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Creative thinking presentation kaleidoscope

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Creative thinking presentation kaleidoscope

  1. 1. Creative Thinking Carmelo Pollichino Twitter: @c.pollichino e-mail: carmelo.pollichino@gmail.com
  2. 2. Mechanism of our brain
  3. 3. Thinking is a voluntary action Intelligence Thinking ≠ Critical Thinking Creative Thinking ≠ !
  4. 4. Intelligence (engine) is a potential Thinking (driver) is an operative skill
  5. 5. Critical Thinking Creative Thinking •  Analytical •  Judgmental •  Selective •  Probability •  Left brain •  Yes but… •  Generative •  Non-judgmental •  Expansive •  Possibility •  Right brain •  Yes and…
  6. 6. Left Right Rational Pratical Logical Linear Analytical Mathematical Emotional Creative Immaginative Intuitive Holistic Expanded
  7. 7. with critical thinking you can find wrong answers with creative thinking you can find wrong questions
  8. 8. When you are thinking critically you are making choices When you think creatively you are exploring many new ideas
  9. 9. Thinking process is like a kayak with 2 paddles, one is creative thinking while the other rapresents critical thinking
  10. 10. START SOLUTION Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 ERROR! Linear Model
  11. 11. START Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step SOLUTION BEST SOLUTION NEW IDEA Random Model
  12. 12. Creative Thinking in 3 steps
  13. 13. Set the brain in positive thinking #1
  14. 14. 80% of the brain is dedicated to visual processing #2
  15. 15. The dream education center Finish (video)  
  16. 16. Use creative methods #3
  17. 17. Six  Thinking  Hats®   The main difficulty of thinking is confusion emotions informations logic hope creativity Help to do one thing at a time Create a map of think
  18. 18. Six  Thinking  Hats®   www.debonofounda7on.co.uk   www.skills4me.eu  
  19. 19. Six  Thinking  Hats®  
  20. 20. White  Hat   Informa7on   •  Informa7on  we  know   •  Informa7on  we  need   •  How  are  we  going  to  get  that   informa7on?   •  Determines  accuracy  and   relevance   •  Look  at  Other  People’s  Views   (O.P.V.)  
  21. 21. Red  Hat   Feelings,  Intui7on,  Gut  Ins7nct   •  Permission  to  express  feelings   •  No  need  to  jus7fy   •  Represents  feelings  right  now   •  Keep  it  short   •  A  key  ingredient  in  decision   making  
  22. 22. Black  Hat   Risks,  Difficul7es  and  Problems   •  The  skep7cal  view   •  Reasons  must  be  given   •  Points  out  Thinking  that  does   not  fit  the  facts,  experience,   regula7ons,  strategy,  values   •  Points  out  poten7al  problems  
  23. 23. Yellow  Hat   •  Benefits  and  The  op7mis7c  view   •  Reasons  must  be  given   •  Needs  more  effort  than  the  black   hat   •  Find  the  benefits  and  values   •  Considers  both  short  and  long-­‐ term  perspec7ves   Benefits  and  Feasibility  
  24. 24. Green  Hat   New  Ideas,  Possibili7es   •  Crea7ve  thinking   •  Seeks  alterna7ves  and  possibili7es   •  Removes  faults   •  Doesn’t  have  to  be  logical   •  Generates  new  concepts  
  25. 25. Blue  Hat   Managing  the  Thinking   •  “Control”  hat   •  Organizes  the  thinking   •  Sets  the  focus  and  agenda   •  Summarizes  and  concludes   •  Ensures  that  the  rules  are   observed  
  26. 26. Informa7on   Feelings,  Intui7on,  Gut  Ins7nct   Risks,  Difficul7es  and  Problems   Benefits  and  Feasibility   New  Ideas,  Possibili7es   Managing  the  Thinking  
  27. 27. The Four Rules 1. Whoever come are the right people. 2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have. 3. Whenever it starts is the right time. 4. When it’s over, it’s over. The law of two feet Open Space Technology (Harrison Owen)
  28. 28. Carmelo Pollichino Twitter: @c.pollichino e-mail: carmelo.pollichino@gmail.com