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[Challenge:Future] Semi finals - SANGHARSHA: My Dream Job

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[Challenge:Future] Semi finals - SANGHARSHA: My Dream Job

  1. 1. SANGHARSHATeam Leader: Dhananjay Karvir Thakare, SGBA UniversityTeam Member: Shruti Jain, SSCBS, Delhi UniversityCountry: India
  2. 2. MY DREAM JOB IN 2022• Based on the Education and Empowerment of Youth of Rural and Tribalareas of India.• Focus area: The rural and tribal area of CHIKHALI, a small town inMaharashtra, India.• Sangharsha Yuva Abhiyan is an NGO already existing in chikhali, and iscurrently working on imparting primary level education to children. In2022, as part of our dream job, it will extend its operations. Keeping inmind the massive population of YOUNG INDIA (almost half of the thenpopulation in 2022), rural youth will require training in professional areasto help them bridge the handicap that the urban youth, due to bettereducational facilities, does not ultimately experience.• We’ll set up Personality Development Training Centers and Industrial skilltraining centers in Chikhali, as an extension of the NGO.• Our programs will be provided free of cost . Funding will be obtained bysources such as donations, fund raising drives, partnering with companiesfor their CSR initiatives, and availing governmental and private bodyschemes and grants.
  3. 3. HOW WILL WE DO IT? STEP 1: Focus on education and polishing professional skills• We’ll set up Personality Development Training Centers, which will focus onimproving spoken english, written skills, proficiency in computeroperations, etc. and exploring latent talents like Sports, Literacy, Fine arts,Theatre, etc. Our training institutes will also emphasize on practicaltraining, human values and Rural Entrepreneurship.• Special focus will be on the uneducated and unemployed youth toundergo vocational training, so that they can get employed or start theirown micro business.• Well educated professionals from diverse backgrounds and qualificationswill be invited as volunteers for the training centres. Video lectures andvoice conferencing of experts for teaching will be used.• To ensure quality and success of our programmes, we will take the bestpoints of well established organisations and adapt them to our ownsystem, for example Teach for India, Make a Difference , and many others.• This ensures, that the policies followed by us for different programmes aretried and tested and credible enough, hence reducing the risk factor.
  4. 4.  STEP 2: Empowerment and employment• We’ll provide assistance in setting up rural startups. These will be mainlyAgro-based as 75% people in Chikhali are dependent directly or indirectlyon agriculture. We believe in Gandhian ways for development, i.e.undertaking SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.• The thought behind this is: “ THINK GLOBAL. ACT LOCAL.” Young Indianeeds a system wherein the youth are empowered to turn obstacles intoopportunities and realize the potential of their local knowledge andresources. Using intellectual knowledge and local skills is the best way ofadapting a business to local needs .• Awareness about already existing schemes and policies is a must.Government of India has many schemes which focus on setting uptraining institutes in rural and tribal area and these also aid in setting upindustries.• Organizations like DFID, YWCA and Indiaskills are institutions working forthe cause of educating the youth. Some organizations like SIDBI financedevelopment in industrial fields.• By using such help, and creating awareness about the same, we’ll make itpossible for the rural and tribal youth to turn their dreams into reality,sustainably.
  5. 5. THE CHANGE WE DREAM OF• By 2022, Agro-based industries will experience an exponential turn, asrural development will be the first point of encouragement by thegovernment . As a result of our plan , the youth of chikhali will be all set touse their resources to the best of their potential and create opportunitiesfor themselves at a time ripe for rural entrepreneurship.• They will not only be more adaptive to their local environment and sustaintheir families successfully, but also their endeavors will generate morejobs in the area, ultimately attracting other young individuals toexperience the same.• Development in the agro sector will bring high revenue the demand forfood products, especially for the ones inherently grown and processed inIndia, is increasing at a tremendous rate in global market.• We dream that this cycle runs successfully and metamorphoses chikhalifrom a rural underdeveloped area of 2012, to a chikhali of 2022 where theyouth is capable of bringing positive change in society and createdevelopment in their local area, while preserving its resources andfollowing sustainable practices for a better future of their community, andmaking a difference in the lives of their own and other people.