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EWBC Keynote from @Documentally

EWBC is the only international event dedicated to the convergence of wine and the web, providing a platform for the global wine community to address today's online communications opportunities.

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EWBC Keynote from @Documentally

  1. 1. Story MakersAuthoritative sourcesamongst the hyper connected @Documentally#
  2. 2. Everyone is blogging24-10-12 2 million blog posts are written every day
  3. 3. @Granumentally
  4. 4. Everyone’s a photographer
  5. 5. Evolution?
  6. 6. Social Networking in 1982
  7. 7. Social Media in 1984
  8. 8. Documentallysince 2005Documentally.com since 2006
  9. 9. I’m not a journalist, I’m a story maker
  10. 10. There are more things on the internet than peopleTheinternetof things
  11. 11. MeHiut Denim HistoryTag.com
  12. 12. My turning point
  13. 13. What shape is a story?
  14. 14. Why are Journalists called ‘Hacks’?Because they have to hack a story to fit the page? Short for ‘Hackney’ - A type of horse easy to ride and available for hire.
  15. 15. PhotosAudio + GeoVideo
  16. 16. CreateAggregate or Curate
  17. 17. Aggregation is not curation but curation can use aggregation toolsHuman web vsmachine web
  18. 18. Create Story Sign up Login Storify enables anyone to create engaging social stories. Get started Storified by Documentally 5 months ago · 1754 views 15 51 48 documentally Documentally The Do Lectures ✚ Subscribe like Share Email Embed storymaker. social technologist. occasional speaker. http://gplus.to/documentally I was invited to attend The Do Lectures. In a quiet corner of West Wales its Statistics a tiny event thats not a conference, not a festival, more a meeting of minds where everyone is a speaker and listener combined. Its inspiration has been Published stories 14 emanating from its tented setting for the last four years and continuously Subscribers 27 from the minds of the attendees as they visit and return to their respective countries. Subscribed to 12 Day 1 Total views 1754 storify.com 1754 Related stories Storm heads for Sydney abcnews 10 months ago 13961 Pictures, video and tweets from Norway attacks globeandmail 7 months ago 12662 paynestake.com 5 months ago Queda de prédio no Rio movimenta as redes sociais terranoticiasbr 11 days ago 11841 All packed for the Do Lectures audioboo.fm More from documentally After a 4 & a half hour drive, I was welcomed to fforest camp like an old friend. And yet Id 40 at 40 never been before. Our bags were taken to our accommodation and we were in turn picked up in loaned Honda hybrids. documentallyEdit 18 days ago 1134 1 The London Conference on Cyberspace documentally Display 3 months ago 1506 Teen Tech Documentally 3 months ago documentally As soon as i was dropped off I went for a wander to get my bearings. 4 months ago 51 & embed Documentally 3 months ago The venue was a massive double teepee. Everything seemed rwell designed and thought out. Documentally 3 months ago Like 9k Follow @storify 23.8K followers Guided tour Terms Privacy API About Team Jobs Blog Contact © 2012 Storify
  19. 19. Every corktells a story..
  20. 20. narrative + audio geo data digital content photos video text= digital storytelling
  21. 21. Lightweight ‘Theatre of the mind’ Intimate Why Audio?Less obtrusive Multitasking media photo by Benjamin Ellis
  22. 22. Closing thoughts
  23. 23. Think about the medium and the platform Be passionate Converse Inform and interact Don’t write writing, write stories
  24. 24. Stories exert a powerful influence on humanthoughts and behaviour.They consolidate memory, shape emotions,cue heuristics and biases in judgment,influence in-group/out- group distinctions, andmay affect the fundamental contents ofpersonal identity. ~ Read on a noticeboard at DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency)
  25. 25. Good content always finds an audience.
  26. 26. “Great stories happento those who tell them.” ~ David Rackoff
  27. 27. Whatever it is you want to be... punditsage authority savant guru cognoscenti
  28. 28. All you have to do is to be inspired... and then share that feeling.
  29. 29. Thank You @Documentally#