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Craig Rispin Keynote for UWS June 17, 2015

  1. CraigRispinCSP
  2. A.T. Kearney Studied Why Strategic Planning Sessions Tend to Fail...
  3. Strategy formulation what goes wrong? Lack of understanding of future trends (88%) Little understanding of internal capabilities (87%) Too much top-down approach (84%) Not enough logical thinking (84%) * Findings in A.T. Kearney's 2014 Strategy Study
  4. People Business Technology Life Sciences W ork/Life Shift Acceleration Age Wave Education Re-Engineering Global Nomads Free Agency End of Retirement Emerging Models Sharing Economy Marketing Megatrend Trust Economy Machine Learning Cloud Computing Security Scare Coworking & Collaboration Massively Mobile Internet of Things Big Data
  5. “Craig we’ve seen more change in the last 3 years than in the last 30.”
  6. Technology Changes Exponentially People Think Linearly
  7. We’re Living in a World of Exponential Times...
  8. Where iPhones are More Valuable Than Oil
  9. And 98 Companies are Valued at More Than $1Billion
  10. And Big Changes are Coming in the Future...
  11. Did You Know - That in 2028? Video Discussion
  12. Discuss with a Partner: What Did You Find Most Interesting in the Video?
  13. “If change is happening on the outside faster than on the inside - the end is in sight.” -Jack Welch
  14. Massively Mobile
  15. How Big is Mobile Today? 7B People in the World 6.8B Mobile Subscribers 1.5B 3G/LTE Subscribers
  16. 1.9 Billion Mobiles Sold in 2014
  17. 97%Phones per 100 Citizens
  18. This is Leading Many Organisations to Have a ‘Mobile First Policy’...
  19. Because...
  20. And Wait Until You See What’s Next....
  21. Smart TVs Wearables
  22. The Future of Mobile is Massive!
  23. People Business Technology Life Sciences W ork/Life Shift Acceleration Youth Unemployed Education Re-Engineering Global Mobility Free Agency End of Retirement Emerging Models Outrageous Outsourcing Marketing Megatrend Innovation Imperative Speed & Size Cloud Computing Robots Rise Coworking & Collaboration Mobile Madness Security Scare Big Data
  24. Australia 17.4%
  25. Australia 17.4%
  26. Doc Zone: Generation Jobless
  27. Business Blackboard, St James College 23/10/2012 On 23 October 2012, 30 year 10 students and 3 teachers from St James College participated in a Business Blackboard. Students were given the opportunity to learn about the different career opportunities available within the organisation and the varied pathways to a career in the industry. The following staff participated in the event: Alex Brennan. Student feedback from the day was very positive. 79% of the students reported the content was new, 61% said it was useful and 97% said it was well delivered. 73% of the students reported that the program had changed their perspective of the industry. Did you know? Australia and Australian youth face challenging times ahead. In our recovering labour market skills shortages are becoming more widespread, while youth unemployment continues to remain high. Only 61% of job vacancies were filled from June to December 2010, while 16% of Australian teenagers were not in fulltime work, education or training.
  28. The Internet of Things: 50 Billion Devices by 2020?
  29. MWC IoT: 50 Billion Is Only the Beginning!
  30. What Year Does the Number of Devices on the Internet Exceed Number of People?
  31. 2006
  32. Personal Health Monitoring
  33. Patient Monitoring Device...
  34. Ultra-Sensitive Electrical Biosensor Unlocks Potential for Instant Diagnostic Devices Source: University of California, Santa Barbara April 17, 2012
  35. Confidential and Proprietary space150 ©2013 iBeacon was created to enable your phone to do things when you’re close to a specific location like alert you when you’re in front of this Apple Store image source: Apple
  36. Retail foot traffic is down Foot traffic is down 50% in three years from 2010 to 2013. ! Online commerce is having a large and permanent impact on the traditional retail environment. ! ! ! ! ! ! source: Wall Street Journal
  37. E-commerce continues to grow Digital sales are growing at the expense of offline sales. ! “growth is coming from existing online shoppers who are spending more time and money - and in a wider variety of categories - online” ! ! ! ! ! source: Mashabl
  38. V2V (M2M): Connected Cars
  39. V2V: Will Be Mandated in All New Vehicles by 2017
  40. Big Data: Data Scientists & Visualizations
  41. Meet David McCandless:
  42. What’s This a Chart of? It’s the Facebook Breakup Chart
  43. Do You Hadoop?
  44. Machine Learning
  45. Final Jeopardy?
  46. CraigRispinCSP