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Tampa bay chamber of commerce

  1. Richard Rock
  2. Customer’s have been complaining that there is a lack of activities within their community. Examples include quotes from a customers whom have had problems with our services. “I was riding around trying to look for a place of business that pertains to my needs but got lost in the process. Is there a better way to find business that are reliable in this city?” “Tampa strikes me as New Orleans Part 2-a few wealthy people (from other cities) and a boatload of low wage jobs built around tourism, call centers, contract manufacturing, and awful schools. Tampa is a fun place if you are 1) single, 2) are not real ambitious about you career (maybe you can run that call center someday!), 3) like to party. It is not family friendly unless you are wealthy enough to afford one of the few good private schools in the area or lucky enough to get into a magnet school. Despite a great tax system, value-added businesses avoid Floritucky like the plague as the labor force sucks. No biotech, no real tech, very little advertising, no or little money mgmt (lots of sleazeball brokers). By the way, Tampa shouldn't have a city flag but a brass pole. Strip city. Neck it up!” “The crime, the drugs, the illegal immigrants, crazy traffic laws, they even let people carry guns around with them! We have unemployment, people on food stamps, people on unemployment, lots of foreclosures, housing prices are in the toilet, prices the stores are amazing, we have hurricanes, sinkholes, rude people, lousy drivers, bad roads, I could go on with all the problems but we have such horrible weather to boot. Everybody is out to rip you off, real estate agents and all kinds of trades people, even the dry cleaners is out to get you.”
  3. Promote better throughout the city  Easy access to Information  Provide better customer service  Provide safe environments for the citizens of Tampa. Mission Statement “ To serve our members and enhance our community by building business success”
  4. Distributer to customer strategy  Type of customer’s include:  Small market businesses  Colleges  Students  Big market businesses  Hospitals  Adults and Children alike
  5. One on One Setting  Our Philosophy is to adhere to the needs of the community.  To communicate the needs and wants of all businesses
  6. Sell our City with pamphlets  Promote through planned events  Computer Access  24/7 assistance for any question. Our job is to promote our local businesses while also selling our city as a vacation spot.
  7. We store all of our contacts on a database that is easily accessible.  Each household is filed by name and ID number.  Each member will have a login and password, this will allow members to access their personal information.
  8. Our sales Process will be taught on a bimonthly basis.  Sales Presentations will be based on the salesperson and how they want to present our services and/or products.
  9. Sales Presentations will be taught on a regular basis.  It is up to the salesperson to present a good product to the customer.
  10. Our chamber of commerce will integrate sales and customer relationships together to make for a better experience. Salespersons should have a strong grasp of their product.
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