frank calberg services innovation learning values people education health purpose communication creativity culture emotions healthcare social media german needs love listening stress technology internet leadership management energy time openness feedback work ideas africa exercises care helping heart motivation freedom exercise thinking kindness empathy trust life questions listen asia brainstorming organization food change nature teaching children testing fear feelings self management meeting simplicity agile places events compassion personality twitter improvement coaching safety music positive joy switzerland planning decisionmaking play development prevention anger involvement south america what are your values gender diversity transportation water power distance beauty design blog talent understanding ai rules democracy efficiency security observe happiness reflection gratitude thankfulness concentration connection strengths plan city development workspace languages user experience decision making art agility changes drawing facilitator moderator conflict management problem flexibility solar energy language ask goal digital platforms self organization competencies brainstorm what is your purpose who are you brainstorming method europe nile egypt see bicycle friendly cities economy agriculture housing coffee china individualism india solar tasks global car fitness verbs community political structure quiet praise parents generosity productivity fair simplify agape patience japan practice laughing history precision hackathons value machine learning payment effort fairness finance control inclusion knowledge training speaking courage interests elderly group power mind drones voting disgust face test goals government order learn connecting rice doors toilets plants students memory arabica observing breathing mindfulness pay exercises for meetings infrastructure english brain sports sustainability middle east board sadness flow touch words passive dialogue participation big five storytelling identity contribution preparation dolphins political system autonomy living adapt playing daoism believing hinduism belonging chile electronic devices hospitals communities open communication growth markets brainstorm moderation digital media migration globalization city argentina breathing air lending crowdfunding what values do you have icebreaker tools what is the purpose of education indoor farming sharing economy at work people try out their ideas how conscientious are you differences between women and men ideas to innovate transportation how to become better creative thinking workshops temperature suez beliefs materials money inspiration how internet of things social risk collaboration car sharing rivers furniture strategy customer experience roads media brazil mobile minerals medicine inequality room experience travel advertising nurse clean pharmacist cook patient insurance doctor web nursing passion ikigai birds cemetery design thinking equality nouns konjunktiv subjunctive grammar conjunctions das dass writing text articles adjectives adverbs humanocracy bureaucracy engagement zones uniqueness expertise gifts eyes haier pestalozzi quotes senstivity ego talking overconfidence human income society morality social contract insecticide bednets windows clothing mosquito anopheles plasmodium malaria greece logos mythos mythology myth sri lanka method individual difference results deviants deviance self esteem health care perseverance acknowledgement recognition appreciation eating sleep mastery child studying start small deliberate will smiling smile irritation worry neuroticism merit deservedness same sameness commitment neural networks deep learning artificial intelligence al-sabāh family clean energy emir science kuwait teatro alla scala bosco verticale green areas gelato palazzo lombardia italian italy milan relationships signal note of praise greeting timeout break jobs for students classroom management cameroon self eulogy obituary friendliness warmth hello honesty prosperity exclusion machines volume spezialization cost reduction special thank thank you humility humble pop up stores retail creation being loved feeling valued relations accommodation vouchers retweets likes cross subsidizing subscription weight hour package products services sale seniors goalsetting problem solving facilitation projects project project management co2 emissions water level earthquake earth floods sea level eros storge friendship ludus pragma philia tolerance competence rotation reliability similarity regulations structure uncertainty trying locks thailand islands bangkok mexico alzheimers tea train cleaning karaoke shinkansen bicycles farming entrepreneurs mozambique preschool outcomes doctors nurses financing capitation quality diagnosisrelatedgroups bundledpayments feeforservice costs patients quantity humor opportunities qualities grow redefine redefinition experiences humanity marketplace serving books frank calberg civil society competitions user focus sharing do different act adaptability personalization machine transactions decentralization individuals blockchain lazooz akasha openbazaar handshake posture eye head expressions gestures voice why reason delegating decision advice building do justice honour truth lithium metal tablet bolivia aluminium zink magnetic batteries smartphone graphite kinetic socialmedia wishes outdoor anxiety shame negative contempt surprise event demention jakarta indonésia mobility cocreation swiss failure loss jobs failing andygrove it balaton hungary budapest helicopter cube offer permission attention calm nose breath mindful mouth lungs blogs auckland dunedin christchurch wellington flamengos tara river kanyon podgorica bay of kotor montenegro trying things out combine create watch dialogues platforms betrireykjavik nextzürich cities nexthamburg montevideo laptop uruguay wifi investment obock french djibouti express hands body rethink usa fast future long term speed slow short term collectivism past remove role model measure funding try out focus symbols celebrating senate president law making house of representatives book robots reduce waste restaurant cafeteria crowdsourcing educator teacher roles emigration immigration zurich montreux schaffhausen luzern lucerne vevey england hygge denmark norway manage give feedback lead manage emotions communicate receive feedback coach saigon hanoi happy motorbikes steps action finish caste supermarkets refrigerators chennai cooking mumbai endings looking back beginning bye hire fire culture fertilizer garden metaphor