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Performance Credits And Bio Of Diane Cameron 122008

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Full performance bio of Diane Cameron

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Performance Credits And Bio Of Diane Cameron 122008

  1. 1. PERFORMANCE CREDITS AND BIO OF DIANE CAMERON Diane Cameron is an International vocalist who has appeared in Tokyo, Paris, West Africa, South Africa, Canada and all over the United States. In July 2008, Ms. Cameron was invited by the Government of the Republic of Benin, West Africa as the USA Artist in Residence to Benin for the third time. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, she currently has made her home on the Eastern Shore in Alabama. Diane has played at some of the Eastern Shore’s finest establishments such as in San Destin, Florida at the San Destin Resort and Conference Center, Florabama as well as numerous private engagements and weddings. She also performed for the 2002 and 2003 Alabama Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce National Shrimp Festival. Other Alabama Eastern Shore appearances include Kiva Dunes, Beach Club, Guy's Gumbo, Oleander Resort, Marriott Grand Hotel, Legions Club, Theater 98 and more...Diane has produced several youth theatrical productions, was a guest on channel 44 Mobile's quot;Cover Storiesquot; hosted by Nona Simmons. As an actress, Ms. Cameron has appeared on the stage in Tokyo, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, Hilton Head Island, SC, Mobile and West Africa. Her role of Bernice in August Wilson's quot;THE PIANO LESSONquot;, earned a best actress nomination as actress of the year in Jacksonville, Florida. Diane has written several plays, published an environmental skit for the City of Mobile's quot;Keep Mobile Beautifulquot; organization and is writing a children's book quot;Fred & Felixquot; and an environmental play for children. Upcoming appearances include Sweet Auburn Heritage Festival/Atlanta and World Music Festival in Phoenix. Diane was selected U.S.A. Artist in Residence to the Republic of Benin, West Africa She was subsequently invited to Durban and Johannesburg in 2005 as a result of being nominated by the International Music Organization KORA. Her self authored CD quot;The Reconciliationquot; was in competition with musical works from Mariah Carey, Will Smith, 50 Cents and Canada's Olivier. The State of Alabama USA passed two Resolutions signed by the Honorable Bob Riley, Governor of recognizing Ms. Cameron’s theatrical and musical work with children. Her original musical “WATER – WHEN KATRINA CAME” was written prior to working with the 2007 PFC
  2. 2. Howard Johnson II Summer Enrichment Camp. Nevertheless, once Ms. Cameron came on board July 2007 as the Camp Theater Director, her play became a vehicle helping victims cope with the loss and displacement from the hurricane’s aftermath. The play served as a perfect pilot for the camp as a support mechanism for the 200 + campers enrolled in the 5-week program at Truevine Baptist Church in Mobile. The camp was made possible by the American Red Cross National to provide cultural, educational, and emotional assistance to those young people who have been impacted by Hurricane Katrina, Ivan and Rita. DRAMA PROGRAMS DRAMA INTERVENTIONS is the art of integrating theater, music, literary works, dance and visual art for the purpose of promoting reconciliation and development in personal conflict resolution, promoting awareness of cultural diversity through education while fostering a team atmosphere amongst the participants. Drama Interventions is committed to fostering a healthy planet through its project Green Earth Theater. Under this ecological banner the play “TRASH TAWKIN” was created. Trash Tawkin is the anchor story is a series designed to raise awareness for the need to be good stewards of the earth through recycling and civic beautification. The roles of actor, singer, dancer, writer, make-up artist, wardrobe persons, set designers and stage assistants provides a positive outlet for youthful energies and promotes a team environment between the production team, the cast, community and the environment. Trash Tawkin is designed to be a demonstration model for schools and youth outreach programs as an educational & entertainment tool DRAMA INTERVENTIONS is a division of ITS ALL AN ACT 2, INC., a non-profit organization domiciled in Mobile, Alabama. This organization has worked with high schools, middle schools, boys and girls clubs, elementary schools, youth groups, created an environmental awareness play for the City of Mobile's - Keep Mobile Beautiful Organization, and formed a summer theater workshop for the City of Daphne and in 2005 Ms. Cameron traveled to the Republic of Benin, West Africa to write, direct and produce a musical theatrical production for the International Christian School of Benin entitled “WILL I EVER SEE AFRICA AGAIN?”