fao quality-and-origin-program unfao global soil partnership gsp united nations soils nutrition agricultural census wca2020 soil organic carbon agriculture food systems global symposium on soil organic carbon gsoc map gsoc17 climate change mitigation and adaptation carbon sequestration climate change who healthy diets nutritionfoodsystems land food and agriculture organization un decade of action on nutrition icn2 case study farm area sustainability biosecurity ahpnd faoahpnd16 shrimp diseases acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease qualityandorigin global soil organic carbon map agroecology aquatic animal health agribiotech un symposium biotechnology export promotion sustainable food systems rapfoodsystems asia-pacific agricultural biotechnologies agrifood trade market integration regional initiative central asia wca 2020 fao regional meeting on agricultural biotechnologi giahs exportkyrgyz asian soil partnership digital soil mapping eurasian soil partnership eurasian center for food security food security 1stlabmanagermeetingnovember2017 food and agriculture organsation sealnet 2.0 south-east asia laboratory network wgs world banana forum rinderpest european soil partnership eufmd sustainable soil management esp wbf banana fmd china regional soil partnership "fao fusarium tr4 foot and mouth disease ecosystem services oie thailand faoalc contractfarmingfao agenda 2030 faorlc gf-tads west africa fmd west africa вопросы торговли торговля сельскохозяйственной продукцией фао food security " atenfao gsoc173.3theme methodology derecho a la alimentación saludable sistema alimentario nutricion fao mesoamérica fao el salvador fao of the un panamá global soils gsppa2017 plenary assembly gsp plenary assembly workshop dryland soils theme 3.3 cavendish ams columbia latin america soil partnership ibague gsp pillars of action global symposium on soil pollution espmarch2018 bangkok soc stocks gsoc172theme theme 2 theme 1 gsoc171theme mrv tropical race 4 fusarium wilt wto csa gsop18 black soils statistics nap-ag sostenible hambre cero frente parlamentario contra el hambre gsocmap17 food and agriculture organizations panama disease biodiversity celac contracts banano iamo desarrollo sostenible plan san celac desarrollo rural agricultura familiar reunión ministerial globalsoilpartnership soilsalinitytraining izmir 2017 som livestock europe ies kenya aten postsoviettradefao wtoodessa gsoc173.1theme high soc peatlands theme 3.1 permafrost soc regional-propoor-policy incentives policy ods. montevideo2017 trainings markets sdgs iyp2016 iypglobaldialogue trade продвижение экспорта gsoc17plenary pillar 5 innovation productivity smallholder agriculture census adaptation naps africa investment faoinvestmentdays south america soil partnership report trade issues agricultural trade grassland mal de panamá fusarium raza tropical 4 sealnet rural livelihoods expert consultation sdgindicatorstats sustainable development goals indicators information system soil third conference investment days laboratories glosolan#1 global soil laboratory network glosolan группа эскпертов fao • gsp • digital soil mapping • education and training • soils • global soils • global soil organic carbon map • global symposium on soil organic carbon • global soil partnership • 3roams 5 pillars 4esppm 4th esp plenary meeting day 2 gsoc173.2theme theme 3.2 training fao perú gsoc mapping global soil organic carbon map 2017 gsocmappingtrainingisric2017 fusarium oxysporum cubense asp pillar 4 forestry salmonella pastoralist asia flif2017 forests fao forestry forest and landscape restoration italy napag insii health capacity building soils-pulses iyp pulses fda food safety mangement 4th meeting of the south american soil partnershi tcp launch montevideo 2017 climate gsocmap gsoc map 2018 gsocmaptrainingmexicojune2017 soil land and water cbl side event soil contamination soil pollution day 3 cfs healthyfoodsystems virus pkhmeeting pastoralism network awareness ecuador somaclones cambodia global perspectives studies ao animal genetic resources livestock diversity ecological intensification east african community nairobi esb meeting 2016 pesticides esb nairobi acp/meas2 caucasus tajikistan cgiar climate change adaptation nap nap-ag-workshop-2016 unfccc canada listeria monocytogenes pfge real-time surveillance faokoronivia koronivia ccafs iica28 education and training planning vulnerabilities information systems contract farming wto trade facilitation agreement wage ladders poverty benchmarks icn2 follow up fao nutrition and food systems sustainable foodsystems esn improved nutrition governance soil carbon mapping eurasian economic union capi philippines aquaculture research gps tot workshop public health gmi data sharing food safety kyrgyzstan kazakhstan armenia nap-ag workshop 2016 undp outbreak investigation food security " fusariumtr4 tr4 fusarium international network of soil information institut 3rdinsiimeeting success day 1 gsoc17inbs ingreso salarios minimum wage living wage banano organico republica dominicana papi community lao pdr identification value chain soil management rice wheat production resilience risk advance-tot-workshop latin america itwg8 costa rica public-private partnership colombia eu ncbi food4cities food system food for cities programme food for the cities food policies climate finance uk snp cdc denmark united kingdom seguridad alimentaria escuelas infantil agriculture integrated survey survey population and housing census agricultural trade policy government crop contract smallholders