technologies gardening farmening garden people growth incentives ligting learning environment tables movement learning space chairs noise activity robusta diabetes columbia adults perspectives differences direct self awareness social intelligence women men chairman ceo social competence voices life span status meaning colours conversations meeting methods ideas for the classroom facilitator advice collaborative work event exercises apps são paulo rio de janeiro cycling workforce peer-to-peer p2p investments responsibility germanic languages danish unpredictability predictability talk walk story get to know exercise game first impression affordable low cost frugal improvements tomatoes morning star space buildings habits people have how do we communicate how we we think behaviour how to do things how do we do meetings why do we do things being united arab emirates frankcalbergservices member director team small independent problems hiearchies home enjoyment demands signals vegetables cancer fruit immunotherapy resistance aggressive behaviour tips techniques search seeking simplicity involve people think creatively leaders inspire global thinking leaders ask questions the boss listens help people find strengths purpose of leadership betahaus free einstein users create help customers meet help people save time help people share ideas help people use things co creation with customers users help out try new products help users have more joy homo sapiens neanderthalls ancestry human beings genes agreeableness stories johari window start welcome participants meeting process agenda dates fish irrigation system oman copper yandex russia colouring creative stand up meetings work with users agile work cycles protype short meetings transparency testing ideas organizational culture agile values customer collaboration needs people have avoid collaborate ignore compete cooperate fight conflict escape solve problems solutions germany hamburg sensitive curiosity open-minded body language emoticons linguistics communications what competencies do you have what needs do users have what assets do you have mosque islam religion rituals buddhism confucianism faith temple judaism church christianity traditions set a deadline for making a decision get information from independent sources listen to people you disagree with time for making a decision statistical facts in decision making six thinking methods think ahead and look back wind energy obesity mining santiago recycling albania ports railway durres tirana growth algeria couscous believe you are creative the creative process learn from experience implement ideas new way of doing things generate ideas evaluate ideas vote for ideas set a goal in a crisis get the right information communicate facts admit mistakes communicate early prioritize in a crisis values in communication communication in a crisis listen to people decide social media communication correct mistakes continuous communication leadership development driver mission hospital fitness center file sharing tecnology skype phone health care delivery doctors on twitter health care blogs skype in health care patients like me independent team command and control people vote on who should be leaders people work independently stop bureaucracy use of markets problems with hierarchies how to organize knowledge of values social capital capabilities strengths people have cultural capital human capital physical capital how do we get better digital capital potential people have financial capital learning strategies assets in a company manufactured capital professional skills knowledge of how to learn follow on twitter reply to tweets questions to ask on twitter how to grade on twitter twitter for education twitter hashtags retweet on twitter tweet links learning on twitter how do we create more value in education how do we increase creativity in education blogger how do we change education how can students work better with students medium why do students blog linkedin how do we rethink education advantages of blogging learn anytime and anywhere how do students motivate themselves how can we combine work and education use a blog to improve communication skills facebook government debt gdp interest rates nikkei 225 wages oil price commodity prices food prices dow jones savings ftse 100 stock market index inflation service sector employment nasdaq speaker education speak slowly short speech pause in a speech open body language public speaking speaking clearly asking questions know your audience speakers tell stories personal talk categorize ideas in brainstorm goal of brainstorm brainstorm facilitator define brainstorm question brainstorm values brainstorm websites invite people to brainstorm idea generation place for brainstorm brainstorm moderator online brainstorm choose best ideas in brainstorm idea selection in brainstorm learning teachers what do teachers do teachers ask questions to students teachers as designers teachers as bloggers teachers try new things out teachers inspire students teachers give feedback teachers innovate working with students value for patients prevent illnesses satisfy needs of sick people healthcare professionals express love discover values educate people to live healthy lives purpose of healthcare healthy life styles treatment of people who are sick disease treatment advantages of globalization people who cross borders flow of capital least globalized countries information technology is globalization good or bad cross border trade disadvantages of globalization most globalized nations flow of goods results of globalization criteria for selecting ideas build on ideas select ideas female work women in japan female leaders and success male work women in saudi arabia gender inequality women in the workforce men doing house work low gender diversity rights for women women as leaders gender equality female parliament members close the gender gap high gender diversity early for meetings prepared self knowledge impulsive disciplined self aware spontaneous digital strategy business and economy australia ukraine kyiv sikorsky odesa softserve epam what do you think about what do you feel what do you see how do we inspire ourselves how do you listen how are people who work for banks paid what is the purpose of banking p2p lending how can we rethink banking how can banks involve more external people how can banks use social media how can banks involve external people shared value in banking community banking open innovation in banking mobile payment why should banks change how they operate