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Speculative design

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A quick introduction to the notion of speculative design for a pop-up class called "The Decay of Digital Things" at Stanford's d.school.

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Speculative design

  1. 1. SPECULATIVE DESIGN The Decay of Digital Things decay.io/dschool Elizabeth Goodman, Andrew Lovett-Baron, Maryanna Rogers
  2. 2. SPECULATIVE CULTURE “The way that our society imagines itself through its forward-looking disciplines” — Bruce Sterling Blade Runner
  3. 3. “When people think of design, most believe it is about problem solving. […] There are other possibilities for design: one is to use design as a means of speculating how things could be — speculative design.” Speculative design image goes here Dunne + Raby Energy Futures WHAT IS SPECULATIVE DESIGN? Dunne + Raby Speculative Everything, p2
  4. 4. Present Futures Possible Plausible Preferable Probable A TAXONOMY OF FUTURES Redrawn from Speculative Everything redrawing Stuart Candy
  5. 5. “During the Indian Civil War, the Dharavi slums of Mumbai were flooded with refugees looking to escape the conflict. The Mumbai authorities, distracted by defence of the city and facing an already over-populated and poverty stricken slum could do little to maintain a semblance of civilised life in the area. Sometime later a cache of biological samples appeared through the criminal networks of Mumbai, in the vain hope that it might provide new marketable narcotic opportunities. The collective drive and expertise of the refugees managed to turn theses genetically-engineered fungal samples into a new type of infrastructure providing heat, light and building material for the refugees. Dharavi rapidly evolved its own micro-economy based around the mushrooms.” Tobias Revell New Mumbai
  7. 7. Superflux Song of the Machine
  8. 8. Near Future Laboratory Corner Convenience
  9. 9. Open questions EVALUATING OUTCOMES
  10. 10. SPECULATIVE DESIGN SHOULD… “open up all sorts of possibilities that can be discussed, debated, and used to collectively define a preferable future for a given group of people: from companies, to cities, to societies.” Speculative Everything, p6
  11. 11. The Extrapolation Factory 99¢ Futures
  12. 12. Open questions WHOSE FUTURES?
  13. 13. Neil Beloufa Kempinski
  14. 14. TO SUM UP Speculative design is… Intended to be provocative rather than predictive or prescriptive Illustrative of relationships of production, consumption, and circulation Instantiated in objects as well as words Amy Congdon Biological Atelier: “Extinct”