. In December 2006, Ms. Cameron was invited along with a delegation from Africa to share her experience in Africa with children at the Daufuskie Island Elementary School, Daufuskie Island, South Carolina. In 2007 DRAMA INTERVENTIONS was contracted by the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to hold a 4 week seminar and script a play for 200 campers dealing the emotional aftermath of killer storm Katrina. DRAMA INTERVENTIONS is an interactive theatre organization without walls. We go wherever the occasion necessitates, nationally, internationally, next door or across town. PERFORMANCE CREDITS Television Credits Channel 44 – Nona Simmons – Cover Stories – Interview & Vocal Performance – Mobile, Alabama Channel 3 – Pensacola Television to promote trip to Benin Channel 12 – Good Morning Jacksonville – Clennon King – Interview & Vocal Performance – Jacksonville, FL. ORTB – Republic of Benin, West Africa
  3. 3. LC2 – Republic of Benin, West Africa Radio Credits St. Augustine – Interview for compilation CD – Jacksonville, FL - 1997 Kennedy-King College Radio – Chicago, Illinois – This Woman’s Heart” 1998 WBEE – Peoria, Ill. – Listening Party for first CD 1999 – “This Woman’s Heart” WDLT – Mobile, AL – Carmen Brown Host - 2001 WDLT – Mobile, AL – Carmen Brown Host - 2002 WDLT – Mobile, AL – Carmen Brown Host - 2003 WDLT – Mobile, AL – Carmen Brown Host - 2004 Oceane FM Radio – Republic of Benin, West Africa - 2005 Radio Star FM – Republic of Benin, West Africa - 2005 Golf Radio FM – Republic of Benin, West Africa – 2005 CAPP FM Radio – Republic of Benin, West Africa – 2005 Radio Ouidah – Republic of Benin, West Africa - 2005 Benin Gospel and Roots Festival, West Africa – 2008 Theatrical Credits Fame – Hilton Head Island, SC 1991 Big River – Hilton Head Island, SC 1992 Prelude to a Kiss – Hilton Head Island, SC 1992 Midsummer’s Night Dream – Chicago, IL 1993 Merrily We Roll Along – Atlanta, GA 1995 Piano Lesson – Jacksonville, FL 1997 Rhythm of the World – (written & directed) – Daphne, AL 2000 Voices of Freedom – (written & directed) – Mobile, AL 2001
  4. 4. Cry of Freedom – (written & directed) – Mobile, AL 2004 Open Letter to the African American Daughter – (written & directed) Mobile, AL 2005 Open Letter to the African American Son – (written & directed) Mobile, AL 2005 Will I Ever See Africa Again? – Written and Directed, Republic of Benin, West Africa 2005 Trash Tawkin – 2005 Water – When Katrina Came - 2007 Commercial Credits Haverty’s Furniture – Holiday Scene – Televised Aaron’s Furniture – Family Purchasing Scene – Print Marriott Grand Hotel – Postcard Scene - Print Newsprint Credits Hilton Head Island Packet – Dec 1991 Florida Times-Union – March 1997 Folio Weekly (Jacksonville) – December 1997 Mobile Press Register – May 2002 The Islander – Gulf Shores, Alabama – October 2002 Mobile Press Register – February 2004 Mobile Press Register – 2007 Le Journal – Benin, West Africa 2008 National Festivals 2002, 2003, Alabama Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce Shrimp Festival International Tours Tokyo Dome Hotel – Artist Café – 3 Months with Phil Morrison Trio, Tokyo, Japan - 8/2000 – 11/2000 – *Republic of Benin/Africa Gospel & Roots Reconciliation Tour August 2nd – 8th 2004
  5. 5. *Republic of Benin/Africa Gospel & Roots Reconciliation Tour July 31st – August 7th 2005 & 2008 CREDITS CONGRATULATORY RESOLUTIONS SIGNED BY ALABAMA GOVERNOR BOB RILEY http://www.legislature.state.al.us/searchableinstruments/2004RS/Resolutions/HJR700.htm http://www.legislature.state.al.us/searchableinstruments/2006RS/Resolutions/HJR262.htm PRESS RELEASE ON WATER-WHEN KATRINA CAME IN RED CROSS NEWSLETTER http://www.redcross.org/article/0,1072,0_312_6914,00.html COMPANION VIDEO INTERVIEW OF DIANE CAMERON ON NBC 15 WATER-WHEN KATRINA CAME http://www.nbc15online.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoid=235099@video.wpmi.com HILTON HEAD ISLAND PACKET STORY ON TRIP TO DAUFUSKIE BY MS. CAMERON AND AFRICAN DELEGATION http://dwb.islandpacket.com/features/story/6296224p-5491059c.html THIS IS THE COMPANION VIDEO TO ACCOMPANY THE HILTON HEAD ISLAND STORY http://www.islandpacket.com/man/video/122406_AfricanFilmmakers.html Ms. Cameron’s Award Winning Music can be found at www.theartofdianecameron.blogspot.com Ms. Cameron’s Theater site featuring her creative writings can be found at