude sound waves poh dispersing medium solar exothermic colloid suspension aerosol solubility gel solute foams solvent solvation process endothermic solutions emulsions entropy zeroth law third law of thermodynamics sublimation volatility cohesión viscosity adhesion liquids themperature conversion formulas celsius fahrenheit kelvin thermoregulation rankine conduction convection heat transfer radiation rolling friction static friction grease friction sliding friction hydroplaning ball bearing lubricant traction work energy kinetic theorem power footpound joule erg radicals lewis dot structure cations criss-cross method isaac newton newton's second law of motion newton's third law of motion oxides inertia newton's law of inertia momentum free fall newton's laws of motion uniformly accelerated motion uniform circular motion impulse instantaneous acceleration average acceleration average velocity speed non-coplanar non-contact forces coplanar forces non-concurrent forces concurrent forces balanced forces unbalanced forces sohcahtoa vector scalar equilibrant resultant law of cosine head to tail method law of sine parallelogram method relativistic physics electromagnetism. atomic and nuclear physics statics liquid acoustics dynamics solid kinematics cklassical physics optics quantum physics modern physics kinetic molecular theory solid state physics mechanics ergonomics consciousness mass behavior brain psychology choices reinforcers positive reinforcement counselling responsive lnguage guidance techniques behaviot guidance methods teaching strategies techniques effective teacher communicator personality personality development interspecific competition intraspecific competition interference competition exploitative competition gause exclusion principle cybernetics secondary succession primary succession competition exponential growth logistic growth immigration natality growth forms ecological niche habitat mortality population density geographic range demography emigration entrophy solar utilization ecological pyramid consumers decomposers producers halley hubble celestial mechanics leavitt olbers shapley aristarchus of samos aristotle astrophysics kepler brahe cosmology adenine dna mapping chromosome guanine thymine dna sequence gene mutations dna testing cytosine allele laws of inheritance homozygous gregor mendel heterozygous genotype genetics phenotype permanent tissue xylem phloem ground tissue plant tissue meristematic tissue dermal tissue vascular tissue plant tissue system integumentary nervous system body systems reproductive system skeletal system digestive system cardiovascular system muscular system respiratory system endocrine system excretory system cytoplasm nucleus cells scheiden schwann tissues plasma membrane nucleic acis pure substances meteorology geology earth science quasars galaxy pulsars stars black holes neutron stars moon freshwater ecosystem surface run off groundwater lotic lentic ocean heat oceans glaciers sea levels snow abyssal zone continental slope coriolis effect.submarine canyon ocean surface topography. tides ocean basin continental margin aquatic environment salinity ocean conveyor belt oceanographers thermohaline circulation aquatic ecosystem sustainable agriculture poverty renewable resources biodiversity ozone layer ozone depletion wind cyclone chinook winds anticyclone land-sea breeze monsoons reasons for abortion abortion. spontaneous abortion induced abortion health nitrogen oxide carbon monoxide sulfur dioxide ozone volatile organic substances air pollutant air pollution drugs drug dependence drug abuse drug user drug addiction continents plate tectonics theory continental drift theory the seafloor spreading theory stratigraphy arthur holmes geological time scale naturally occurring crystalline inorganic richter scale faults seismology earthquake plutonic rocks sedimentary igneous rocks metamorphic volcanic rocks ecosphere hydrosphere lithosphere atmosphere anatomy levels of organization physiology theory scientific method variables scientific principle hypothesis food wed biotic biogeochemical cycles ecology abiotic community interaction ecosystem metals halogen inert gases nonmetals lothar meyer percentage composition molecular weight avogadro's number stoichiometry law of definite composition law of conservation of mass law of multiple proportions states glass manipulation bunsen burner sublevels particles of an levels orbitals john dalton democritus ernest rutherford electonic configuration niel bohr ion cation metal non metals john newlands henry moselytrends in the periodic table dmitri mendeleev atomic radius ionic size metric units si units significant figures scientific notation rounding off measurement si units war footing carbon footprints zero waste management pasuc ncr nhe rf 2013environment attitudes and practices knowledge
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