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“How IBM’s Content Strategy Got IBM Midsize Insider into Google News and Sent Traffic Soaring”

  1. Brand evolution in a search and socially driven world How IBM reaches customers today Tom Gerace, CEO, Skyword @tomgerace @lcreiser Leslie Reiser, Program Director, WW Digital Marketing, IBM #cmworld
  2. Brand Narcissist: It’s All About Them @tomgerace @lcreiser 2 #cmworld
  3. Boring Brand: No One is Listening @tomgerace @lcreiser 3 #cmworld
  4. The Most Interesting Brand in the World @tomgerace @lcreiser 4 #cmworld
  5. How to Be The Most Interesting Brand in the World • Be in the right places… • With the right people… • Have extraordinary experiences… • And something interesting to say • It‟s not about you, it‟s about what fascinates them @tomgerace @lcreiser 5 #cmworld
  6. The Right Places @tomgerace @lcreiser #cmworld
  7. Search is the Primary Gateway to Consumers • 2011 US Internet Ad Revenues were $31B • 2011 US SEM investment ($14.8B) represents 46.5% of total. • Mobile is fastest growing segment +149% Y/Y to $1.6B • Retail is largest industry category by online ad spend at 22%. • 69% of ad spend is performance based (e.g. Traffic acquisition) @tomgerace @lcreiser 7 #cmworld
  8. Consumers Are Searching for Information 18 billion searches for information each month 200 million per day 36 billion times information is shared through social channels each month 2.7 billion per day @tomgerace @lcreiser 8 #cmworld
  9. The Right People @tomgerace @lcreiser #cmworld
  10. The Right People Expert Influencer Enthusiast @tomgerace @lcreiser 10 #cmworld
  11. Extraordinary experiences with something interesting to say… @tomgerace @lcreiser 11 #cmworld
  12. Original, High-quality Content Reaps Rewards All those people who have been doing, for lack of a better word, „over optimization‟ or „overly‟ doing their SEO, compared to the people who are just making great content and trying to make a fantastic site, we want to make that playing field a little bit more level. Matt Cutts, Google‟s spam chief (March 2012) @tomgerace @lcreiser 12 #cmworld
  13. In Fact…It Ranks as the #1 SEO Tactic #1 @tomgerace @lcreiser 13 #cmworld
  14. Quality Content Builds SEO Organic Keyword Results: Skyword health and beauty client 30.0K Our site quality algorithms are aimed at helping people find “high-quality sites” by reducing the rankings of low- quality content. JAN 2012 22.5K Amit Singhal, Google Fellow Google‟s Panda 3.2 update 15.0K JAN 2011 OCT 2011 Content marketing Google‟s program launches on site Panda 2.5 7.5K update Source: MAR 10 JUL 10 NOV 10 MAR 11 JUL 11 NOV 11 MAR 12 JUL 12 @tomgerace @lcreiser 14 #cmworld
  15. Quality Content Engages Consumers The right content provides consumers with the info they seek and builds trusted relationships before they even think of making a purchase @tomgerace @lcreiser 15 #cmworld
  16. Quality Content Takes Different Forms News vs. Evergreen Beauty advisors providing tips to consumers on Walgreens‟ web site Connected technology bloggers providing analysis of breaking tech news on IBM‟s microsite for SMBs @tomgerace @lcreiser 16 #cmworld
  17. How IBM is Becoming The Most Interesting Brand in the World To Midsize Businesses @tomgerace @lcreiser 17 #cmworld
  18. IBM Business Challenge To generate interest and demand for IBM's midsize business portfolio by increasing awareness and “findability” through popular search engines and news services @tomgerace @lcreiser 18 #cmworld
  19. IBM Influencer Program Influencers • Business Partner – IBM Midmarket Business Partners who have graduated Business Partner 58% Social Media Bootcamp • Blogger – Identified and compensated to Blogger 3% author blog posts related to IBM‟s Midmarket prioritized solutions Owned 1% • Owned – Conversation Managers and Curators speaking from the IBM Voice (in News Writer 4% LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Spiceworks) • News Writer – Creating news articles Forward Thinker 1% optimized for Google News aligned to IBM Midmarket agenda Comm/Press 29% • Forward Thinker – IBMers represented as Forward Thinkers on Midmarket websites Analyst 4% • Communications/Press • Analyst @tomgerace @lcreiser 19 #cmworld