how can banks help people to trust zidisha investing wemakeit sosense giving myc4 indiegogo kickstarter wifi in estonia cities in estonia people in estonia hubs in estonia vote online in estonia talinn innovation in estonia free public transportation in estonia singing estonians skype with doctors in estonia listen to people you do not know risks of iot smartphones sensors self driving cars connected devices benefits of iot motion sensors company purpose activity trackers when to send e-mail how often to check e-mail avoid writing capitals in e-mails relevant e-mail subject line social media instead of e-mail communication in e-mails language in e-mail avoid abbreviations in e-mails avoid using cc in e-mail link instead of attachments in e-mail short e-mails clean inbox introverted leaders ambivert listening and being introvert extraversion and individualism extrovert introvert extroverted leaders communities in göteborg sweden events in gothenburg food markets in göteborg scandinavia people who live in göteborg transportation in göteborg how to get from a to b in göteborg idea development in meetings cities in iran people in iran innovation in iran team culture team exercise creativity in groups cultural differences group exercise nationality of people age differences diversity people living in israel social media in israel communities in israel cities in israel saying goodbye the child is messenger between parents what needs does a child of divorced parents have what problems does a child of divorced parents exp the political system in switzerland social media in switzerland switzerland in the world cities in switzerland hydropower in india tea making in nepal political system in nepal momo making in nepal ginger in nepal nepal and india poland and denmark poland and switzerland mining in poland aviation valley in poland pharma companies in poland 3d printers from poland agriculture in poland markets in poland helena rubinstein poland warsaw warner bros solaris chopin max factor what are your resources what is your strategy how is financing done in which markets do you work on which channels do users get content who are potential customers how does funding work what types of capital do you have where do you operate what distribution channels do you use who are customers what do you do how are you paid what do you choose not to do how are you compensated how are people involved how are work environment adapted to customs in var local distribution going global what do people like in different places globalization and localization how do people educate themselves music is global and community is local what ingredients do people favour around the world production in various global locations listening to local users how do we use crowdsourcing to engage locals adapting to local needs busan incheon seoul south korea vietnam tips to help people talk to each other moderation tools examples of business purpose gender diversity in ecuador innovation in ecuador cities in ecuador education improvement in ecuador people who live in ecuador think the opposite make the problem worse think contrast reverse the problem economy of bhutan cities in bhutan people of bhutan education in bhutan philippines culture check my school cities in the philippines people who live in the philippines economy of the philippines clean energy in kenya flowers in kenya health care in kenya agriculture in kenya nature in kenya animals in kenya businesses in kenya mobile payment in kenya innovate kenya coffee in kenya tea in kenya people in kenya workspaces and exercise how open do you want your workspace to be what values are important questions for workspace developers how do you make a work environment more playful how to design a useful home office coaching of farmers urban farming gender diversity in farming connecting products on farms to the internet farmers use drones to deliver products how can we show more empathy to what extent do you take notes when you listen how can we ask more and better questions what goal do you have for your listening do you value speaking or listening how can you put away your preconceptions how can we stop doing other things when listening to what extent do you repeat what you heard how do you listen to body language were you taught to be a listener or a speaker how important is eye contact for you how can we avoid to interrupt how do we change the way we feel how do we measure innovation input what do you get out of innovation efforts how do we measure innovation how do we measure innovation output how do we measure an innovation process how good at innovation are you what matters when innovating use of social media there is no hierarchy people are independent contractors external people participate people have no titles people do more jobs people take decisions themselves use of crowdsourcing creativity and efficiency use of crowdfunding young people in japan japanese tea ceremony clean japan japanese expressions polite japanese people role of women in japan islands in japan technological innovation in japan rules and traditions in japan japanese show respect group orientation in japan order in japan aging japanese population cities in japan what is a good place to work a workspace for learning quiet workspace change things focus on yourself think about others who do you want to become how do you think keep things as they are what is your identity why do you behave like you do innovation in romania economy of romania people of romania how good are you at helping people develop what does listening have to do with being social how do you manage conflicts in a social setting can you solve problem with another person what does empathy mean how good are you at communicating what is the relation between motivation and social how well do you respond to others what is inspirational leadership what is social competence how to stop old customs how to do something new how to get rid of a bad habit how to change things what to stop doing what to do less what to start doing what to do more church transformation homes created out of churches church turned into a cafe church rebuilding repurposing of church conversion of church from church to a museum from church to a library questions that explore connections questions that define problems questions that clarify confrontational questions systemic questions questions that encourage reflections what is change how large should boards be defining a problem 5 whys analysis to understand problems tree analysis to find the real problems fishbone