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Irish Export Cooperative NDRC Clicktailing Programme

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NDRC Clicktailing programme

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Irish Export Cooperative NDRC Clicktailing Programme

  1. 1. Irish Export CooperativeClicktailing.comChris Gordon28th May 2013exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  2. 2. Overview• Intros• Hopes & Fears• The Run-Down on Exporting• How to Ship• Q&Aexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  3. 3. Who am I?Trophies Awards & Gifts Store Irish Export Cooperativeexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  4. 4. Where does this tie in?Where does this tie into Clicktailing?• Week 1 Intros and Photos• Week 2 Setting up your store• Week 3 Marketing and SEO• Week 4 Logistics & Shipping• Week 5 Launch & Sell!exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  5. 5. Rate Card• Country• Weight• Delivery Time• Dimensions• VAT• Packaging Costs• Labelexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  6. 6. Shippingexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  7. 7. Add a countryexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  8. 8. Countries• Which countries should I choose?• Customs and excise• Language• Insurance• VAT• IP Infringementsexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  9. 9. Price Based Shippingexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  10. 10. Weight Based Shippingexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  11. 11. Shippingexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  12. 12. How to add Shipping LocationsTo add a country to the list of places your Shopify storewill ship to:• From your shop admin, go to the Settings > Shippingarea.• From your Shipping page scroll down to the Shippingrates section.• Select Add a country. A new window will appear.• Type in the name of the country you would like to addshipping to.• Once you have located the country, click Add country.The new country should appear in the shipping rateslist.exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  13. 13. How to add Shipping Rates• To begin setting up your store’s shipping rate:• From your shop admin, go to the Settings > Shippingpage.• Locate the “Shipping rates” section.• Decide how you would like to calculate your shippingcosts. There are 3 ways Shopify calculates shippingcosts during checkout:– Price based– Weight based– Carrier calculated rates• You can also offer multiple shipping options including,ground, priority or overnight.exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  14. 14. How to add Northern Ireland Rates• Click ‘Add shipping rate’ for United Kingdomand/or Ireland• Use a title such as ‘Northern Ireland Courier 1-2 Days’• Input weight range• Input shipping price including taxexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  15. 15. Local Pick Upexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  16. 16. Collection & Drop offs• Do you know the depot?• Can it be arranged to ship• Do you have the correct documentation andlabelling with the item• Confirmation Numberexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  17. 17. CostsDetails Cost €Product 25.00Cost of Delivery 5.00Cost of Packaging 2.00TOTAL Net 32.00VAT (21%) 6.72TOTAL Gross 38.72exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  18. 18. Carrier Calculated Shippingexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  19. 19. Taxesexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  20. 20. TaxesInclude taxes in pricesThe Shopify T-shirt costs €20. “All taxes are included in my product prices”is checked off, meaning the customer will always pay €20 + shipping. Not€20 + shipping + taxes. The taxes will be deducted from the €20 so thatyou, as the store owner, take on the expense. Your customer is happybecause what they see is what they pay.exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  21. 21. Sale of Goods and Supply of ServicesAct 1980• Under the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980, anythingyou buy from a retailer must be:• of merchantable quality• fit for its normal purpose, and reasonably durable• as described, whether the description is part of the advertisingor wrapping, on a label, or something said by the salesperson.• When you buy goods from a retailer, you make a contract withhim. He agrees to provide certain goods to you for a certain price. Ifyour purchase turns out to be faulty, the retailer, not themanufacturer, is responsible to you and must sort out yourcomplaint. You are entitled to a refund, a replacement or a repair.• You do not have to take a credit note if your complaint is covered bythe Sale of Goods Act. You can insist on a refund, a replacement ora repair