  20. IBM: Content Strategy Well choreographed and activated content becomes the missing connective tissue between decision makers and IBM IBM has a solution for me ACTIVATE CURATE CREATE MM IT CONTENT Profession • Re-imagine existing content assets al • Leverage IBM influencers • Fuel new creative • Maximize IBM owned channels • 8 week / 8 days / 8 hours / 8 minutes @tomgerace @lcreiser 20 #cmworld
  21. IBM Midsize Insider • Identify and engage leading industry writers • Leverage unbiased voices • Create news content that addresses technology needs of audience • Tier-based on reach, influence and objective • Forge strategic partnerships @tomgerace @lcreiser 21 #cmworld
  22. How to Be Seen in the Right Places @tomgerace @lcreiser 22 #cmworld
  23. Content Fuels POE PAID  Display Ads  SEM  Sponsorships OWNED content  Web Site  Mobile Site  Blog  Twitter Account EARNED  WOM  Buzz  Viral @tomgerace @lcreiser 23 #cmworld
  24. Publish Everywhere 250 million members 130 million members 850 million members 2 million members 60 million monthly visitors @tomgerace @lcreiser 24 #cmworld
  25. Speak the Audience’s Language Who‟s primarily responsible for finding and implementing CRM in your organization? This article says IT is often the group charged with buying and implementing CRM. Is that the right way to go about it? Take our poll: Who should “own” CRM? Sales…Marketing…IT…Customer Care… How to #fail at #CRM – The most common mistakes to avoid. @tomgerace @lcreiser 25 #cmworld
  26. Results  1,158 news articles publishes on Skyword Platform  56X monthly content growth  38 expert contributors  70,000 visits and 95,000 page views from 171 countries from 3/22– 6/18 2012  1.2% CTR to compared to .5% industry average @tomgerace @lcreiser 26 #cmworld
  27. Stay Thirsty… for Information… My Friend. @tomgerace @lcreiser 27 #cmworld

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  1. All of us as marketers today are trying to reach and build relationships with our customers. And just as with people, some companies are better at it than than others. Brands need to evolve in order to reach customers in a way that is compelling and interesting…For instance
  2. There’s what we call the brand narcissist. I’m sure you’ve all been at a party cornered by the man or woman who does nothing but talk about themselves. It’s only a matter of time before we want nothing to do with them.
  3. And, then there’s the guy that is so boring that you literally want to run in the other direction as they approach you.
  4. And then there’s the most interesting man in the world. So the question is, how in a world search and socially driven world do brands become the most interesting brand in the world.
  5. Well,There are four ways.
  6. In fact, search engines and social media have become primary ways that people discover information today. In the U.S. alone, there are 18 billion searches each month. And when people find something they like, they share it through their social channels -- 36 billion times each month. So while quality and providing a great experience for your customers is extremely important, it’s also critical that online content is created with search in mind, and that it can easily shared and distributed through social media.Client’s customers are looking for information and they are finding it everyday through Search and Social. If a company doesn’t provide that information to customers and make it available where they are looking for it, those customers will find it elsewhere.
  7. Content creation ranked as the single most effective SEO tactic – by a significant margin -- in a survey of B2B marketers conducted by Marketing Sherpa
  8. A content marketing strategy was launched on this health and beauty site in January 2011. The content produced as a result of this marketing effort has enabled the site to rise up the ranks in Google and grow the number of referring keywords from roughly 4,000 to more than 25,000 over the course of a year and a half.
  9. The right content bridges the gap between what consumers are searching for and what products and services your company providesThis will be a build.
  10. She’ll tell you how iBM is becoming the most interesting brand in the world to MidSize Companies
  11. Introduce the influencer program.
  12. Overall content strategy