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FutureGov at the PEP-NET Summit

Presenting on the work of FutureGov at the PEP-NET Summit September 2010

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FutureGov at the PEP-NET Summit

  1. 1. www.flickr.com/photos/dancoulter
  2. 2. FutureGov works in the government and social innovation sectors specialising in the use of web technologies to address business problems in the areas of communications, engagement and public service innovation. We are committed to helping make change happen, supporting government to meet tomorrows challenges through our core values of innovation and excellence.
  3. 3. FutureGov Does •  Digital engagement –  Communication –  Engagement –  Digital democracy •  Public service transformation –  Co-production –  Change management –  Cross-organisational collaboration
  4. 4. FutureGov Works With
  5. 5. Representative Democracy
  6. 6. online democratic engagement
  7. 7. Everyday Democracy
  8. 8. - it’s big news
  9. 9. the Barnet project: reaching out to where people are
  10. 10. creating some new spaces
  11. 11. leadership from the top
  12. 12. mixing on and offline
  13. 13. being brave and investing in existing platforms
  14. 14. a safe space to practice: role model organisation
  15. 15. Local social networks: Swindon
  16. 16. Connecting Coventry
  17. 17. Personal" Democracy
  18. 18. From the “now wave” to the “next wave”: public service delivery in a networked world www.HKS20.com Making the Move to Gov 2.0
  19. 19. offline user centred service design supporting online solutions: the Scottish Government’s ALISS project - providing people with long term health conditions with formal and informal local information all in one place - presenting the user government and community generated data
  20. 20. Have a go heroes
  21. 21. Go London social innovation competition City wide call for ideas asking Londoners how they thought the City could get that bit more physically active. We developed a multi channel campaign aimed at using social media in a creative way to reach as many people as possible.
  22. 22. Social Innovation www.enabledbydesign.org blog: http://enabledbydesign.org/blog twitter: http://twitter.com/enabledby
  23. 23. Making Gov2.0 meaningful: public service change http://safeguarding2point0.com
  24. 24. human networks matter GP Youth Worker Detective" Mother Other Sergeant Child Agency Social Teacher Worker
  25. 25. prototype app HOME | ICS | VISIT THE AUTHORITY INTRANET SMITH CASE STATUS CASE ACTIVITY I can no longer stand P.Diddy's - Height & weight (NHS) motivational "lotta work to do! let's go people!" Tweeting. He's like a + School attendance contestant on The Apprentice. 1 day ago JOHN SMITH’S TWITTER STREAM ICS CASE NOTES TAG CLOUD Feeling really fed-up 2day. Haven’t seen my son in 5 days and now I’m beyond caring. Brat. 1 day ago JOHN SMITH’S FACEBOOK STATUS Special consideration should be given to the sensitive nature of the LIVES WITH MOTHER & FATHER (MARRIED) 2 SISTERS 1 BROTHER father content. Context should be provided for ambiguous or emotive Bruises phrases, one way of doing this is showing snippets in roll-overs. ...I noticed the bruises were starting to fade.. ICS CASE NOTES TRENDING TOPICS # Missed appointment 12/04/10. Case Notes, PCT, Local Area. ##Missed appointment read more Upset ##Upset concerns Nutrition ##Nutrition concerns Uncle 6 Mo 3 Mo Now # Older friends # Uncle # Older friends
  26. 26. FutureGov Network and Events
  27. 27. welcome people in to help
  28. 28. Simpl is a social innovation marketplace It connects people with good ideas for radical social change to people in the public sector who want to do things differently
  29. 29. Innovators: Post up your ideas and projects State what help you need to make it happen Public sector: Bid on ideas with cash or other resources Post problems you want to solve
  30. 30. Watch ideas Keep people you like the updated on look of the bids you’ve won See new ideas and requests that have been posted based on your interests Share info and ask questions of other users
  31. 31. Simpl is meant for ideas that will radically improve public services New ways to design services Ways to involve citizens Better use of the web Ways to save money
  32. 32. Simpl isn’t really about cash – the public sector has much to offer in kind Office space Service users to test ideas Staff time Contacts and connections And a little cash can go a long way
  33. 33. Dominic Campbell http://wearefuturegov.com http://twitter.com/dominiccampbell