  22. 22. Returns• Accept returns – Full, or part, or replace• Prevent the return – Great explanations –videos, product information – user reviews• Make it easy• No hidden return costs• Time frame limitations• Knowledgeable staff• Keep customers informedexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  23. 23. Returns - ZapposZappos has found, people who regularly return items canbe some of your best customers. It says that clientsbuying its most expensive shoes have a 50% return rate.According to Craig Adkins of Zappos:Our best customers have the highest returns rates,butthey are also the ones that spend the most money with usand are our most profitable customers. Zappos modusoperandi is not to give its purchasers the cheapestfootwear on the block, but to give them the best service:hence, a 365-day returns policy, and free two-wayshipping.exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  24. 24. Delivery Confirmation• Some buyers will say that they have neverreceived an item. When shipping, you shouldconsider using delivery confirmation. This maybe an extra• Track & Trace• http://track.anpost.ie• http://dhl.ieexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  25. 25. Fulfilling Orderexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  26. 26. Tracking NumberClick on ‘Fulfill line item’Tracking Number i.e. track.anpost.ieexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  27. 27. Returns• There is no obligation on the consumer tophysically return faulty goods to the retailer.However, it is advisable to bring them back assoon as a defect is discovered• Arrange to collect item• (Amazon €25 limit)• Exchanges can be dealt with in Shopify byreplacing the item received with a similar itemand ensuring that the stock levels are corrected.exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  28. 28. Returns1. Click ‘Cancel Order’ ontop right hand side of ‘Order’exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  29. 29. RefundsReason for order cancellationCustomer Changed/ CancelledOrderFraudulent OrderItems UnavailableRestock Items (Checkbox)Send a notification to the Customer2. Click ‘Cancel Order’exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  30. 30. Order Cancellationexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  31. 31. RestockEnsure quantities are refilled after the order has been cancelled.This can be done in ‘Product’ > ‘productname’ > ‘Inventory’Make sure to stock check regularlyexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  32. 32. Refunds - Realexexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordonLog into Realex Control Panelhttps://emerchant.payandshop.com/realcontrol.asp
  33. 33. Refund -Realex3. Click on ‘Batched Transactions’ in Realex Control Panel4. Find the order and refund the customer (Check out Realex Guidehttps://emerchant.payandshop.com/Home/docs/realcontrol%20user%20guide.pdf)exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon[Image removed]
  34. 34. Realex Refund Panel• Order ID• Amount• Card number• Expiry Date• Cardholder Name• Security Code• Issue Number• Refund passwordexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  35. 35. Recap Refunds• 1. Click ‘Cancel Order’ on top right hand side of ‘Order’• Reason for order cancellation• Restock Items (Checkbox)• 2. Click ‘Cancel Order’• 3. Confirm stock is correct by stockchecking– Ensure quantities are refilled after the order has been cancelled.– This can be done in ‘Product’ > ‘productname’ > ‘Inventory’• 4. Log into Realex Control Panelhttps://emerchant.payandshop.com/• 5. Click on ‘Batched Transactions’. Find the customers’ transactionand refund the outstanding amount.– More information inhttps://emerchant.payandshop.com/Home/docs/realcontrol%20user%20guide.pdfexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  36. 36. Refund Policyexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  37. 37. Shipping CostsShipping rates are determined by• Distance• Size• Weight – Make sure to be precise on yourproduct weights• Other factorsAn accurate scale is necessary to prevent carriercharge-backs.exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  38. 