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Document Management System with a Familiar Interface                                                Online document manage...
some document management applications allow email integration so approved documents can even besigned off and email immedi...
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Document management system with a familiar interface

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Document management system with a familiar interface

  1. 1. Document Management System with a Familiar Interface Online document management, though is not hugely popular in every industry but it gaining popularity and will soon become a standard tool, especially in industries where they maintain high standards of document management. The Problem Several companies are already reaping benefits of document management applications; especially the early adopters but now they are facing a different type of problem, system overload. Between Office applications, ERP systems, CAD applications, productlifecycle and quality management solutions employees have to handle too many systems within limitedtime.The Solution- Online Document Management SystemsOnline document management solutions, when used with a familiar GUI (Graphical User Interface) likeMS Word can bring in the following benefits to companies required automated document managementand control. Time saving for QA representatives; Time saving for departments like marketing, manufacturing, labs, R&D and engineering personnel as they don’t have to undergo any special training to get familiar with the interface Decreases the workl0oad on the IT department so that they can focus on other areas as online document management systems do not require any maintenance from the user end. Requires almost no training as the document management application can be integrated with familiar interfaces like MS Word Employees accept the new system more readily; Improves employee skills in document control and allows for reduction of paper cost Helps in compliance with standards such as the FDAs 21 CFR Part 11 requirements and ISO standards. Saves time as users do not have to undergo intensive training programs, furthermore employees do not have to search through mounds of files just to get one document. Significantly reduces the time taken to handle a document through its entire lifecycle. Online document storage applications act as an effective data backup systemThese aren’t the only benefits that companies enjoy when using online document managementsoftware, there are several other. Other than saving time and cost using web based document recordsmanagement systems also helps improve the work quality.It allows busy senior management executives to quickly receive and approve important files anddocuments as documents are available 24/7 and can be accessed from any location. Furthermore as
  2. 2. some document management applications allow email integration so approved documents can even besigned off and email immediately.Online document management software also improves collaboration between remote teams and headoffice of an organization. As documents are stored in a central repository anyone can access them fromany location. Features like version control helps keep track of all changes made to a document and canrevert back a document to a previous version if required. Using online document management systemswith a familiar interface has several benefits, no wonder they are fast becoming popular.