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12th asean-india summit vibrant gujarat summit demographic bonus population electricity emerging economies global gdp jammu & kashmir flood relief social welfare relief initiative j&k education initiatives southern region education reforms industrial valves icte manufacturing mining sector supply chain interest rates telecommunications and transport space science human resource development information and communication technology indian hospitality railway budget economic survey econo education system legal and regulatory architecture cannes film festival trade in services investment climate bcim myanmar disaster management uttarakhand disaster relief rehabilitation economic growth and employment policy announcements. global trands investment tracker election manifesto for political parties ict bilateral ties middle east & north africa (mewana) ceos roundtable broadcast key features of interim budget 2014-15 fiscal trends tradeoffs for policy makers in india fiscal health of govt of india wellbeing human rights mewana business opportu qatar oman wto ministerial declarations and their implication trade facilitation champions for societal manufacturing project india-japan technical co-operation agreement impact of indian companies in us economy indian mncs cooperation between the mekong countries 11th asean-india summit multilateral processof cooperation and trade and i business & industry government & politics institute of quality training calendar corporate bond market in india pharmaceuticals food inflation food industry good manufacturing practice current account corporate affairs ministry safta immigration issue domestic trend green manufacturing global trend north india outlook environment green social disaster recovery community development rehabilitation cluster quality assurance roads construction design production r&d ipr quality 5s tpm tqm excellence resource social hiring employer branding careers employee engagement employee relations industrial 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