analysis to understand problems how do you ofind the reasons of a problem how group oriented in the culture you are a part o do you see immigration as a problem or an opportun are tasks more important than relationships relation between extrovert and individualistic high individualism cultures.low individualism what is individualism what does individualism have to do with personalit how extroverted are you how openminded are you how large a part of your personality is learned how large a part of your personality is inherited how large a need for stability do you have how is your personality what does power distance have to do with personali how agreeable are you why do you exclude people how do you think strategically continuous change and revolutionary change think creatively and analytically will you plan or continuously try things out is it better to shape things or adapt how short term oriented do you want to be how do you unboss companies what happens in the brain when we dream the cerebellum in the brain controls movement where in the brain does our listening capability c what part of the brain controls speaking what is the prefrontal cortex how does the brain help us to see amygdala in the brain is a source of emotions how does the brain work where in the brain does speaking competence origin qualitative research quantitative research to what extent are you free to do what you want to to what extent is what you do meaningful to what extent do you give and/or receive feedback to what extent do you set goals for what you want how often do you evaluate yourself how often do you ask people questions what kind of work and living environments do you n how easy is it for you to speak up when you see a to what extent do you give and/or receive unexpect to what extent is what you do needed to what extent do you find what you do interesting to what extent do you give and/or receive useful i cleaning bicycle paths bicycle rental in cities green lights for cyclists bike paths along the water raise bicycle lanes above the streets air pumps for cyclists environmentally friendly cities painted bicycle lanes fast transportation using bicycle writing without perfectionism solving the writers block creative writing technique helping you write better helping you break free of writing problems freewriting writing without barriers develop yourself using ideas from other people get help from others to change change your behaviour wear the same thinking hat at the same time what do you like about the idea look at an idea from different perspectives how can we improve the idea thinking together what can go wrong thinking with each other what is good about the idea do you like being successful will you throw out your rule book efficiency and creativity specialization and silos in big companies how much hierarchy is needed big things grow slower what else do you want to control what or who do you like to ignore holding on to old products how busy are you with internal emails and politics realists in brainstorming dreamers in brainstorming 3 rooms for brainstorming critics in brainstorming disney brainstorming method how do doctors and nurses use social media are sanitzers at the right places at the hospital how are young people involved at hospitals how can hospital leaders lead better how many robots are used at the hospital is there wlan at the hospital how can meetings at the hospital be improved how do hospital teams learn from each other are walls at the hospital used to communicate how are friends and family of patients involved independet coffee houses at the hospital does different medicine look different how can patients do exercise at the hospital how can music be used to heal patients languages used at the hospital homecare and hospitals rethinking finance how important is empathy in banking rethinking funding how do i develop lots of ideas tips to think out of the box how to think like a child again how to train your creativity exercise and become more creative how to become more successful brainstorming that works how to develop new products and services stronger value creation from annual general meetin meeting methods at annual general meeting better use of technology at annual general meeting culture change what are the customers needs how to become a digital company educate yourself constantly do you use social media fast internet access strategy change going digital to create more value use analytics to better understand users what transportation apps gets you from a to b automate manual work to go digital create more self service for users how do you involve external people using technolog use crowdfunding to let external help with financi how do you really help create a life for themselve what are new ways of doing career what should recruiters change what is the value of experience how important are resumes how do you recruit sustainably how do you involve people recruitment trends can you create value without a diploma why do people want to retire how is social media used in recruiting how is the recruitment process when do people retire how is crowdsourcing use to involve people cities in nigeria people in nigeria economy of nigeria writing in higher education tips on bibliography and referencing doing observations as part of research doing interviews finding a research question creativity methods for thesis writing tips to write a thesis report writing tips how to do research dissertation advice tencent energy in china chinese cities chinese transportation mandarin chinese high power distance in china people in china health care in china sign language languages of love the language of music the language of coding most spoken languages the language of math language birth and language death e-learning web 2.0 do you want to talk at customers or engage them new zealand salman khan désert what is creativity what is innovation what is the role of crowdsourcing in recruitment edward de bono paul sloane six thinking hats technique to think creatively people of ethiopia ethiopian economy how do you really solve the problem what is the mission of the company how do you really help what is the business purpose when should people be paid should people pay for use what motivates people should people be paid a bonus should people pay for time what is the purpose how should people be paid should information about what people are paid be s can people set the price themselves how should you pay can you decide yourself what you pay do people praise people is paying people to be creative a