38. Top 10 Tools to Have• Calculator• Packing tape & Dispenser• Stickers• Boxes• Tape measure• Accurate Weighing scales• Printer for Order• Currency Converter• Envelopesexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  39. 39. Packaging• Cushion It• Box It• Label It• Seal Itexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  40. 40. Cushioning It• Use fillers like crumpled newspaper, loosefill peanuts or air-cellularcushioning material, such as Bubble Wrap, to fill void spaces andprevent movement inside the box during shipping.• Wrap individual items with cushioning material and position themaway from other items and the sides, corners, top and bottom ofthe outer container.• Wrap fragile items individually with a minimum 3" (8-cm) thicknessof air-cellular cushioning material.• Wrap individual items, as a general rule, with at least a 2" (5-cm)thickness of air-cellular cushioning or foam material so items fitsnugly inside an inside box or corrugated outer container.• For items that cannot be packaged in a container, pad and cover anypointed and sharp edges with corrugated boards, adequatefoam, or air-cellular cushioning material, and tape securelyexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  41. 41. Cushioning It• Good packing material examples– Crumpled newspapers– Egg cartons– Shredded paper– Bubble Wrap– Folded cardboardexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  42. 42. Cushioning It• PREPARE FOR IT TO BE DROP KICKED!exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  43. 43. exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  44. 44. Box It• Place items that might be damaged by normal handling, such assoiling, marking or application of adhesive labels, in a protectiveouter box.• Ship non-fragile products like soft goods inside a sturdy outer box.• Pack chipboard boxes, such as gift or shoe boxes, in a corrugatedouter box.• Consolidate small parts or spillable granular products in a strongsealed container, such as plastic bag, before packaging in a sturdyouter box.• Use only outer boxes in good condition with intact flaps.• Use double-wall boxes for heavier items.• Make sure there are no holes, tears or corner dents in the outerbox.• You can sometimes reuse packaging that the items came inexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  45. 45. Box Itexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  46. 46. Labelling• Use the full postal address. Where an addresshas a postal/zip code, make sure to include it.• Always include your return address• If item is being couriered, include mobilephone number on the parcel• Include a business card with websiteinformation, name, address• Printed statement showing the itemsexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  47. 47. Print Orders• You may want to include a printed copy of anorder in the box when you ship it to a customer.This is easy to do.• To print an order:• From your shop admin, go to the Orders page inyour admin panel.• From the Orders page, click on any order numberto view the Order info page.• From the Order info page click the Print buttonlocated at the top right-hand side of the page.
  48. 48. Label It• Place delivery information inside and outside the package,including an address for your recipient and for yourself.• Do not list a P.O. box address for U.S. recipients• Remove or cross out any old address labels on the outerbox.• Place package labels and packing slips facing the samedirection on the same side of the package.• Avoid wrapping labels around a corner or directly on anedge or seam of the package.• Place shipping labels on the packages largest surface.While we cannot ensure compliance with markings such as"Up" arrows or "This End Up," properly placing the shippinglabel increases your chance for the preferred orientation.exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  49. 49. exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  50. 50. Label Itexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  51. 51. Seal It• Use pressure-sensitive plastic tape, water-activated paper tape (minimum 60-lb. grade)or water-activated reinforced tape that is atleast 2" (5 cm) wide.exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  52. 52. exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordonAdd in mobile phone if by courier
  53. 53. Dimensions• The An Post Parcel rate of postage caters foritems up to the following size dimensions and issubject to a physical & dimensional weight limitof 20kg.• Dimensions
Maximum dimensions:
Length: 1.5metres
Length: + Girth 3 metres

