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Karuna amrutha

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Karuna amrutha

  1. 1. Karuna amrutha Navachaitanya Old age Home is formed with the main objective of providing succor and care for the old. With this objective in mind, the home has established an old age home that provides comfortable, clean and hygienic boarding and lodging facilities with nursing and medical care. It’s an experiment in community living where every member is made to feel at home without the impersonal atmosphere of an old age home. The premises of the old age home is located at Banaswadi, peaceful and serene surroundings. ADMISSION Senior citizens - Both male and female are admitted as residents of the old age home on short term and long term basis. Full boarding and lodging facility, personal laundry, nursing, library and Single/Common/Sharing room facilities like TV, indoor games, etc. Yoga classes will be held for the benefit of the residents. Residents who are immobile/bedridden needing constant attention.ct Us News & Event CONTACT KNC HOMES Address : Near Thimmarayaswami Temple, Horamavu Gandhi Circle, Banaswadi Bangalore - 560043 Call Us Land Line: 08065655555 Mobile : +91-9448244695 / +91- 9242429994 Mail Usemail : info@kncarogyadhama.com
  2. 2. Web Site : www.kncarogyadhama.com Note : Please book your accommodation 10 days before, for your convenient check-in. Copyright 2011 kncarogyadhama.com Reproduction is forbidden unless authorized. All rights reserved.www.navachaithanya.com ,Email ID : kncashramas@gmail.com ,Call : Mobile 9448244695 / 9242429994 , Land 080-65655555 ( Please Save & Pass this numbers to All.It may help some one )RegardsgsNavachaithanya ,www.navachaithanya.com ,www.karunaamrutha.com ,www.dialjusts.com , www.karunamrutha.com ,www.navachaithanyahomenursing.com ,www.navachaithanyaoldagehome.com ,www.dialjust.com ,www.navachatanya.com ,www.navachaitanya.com ,www.kncarogyadhama.com ,Please Save & forward this Message to All. It may Help Some One