good idea how large should differences in pay be who should decide how much people are paid can a third party pay why do people not move not having the willingness to change reasons why people resist change hold on to power and resist change why do people hold on to status quo fear for change values that hinder change why do people resist change not being rewarded for change culture of ghana people in ghana democracy in ghana supermarkets in ghana transportation and energy in ghana natural resources in ghana economy of ghana freedom of press in the world learning and income inequality social problems and income disparity importance of religion around the world ways of leading and organizing in the world corruption across the world democracy in the world authoritarian regimes in the world income disparity in the world gap between rich and poor income distribution better results of the annual general meeting value increase of the annual general meeting use of social media at the annual general meeting voting technologies at the annual general meeting involvement of shareholders room design at meetings corporate governance annual general meeting innovation what if cars could fly environmentally friendly cars apps to bring things for others apps to park a car what if cars could sail small and cheap cars apps to drive with others present do you care about honest feedback how ready are you to be watched all the time how visible are you on social media do you know who you are disadvantages of having power advantages of having power how do people become powerful what does power mean better meeting agenda better communication in meetings finish the meeting the right way meeting preparation better meeting methods better decision making in meetings what is needed for a good meeting what does the meeting moderator do purpose of the meeting how to set up meeting room tools for meetings values of the meeting more effective meetings what do meetings cost what do facilitators do more innovative meetings who to invite to meetings what light do you need to learn well learning individually or with others is doing things good for learning do you like to listen or talk how do people learn well what do you like to read observe to learn do you need a structure to learn how often do you reflect dialogue or discussion are emotions important for you collaborate or compete how to communicate better how do you listen better should you learn or win do you try to discover values or not do you search for common ground or differences will people ask questions or give answers huawei marketplaces in china internet search in china lenovo chinese culture chinese social media chinese businesses baidu who are you really who can you not stop being what makes you unique what is the meaning what is the real value what makes us different what do you care about what is the goal how does the way we feel influence how we do thing which people are most likely to experience emotion why do people react emotionally what emotions do people have how do people feel different emotions in their bod how do people express emotions what do you look like where are you going next what are you going to work on where do you come from how much time do board members invest in their wor should the roles of ceo and chairman be split how is communication between board members done how different are board members how are external people involved in board work how do board members use social media what does the board do blogging in education new ways of teaching how to make things better how to develop ideas what can be reaarranged what can be substituted what can be added what can be maximized or minimized what can be combined what can be put to other use what can be eliminated how to help a person how to listen how to receive feedback how to ask questions and learn how to respond how to give feedback give ideas to others receive ideas from others how to improve your behaviour how can other people help you get better how to change a behaviour how to become a better person how to become more competent how do i improve how do you improve a skill how to work better do you understand the problem why can't we solve the problem why did the problem happen natural capital do we collaborate or compete how do you handle strategic dilemmas what strategic paradoxes are there tips to rethink education how to make education more demand oriented how to do education differently how to create more value in education education anytime and anywhere using social media in education tips to help students learn how to persist with change how to overcome fear of change how to get over resistance to change how do you change values and work environments creative work environments collaborative work spaces how to design an office space good work environments open offices with individual spaces state of croatia what does croatia export osijek rijeka split people of croatia food in croatia energy in croatia education in croatia it in croatia zagreb cities of croatia dubrovnik croatia laughing and stress stress prevention what makes people stressed how to prevent stress cool down how to handle stress how to calm down effect of music on stress pestel legal changes business uncertainty changes in surroundings economic changes culture and change demographic and cultural changes environmental changes technological changes political changes switzerland in europe swiss voting system health services in switzerland swiss culture gender diversity in switzerland communities in switzerland involvement of people in switzerland innovation in switzerland how do we become more innovative how can we think more creatively how to solve problems better climate environment vegetation cairo giza google frank gehry suppliers place information management levels customers observations healthy unhealthy hear company uncertainty avoidance consultant alibaba businesses slovenes slovenia museum jewelry wild life natural resources business tanzania iron steam telephone factories electricity television penicillin steel paper wind canals rail wildlife uganda population pharmacies health clinics ambulances morocco philippines france sapphire lemur rio tinto rajoelina madagascar diagnose research sms youtube teach prepare hiv aids kalahari diamonds botswana sheep kosovo market opportunity compromise mobile device sports infrastructure collaborative technology assets bed interactive priest pathologist laugh supermarket publishing trends 2.0 open meetings
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