challenge poultry itps suriname saint lucia belize agreement on the application of sanitary and phyto agreement on agriculture sps disputes settlement tbt agreement on technical barriers to trade wtokiev world reference laboratory tpi the pirbright institute virus pools wrl locustreponse agpmm invasion invasion acridienne madagascar tce campagnes antiacridiennes 2016 2013 nations unies programme triennal fin atelier urgence antananarivo gestion de la crise criquet faomg women empowerment conflict chile regulations advocacy usa brazil perú corbana sustainable development goals countrystat p4wg soil health indonésia fisheries data crops census india nepal sustainable agriculture market water management 1st dissemination workshop conservation uganda tanzania knowledge watershed deforestation mexico mlst dtu amr city region food systems sri lanka malawi gender france compare e. coli ssi ngs food safety management dominican republic global programme distribution of value task force wbf3 working group 1 ods leap escolar sobrepeso obesidad dieta legislation growers competitiveness afd tobacco growth certification structural aspects european commission dominica antigua and barbuda grenada jamaica partnership unctad fish trade ocean conference foot-and-mouth disease standing technical committee pillars stc rights diversificaiton lebanon ghana policies nutrition education school meals education food labelling norway musalac oirsa metodologia acuerdo colectivo solidaridad musa foro mundial bananero inisav banelino plant material hybrids carbap plantain genetic resources plan de accion discussion networks world census of agriculture rural statistics global data geospatial info australia regression kriging iran mongolia myanmar demographinc pakistan bangladesh sample design enumeration landscape environment platform agroforestry yunnan conservation agriculture irrigation awareness raising diversification disease surveillance cac39 bhutan korea ipm pest control carbon water outbreaks standards germany bioinformatic infectious diseases fsis genometrakr embl database qc infosan communication assessment belarús azerbijan international food policy research institute ukraine russia georgia easp implementation plan azerbaijan mainstreaming adaptation finance napa uruguay usda campylobacter us wg-mlst agroecological systems vaccine post-eradication strategy microorganismos endófiticos living wage benchmarks glwc ilo working group 2 fair cepal. oda #worldsoilday2017atfaohq world soil day financial inclusion pamiga parlamento panafricano honduras bolivia cepal guatemala haiti unilever ucdavis ghg emissions feed ifif gfli fefac lca footprint pef derecho alimentación ley mujeres género ambiente pescado gabas alimentarias consumidores granos agroecología gastronomia 7th_session_itps intergovernmental technical panel on soils data capture Группа Эскпертов; atenfao ВТО и развитие сельскохозяйственных рынков iving wage global strategy to improve agriculture and rural s agriculture statistics sdg indicators afcas iati web dissemination content and users codelist management users of dac statistics implementation financial statistics crs codelist aid activities development finance animation seed production lessons learned vegetable seed agribusiness schallenge indonesia agriculture peanuts pepsico nestle gdp income labor case studies institutions price value chain transaction costs failure threats soybean farmers rubber bank companies guinea cotton outcomes contract farming scheme support price stakeholders vegetables snv lao cassava tea cambodia" "public private partnerships tomatoes negotiation sugarcane coffee advantages services benefits seeds production srilanka malasya asparagus successful story village questionnaire community level global soil partnersh food and agriculture organizatiins gsp soil data facility enea cnr crea cuba african soil partnership progress pacific soil partnership north america soil partnership near east and north africa (nena) soil partnership eurasia soil partnership mexico and the caribbean soil partnership central america el salvador incubating in flr investing in flr business champions business opportunities flip mitigating risks monitoring antigua st kitts and nevis bahamas barbados guyana trinidad and tobago vincent and the grenadines cascade training israel biorisk biorisk management components tool rangeland model function movement mobility border agreements women pastoral resource agro-food violence ethiopia zambia lusaka evidence-based policies new zealand animal foods mcgill university enam child nutrition paraguay indigenous women. biodiversity traditions productive resources gender equity south africa relief agroecological movement of latin america and the c price crisis urd food resilience coalitions platforms mapping price monitoring inddex data-driven policy south korea investments inequalities new york city yin yan bao programme food supplements social prolicies public procurement food basket cash transfer lesotho social policies social protection campaigns mass media agriculture extension services high-income advocacy. italy food retailers school dietary guidelines parlamentarians regulatory frameworks consumer demand children food marketing advertisement food-based dietary guidelines food waste food banks mozambique private sector supply direct marketing food retail sustainable production pisa small and medium enterprises (smes) tempeh netherlands product reformulation programme senegal fortification serbia food quality ifpri mali traditional foods biofortification