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Mobile Wallets and Value Added Services

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We briefly discuss mobile wallets, mobile couponing, loyalty programs and data privacy.

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Mobile Wallets and Value Added Services

  1. 1. The Channel
  2. 2. The Channel •58% of all Greece internet is through mobile (!!!), It was 38% eight months ago •55% of retailer app impressions are served within the physical store, this is why WIFI is a becoming commodity •40% increase of app usage for 45+ of age over the last 8 months
  3. 3. eCommerce is still small source: emarketer 2014 US Market
  4. 4. Same with mCommerce source: emarketer 2014 US Market
  5. 5. Commerce is offline source: emarketer 2014 US Market
  6. 6. InStore source: emarketer.com gartner.com
  7. 7. First Steps In Greece ?
  8. 8. Already Established! Works for specific industries such as: food delivery (>10K daily), travel industry(3x growth over the last 24 months), MNO Self Care (>80% of active user top up), ticketing and coupons will follow.
  9. 9. Resistant to changeValue Chain
  10. 10. Early 2016
  11. 11. Case ofV.me
  12. 12. Case of Apple Pay
  13. 13. War of Formats Ended •NCF POS Retailers are ready •Apple finally adopted NCF •EFT POS is moving into the cloud • Mobile Penetration is massive for high disposable income consumers!
  14. 14. The Replication How one geographically replicates a business model in fintech ?
  15. 15. EFT POS and ECR EFT POS and ECR is the new IoT infrastructure playground that all fintech can target. Unified deployment base at scale, that can solve EU and MEA region fragmentation issues
  16. 16. Value Added Services •Coupons - Suppliers •Lottery  •Loyalty  •Pre-Paid •Coalition Schemes
  17. 17. Market Size $ 110M is the loyalty benefits market per year in Greece. Some of the channels especially retail business are performing as low as <10% in redemption. An open data initiative would result in result on at least a $500Mper year, only by increase of redemption (!!!)
  18. 18. Bitcoin Adoption Via MC/VISA prepaid cards it is easy to have real world payments, no merchant integration needed #truedisruption
  19. 19. Bitcoin is a Commodity bitcoin’s first major price shift was triggered by CY bail in
  20. 20. The Data 2.9M unique devices 2.3M unique users
  21. 21. Brands are used to pay for data 65%of media buying through programmatic, exploiting 3rd party data sources
  22. 22. a new kind of identity -advertising id -email -CCN/CI - device fingerprint
  23. 23. One Wallet to Rule Them All •OS Providers •OEMs Large Markets •Retail Banks  •Online Banks •Retailers •MNOs Smaller and Emerging
  24. 24. Legislation - FTC Fair Information Practice - California Online Privacy Protection Act(OPPA) of 2003 - COPPA rule - Personally Identifiable Information [PII] - The UK Privacy & Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 - Directive 2002/58/EC (the E-Privacy Directive) - Right to be Forgotten Ruling C-131/12 - E-Money Directive - E-Invoicing Directive
  25. 25. Future of a Flat World Transact Distribute Legal Consensus