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Candace Miller- Casting Resume

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Candace Miller- Casting Resume

  1. 1. Candace Miller, Extras Casting Lead Casting Director 818-562-2710 Office 818-260-9828 Fax 805-234-7267 Cell cmiller@centralcasting.org Features And They’re Off- Krakatau Films Director: Rob Schiller UPM: Steve Burgess 1st AD: Steve Burgess 2nd AD: Jennie O’Keefe Extraction- Mesquite Productions Director: Tony Giglio UPM/1st AD: Christian Clarke 2nd AD: James Macolino Stained – Truman Van Dyke Company Director: Jesse Collver UPM: Jesse Collver 1st AD: Craig Amendola 2nd AD: Chuck Conway 2nd 2nd AD: Devon Colbert Television: Sitcom/ Multi Camera Dog with a Blog- It’s a Laugh Productions Season 2 Producer/UPM: Leo Clarke 1st AD: Cathy Schlesinger 2nd AD: Marcia Lappin Lab Rats- It’s A Laugh Productions Season 1-3 Producer/ UPM: Greg Hampson 1st AD: Guy Distad 2nd AD: Dave Cove Good Luck Charlie- It’s A Laugh Productions Season 3-4 Producer/ UPM: Pixie Wespiser 1st AD: Keith Richmond 2nd AD: Johnny Pruit The Big Bang Theory- CBS Studios Season 3-5 Producer/UPM: Kelly Lee 1st AD: Anthony Joseph Rich 2nd AD: Chris Klausen I Hate My Teenage Daughter- Fox Studios Season 1 Producer/ UPM: Leslie Jackson- Houston 1st AD: Randy Surh 2nd AD: Marcia Lappin Two and a Half Men- CBS Studios Season 7-9 Producer/UPM: Carol Miller 1st AD: Mark K. Samuels 2nd AD: Chris Jenson Mike and Molly- CBS Studios Season 1 Producer/UPM Grant Johnson 1st AD: Dale White 2nd AD: Rhiannon O’Harra 2nd AD: Caryn Shick Real Time with Bill Maher- Maher Live INC. Season 2 1st AD: Vanessa Gedney
  2. 2. Candace Miller – Extras Casting Page 2 of 5 Ruby and the Rockits- ABC Studios Season 1 Producer/UPM: Kevin C. Slattery 1st AD: Jean M. Kaye 2nd AD: David Larson Television: Episodic/ Single Camera Scandal- FTP Productions, LLC Season 3 Line Producer: Merri Howard UPM: Brad Yacobian 1st AD: Kevin Williams 1st AD: Jeramiah Acerra 2nd AD: Kea Watson Zemans Parks and Recreation- Open 4 Business Productions Season 6 Producer/UPM: David Hyman Co-Producer: Doug Smith 1st AD: Steve Day 1st AD: Susie Flower 2nd AD: Efrain Cortes Criminal Minds- ABC Studios Season 9 Co-Producer/UPM: Ian Foster Woolf 1st AD: Stacey Beneville 1st AD: Terry Ham 2nd AD: Anne Carroll 2nd AD: Brian “Coach” Rosett Happy Endings- Paramount Studios/ Sony Studios Season 3 Producer/ UPM: Jason Saville Associate Producer: Jamie Stern 1st AD: John Nelson 1st AD: Mark Hansson 1st AD: Joan Cunningham 2nd AD: Jennie O’keefe The Office- NBC Studios Season 4-9 UPM: Steve Burgess Producer: Greg Daniels 1st AD: Kelly Cantley 1st AD: Rusty Mahmood 2nd AD: Jennie O’Keefe 2nd AD: Stephanie Kinch The Closer- TNT/Warner Brothers Television Season 4-7 UPM: Ronnie Chong Producer: Andrew J. Sacks 1st AD: David McWhirter 1st AD: Joan Cunningham 2nd AD: Anna Notarides CSI: NY- CBS Studios Season 4-8 UPM: Richard H. Prince Producer: Pam Veasey 1st AD: Shawn Dyrdahl 1st AD: Bruce Humphrey 2nd AD: Tony Kountz In The Motherhood- ABC Studios Season 1 UPM: Mary Church Producer: Ali Rushfield 1st AD: Melissa V. Barnes 1st AD: Robert Scott 2nd AD: Sean D. Whitler CSI MIAMI -CBS Studios/Jerry Bruckheimer Television Season 6 UPM: Marco Black Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer 1st AD: Robert Schroer 1st AD: David Cass 2nd AD: Matt Pexa The Starter Wife- NBC Universal Television Season 1 UPM: Lorie Zerweck Producer: Howard Klein 1st AD: Sean Kavanagh 1st AD: Concetta Rinaldo- Williams 2nd AD: Richard Silva