To calculatethe Girth: 2 x (Depth + Width)exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  54. 54. QuestionWhy is weight and volume important inpackaging?
  55. 55. Volumetric Weight• The volumetric weight of a shipment is acalculation that reflects the density of a package• A less dense item generally occupies morevolume of space, in comparison to its actualweight• The volumetric or dimensional weight iscalculated and compared with the actual weightof the shipment to ascertain which is greater; thehigher weight is used to calculate the shipmentcost.exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  56. 56. Collections• Items under 25kg– Per item – All items are paid for separately – e.g.An Post couriers– Per order (up to 10 items) – All items are paid foras a whole – e.g. DPD• When destination is the same, be sure toknow which carrier provides best valueexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  57. 57. An Post Servicesexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  58. 58. Letter / Post card limits• Limits• The Letter/Postcard rate of postage caters for items no larger thanC5 in size (i.e. the size of an envelope containing a folded A4 sheetof standard paper).• Dimensions:
Minimum: Length 140mm; Width 90mm; Depth0.18mm 
(with a tolerance of 2mm)

Maximum: Length 235mm;Width162mm; Depth 5mm• Weight:
Items which qualify for the Letter/Postcard rate of postagemust weigh no more than 100g.• If you cannot fold your items to fit this size, or they are bigger orheavier than the maximum size and weight limits, they may beclassed as large envelope, packet or parcel items.exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  59. 59. Large Envelope Limits• Limits• The Large Envelope rate of postage caters for flat items, such as an A4sheet of standard paper, no larger than the maximum dimensions belowand weighing no more than 500g.• Dimensions:• Minimum: Length 140mm; Width 90mm; Depth 0.18mm• (with a tolerance of 2mm)• Maximum: Length 400mm; Width 300mm; Depth 25mm• Weight:
Items which qualify for the Large Envelope rate of postage mustweigh no more than 500g.• If you cannot fold your items to fit this size, or they are bigger or heavierthan the maximum size and weight limits, they may be classed as packetor parcel items.exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  60. 60. Packet Limits• Limits• The Packet rate of postage caters for items within thefollowing
dimensions.• Dimensions:
Minimum dimensions: 100mm(L) X 70mm(H) X 25mm(D).• Maximum dimensions: for a packet are a combined length, height anddepth of 900mm. No individual dimension can exceed 600mm, with atolerance of 2mm.
In tube form the maximum dimensions are the lengthplus twice the diameter 1,040mm with no one dimension exceeding900mm, with a tolerance of 2mm.• Weight:
Items which qualify for the Packet rate of postage must weigh nomore than 2kg. 

Items that are bigger or heavier than the maximum sizeand weight limits of a Packet will be classed as a Parcel.exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  61. 61. InsurancePhysical damageLossExternal causesPrices may vary (15 Euro per kilo)Insurance Pay Out Days & Times (30 Days DHL)exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  62. 62. Insurance An Post• Republic of Ireland C4 Envelope• Insurance cover

Optional insurance is availableon ExpressPost for €2.

Insurance is included upto €350 for International Courier Serviceworldwide 
(Compensation payable based ondeclared value of item at time of posting).exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  63. 63. Insurance DPD• Northern Ireland parcels• All parcels sent with DPD Ireland from NorthernIreland, with the exception of Goods carried butnot insured, have standard liability cover of£10.00 per kilo per consignment, up to amaximum of 100kgs.• Extended liability of £3,000 per consignment isavailable for an additional fee of £5 for deliverieswithin the United Kingdom and the Republic ofIreland.exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  64. 64. Items not insured• Goods Carried but not Insured• Please note this is not an exhaustive list, if you are unsure as to whetheryour goods are covered by insurance please contact your courier• Ceramic Goods -Tiles etc• Pottery, Earthenware etc• Second Hand vehicle parts• Vehicle body panels - new or old• Formica• Glass• Old Vehicle Radiators (new boxed radiators are carried and insured)• Fax machines/printers/photocopiers containing ink or ink-likesubstances• Perishable items (excluding meat, which is banned)• Plantsexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  65. 65. Customs & Excise• When sending parcels abroad you will need a customsdeclaration form.• Includes – Description of goods, value and whetherthey are gifts or commercial items• International parcels with a value greater than €300,use the CP72• All other items should have a CN22• Complete the relevant form in full and attach to yourparcel• S.A.D. (Single Administrative Document) – Required foritems declared value in excess of €650exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  66. 66. CN22exportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  67. 67. CN221. Important! Do NOT use general description likeclothing, toy, CD e.t.c. Please use detailed description withquantity e.g. 1 pair of shoes; 1 cotton T-Shirt; 2 Music CD;1 Transformer Toy Figure e.t.c.2. If known, Weight per item3. Important! Value per item4. If known, Customs tariff number5. Important! Country of origin. Where were the goodsproduced? If unknown, where did you buy the goods?6. If known, Total Weight7. Important! Total Value, in case of multiple items8. Important! Date and Senders Signatureexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  68. 68. Storage & Fulfillment• Fulfillment Companies• Some companies can offer tailored service solutions depending on your specificcustomer requirements. Here are some key areas where theycan add value to yourbusiness:• Receipt of Goods• Storage• Inventory & Returns Management• Labeling• Order Picking & Packing• Order Management & Credit Control• Cross Docking• Despatch Management• Localisation• Diagnostics & Re-boxing• Reverse Logisticsexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  69. 69. Further Q & A• Questions & Answers for An Post - DHLexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon
  70. 70. Export Charges• http://www.revenue.ie/en/customs/leaflets/export-procedures-guide.pdfexportcoop.ie @chrismmgordon