agro-forestry cameroon underutilized foods forest foods herforth ipes. economic impact wahf agricultural heritage sustainable development hungary ecological farm transition plan de accion wbf wage scales redistribution of value real wages working group 02 international plant protection convention measures harmonization lab network soil doctor programme pillar 2 pillar 1 pillar 3 map soil atlas isric transitions towards agroecology organic agriculture agricultural research participatory research action research community supported agriculture development of agroecology soil biodiversity nutrient environmental challenges agroecological innovation agroecological principles agroecology law economic parameters resource use efficiency social parameters farm assessment criteria agroecological practices learning animal production system rural reconstruction satellite images. tecnhnology module national statistics fenix. new system arab emirates satellite images. fertilizer. global soil management gsoc conventional upscaling inegi geomatching csiro inta foodsystems regional initiative; exportkyrgyz restoration diversity gpc agricultural policy security frameworks: fsn forum policy coherence policy food mountainous area manure farmers' right push-pull natural pest suppression ppb seed seed networks  napag faoclimate adaptationplanning technologies republic of korea household vietnam temporary crops questionnaire module sampling design survey instruments ssus modular irrigation wca 2020 timor-leste sampling houseld holding demographic social agricultural practices agriculture practices agriculture services veterinary treatment 2011 agriculture census of mongolia short questionnaire long questionnaire pes cropping pattern permanent crops patment holdings psus linkage population census classical approach farmers' cooperatives farmers' association drinking water catchment agroecosystem scale field landscape approach acp small scale farmers true cost accounting valuation teeb pollution nutrients field school stb knowledge sharing indicators zai upland improved upland rice technology pasture management pasture improvement salinity yield reduction yellow rust drought pests and diseases yield assessment uzbekistan rainfed cotton production remote sensing crop production agro-ecosystems geospatial ecosystem-based adaptation innovative approach communication material information knowledge database sustainable land management americas climate change mitigation advisory services extension services rural advisory services rural development water security water-food-energy nexus sustainable water resources management sustainable land maangement precision farming sustainable farming systems innovative technologies water use sustainable crop production inputs socio-economic development agricultural development climate change impact adaptation options price fluctuations farm income security agricultural transformation modelling risk management risk monitoring risk assessment price shocks production shocks land management enhanced resilience energy livelihoods wahis brucellosis animal health capacity development adaptation planning advance tot workshop pacific sheep cooperation caribbean coffee mountain farmer field schools east africa fertility pollinators pollination local farmer indigenous integrated farming systems diversified indigenous peoples infosystem impacts coastal redd bioversity tecsia gmi 2017 sinaloa cies data integration pathogen genomics phg national strategy infectious disease real-time data sharing sewage metagenomics one health copenhagen global sewage surveillance global sharing cbd pip nagoya protocol rivm chatham house political legal ethical food recall environmental sampling quality control pulsenet microbiology iso vre mrsa multidrug resistant antibiotic resistance nucmer dry-lab n50 proficiency testing pt dna sequence wet-lab metagenomic k-mer center for genomic epidemiology bacterial genomics foodborne pathogens stec big data traceability ddjb nanopore classical microbiology episeq antibiogram biomerieux industry ebi apha ena fli metadata wigner emc sra nih snp analysis clustering genbank biosample kmer analysis assembley phe annotation bioproject minimal metadata fbd ihr technical guidance facilitating discussion global database fsa microbial dna sequences food & disease surveillance erasmus medical centre trust data storage infrastructure cost performance bioinformatics ruaf centre for sustainable food systems toronto bristol food policy council comune di milano milan urban food policy pact milan city region colombo agricultural innovations land degradation icarda agriculture research innovation in agriculture food security & nutrition smallholder farmers rural poverty cisp conserve italia iys pests bioversity international nap-ag-workshop 2016 gcf green climate fund micro and small enterprises global environment facility mses gef partner countries leg guidelines climate-resilience undo nap technical guidelines agriculture sectors nap guidelines cop21 pulsenet international foodborne disease surveillance wgmlst food regulation latu aflatoxin pcr kmri sub-saharan africa e.coli surveillance mlva health canada anses eurl epidemiology phe food safety mangement database epidemiology real-time data-sharing molecular tools resolutions outbreak preparedness modeling tool natural resources asia and the pacific regional symposium east asia small-pox eradication au-ibar freedom cardiff university of south wales denis murphy
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