  3. 3. Candace Miller – Extras Casting Page 3 of 5 CSI NY Insert Unit- CBS Studios Season 8-9 Producer/ 2nd Unit Director: Mike Vejar Jr. Key 2nd : Samantha Lavin Insert Unit DP: Ray Stella Rizzoli and Isles- Warner Horizon Television Season 2 UPM: Janet Knutsen Producer: Janet Tamaro 1st AD: Jennifer Reiss 1st AD: Korey Pollard 2nd AD: Stacey Stuart Better Off Ted- 20th Century Fox Season 2 UPM: Jack Philbrick Producer: Victor Fresco 1st AD: Eric Jewett 1st AD: Leo Bauer 2nd AD: Jason Roberts Dirty Sexy Money- Touchstone Television Season 2 UPM: Paul Cajero Producer: Greg Berlanti 1st AD: Rick Johnson 1st AD: Richard Denault 2nd AD: Sarah Pryzibilla Eleventh Hour- Jerry Bruckheimer Television Season 1 UPM: John Scherer Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer 1st AD: Michael Viglietta 1st AD: J. Michael Haynie 2nd AD: David “Muddy” Waters NCIS- CBS Paramount Network Television Season 5 UPM: Mark R. Schilz Producer: Donald P. Bellisario 1st AD: Paul Snider 1st AD: Bruce Humphrey 2nd AD: Robert Roda Pilots Cinnamon Girl- Pacific 2.1 Entertainment Group 2012 Executive Producer/Director: Gavin O’Connor Executive Producer: Renee Zellweger UPM: Derek Johansen/ Neal Ahern 1st Director: Geoff Hansen Key 2nd AD: Brandon Lambdin 2nd AD: Brett Robinson Untitled Kari Lizer Project (AKA The Unprofessional)- Fox Studios 2012 Producer/ UPM: Leslie Jackson- Houston 1st AD: Randy Surh 2nd AD: Marcia Lappin Untitled Kari Lizer Project (AKA Lady Friends)- Fox Studios 2012 Producer/ UPM: Leslie Jackson- Houston 1st AD: Randy Surh 2nd AD: Marcia Lappin Elwood-Krakatau Films 2011 Director: Luis Mandylor Producers: Maya Stojan, Marc Clebanoff, Jesse Collver, Orlin Dodreff 1st AD: Jesse Collver 2nd AD: Anitra Stevens Hitched-CBS Entertainment 2011 UPM: Grant Johnson Producer: Josh Schwartz Director: Rob Greenberg 1st AD: Anthony Rich 2nd AD: Rebecca Baughman 2nd 2nd AD: Chris Klausen Home Game- CBS Television Network 2011 UPM- Chris Arrington 1st AD- Dana Jackson
  4. 4. Candace Miller – Extras Casting Page 4 of 5 Untitled Mindy Kaling Project- 20th Century Fox Broadcasting 2012 UPM: Alan Brent Connell Producer: Mindy Kaling Director: Charles McDougall 1st AD: Kelly Cantley 2nd AD: Stephanie Kinch Patito Feo- Hip Entertainment Group 2011 UPM: Wayne Carmona Producer: Beatriz Acevedo Director: Andy Fickman 1st AD: Kelly Cantley 2nd AD: Stephanie J. Kinch Rizzoli and Isles-Warner Horizon 2009 UPM: Ronald Chong Producer: Janet Tamaro Director: Michael M. Robin 1st AD: Joan Cunningham 2nd AD: Rick Kelly Love Bites- NBC Universal 2010 UPM: Bernie Caulfield Producer: Cindy Chupack Director: Marc Buckland 1st AD: Paul Pedreira 2nd AD: Neil Lewis 2nd 2nd AD: Nico Fitgerald The Middle- Warner Brothers Television 2009 UPM: Aida Rodgers. Producer: Eileen Heisler Director: Julie Anne Robinson 1st AD: Cary Jones 2nd AD: Matt Sheets 2nd 2nd AD: Lauren Pasternack Suburgatory- Warner Brothers Television 2011 UPM: David Hyman Producer: Emily Kapnek Director: Michael Fresco 1st AD: David McWhirter 2nd AD: Anna Notarides Undercovers- Bad Robot/ Warner Brothers Television 2010 UPM: Robert M. Williams Producer: JJ Abrams Director: JJ Abrams 1st AD: George Bamber 2nd AD: Harmony Gosbee 2nd 2nd AD: Mark Avery Raising Hope- 20th Century Fox Television 2009 UPM: Henry J. Lange Jr. Producer: Gregory Thomas Garcia Director: Michael Fresco 1st AD: Rick Kelly 2nd AD: Stacey Schrader Eastwick- Warner Brothers Television 2009 UPM: Richard W. Abramitis Producer: Maggie Friedman Director: David Nutter 1st AD: Rick Sickler 2nd AD: Rosemary C. Cremona Uncle Nigel- Paramount Studios 2009 UPM: Ronald Chong Producer: Andy Breckman Director: Randy Zisk 1st AD: Anton Cropper 2nd AD: Jennifer Reiss
  5. 5. Candace Miller – Extras Casting Page 5 of 5 Promos/ Still Photography BLT Productions~ Producer: James Madison Fox Promotion Dept~ Producer: Jenny Horn Comedy Central~ Producer: Ginger Williams Discovery Channel- Mega Beast Promo Producer: Simon Barron Vouge Photo Shoot Producer: Mauria Kiernan E! Networks ~ Producer: Charizma Otterson GQ- Sasha Baron Cohen Photo Shoot Producer: Mauria Kiernan Moving Parts~ Producer: John Harding Producer: Stanley Morse Producer: Jennifer Cafferty Producer: Wendall Scott Producer: Quynh Stanley Producer: Jennifer Shami Producer: Lori Chapman Producer: Katie Dudenhausen Producer: James Uribe Producer: Bobby Close Producer: Jeff Woods Prologue Films ~ Producer: Lee Buckley Producer: Kate Berry Education Cuesta College, AA, General Education California State University, Fullerton BA, Radio-Television-Film