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How to Define your Strategy for Enterprise Alignment with Atlassian Jira Align

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Are you starting your strategic planning for 2020 and beyond? How did your team meet their 2019 objectives? How many of the strategic initiatives for 2019 are "done" Reached Market potential? Are you still relying on subjective inputs to know these answers?

If so, join us for a webinar on how Jira Align can help you plan, manage and connect your strategy to execution and provide real time updates on the progress of each effort.

You'll learn:
*How to define your strategy for Enterprise alignment
*How communicating the strategic plan impacts delivery
*How to use OKRs to measure the success of your strategic planning

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How to Define your Strategy for Enterprise Alignment with Atlassian Jira Align

  1. 1. ©2019Cprime,Inc. All rights reserved.Do not copy without expresswrittenpermission. WWW.CPRIME.COM |877.753.2760
  2. 2. ENTERPRISE STRATEGY WITH JIRA ALIGN ConnectingStrategy to Execution“ForRealz!”
  3. 3. TODAY’SSPEAKER TINA BEHERS • Delivery Director–BusinessAgility @Cprime • FormerlySr. DirectorSolutionArchitecture–Jira Align • 30+yearssuccessful experiencein Transformation& Organizational Development, Business Process,Program& ProjectManagement, TransformationandCorporateStrategy • Passionateabouthelping people achieve their best • Mostquotablequote:“Youcan’tscalecrazy!
  5. 5. STRATEGY MANAGEMENT Formulation and implementation of major goals and initiatives taken by an organization's top management on behalf of owners, based on consideration of resources and an assessment of internal and external environments in which the organization operates.1 Key Decision points: Corporate Strategy – What business(es) should we be in? Business Strategy – How do we compete in this business? Portfolio Strategy – What do we execute TO compete in this business? Jira Align sets all those pieces together in one unified view, using the Strategy Room
  7. 7. DefinetheOrganization MissionVision, Values Definethestrategiestogetyou there. IdentifyCore Products, Services &Technical needs Conduct strategic planning events Lastyears-Strategic Plans, AnnualGoals & Objectives Customers,Stakeholders & SuccessMetrics IdentifySolutions & Programsfunded DefineQoQspend,Cadences &Capacity Communicatetheplan Launch Portfolio& ProductReviews ValueMeasurements?
  8. 8. STRATEGICPLANNINGSIPOC SUPPLIERS INPUTS PROCESS OUTPUTS CUSTOMERS • Stakeholders • Product Manager • Architects • Portfolio Managers • End Users • Process Owners • Persona B STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 • BOD • Leadership • End Users • Product Owner • Persona B • MarketReview • Product Ideas • Enhancements • Goals • Customer Info • Competitor Info • Themes • Goals • ValueMeasures • Metrics • OKRs • OCM Plan
  9. 9. STRATEGIC PLANNING Meeting is over. Now what?
  10. 10. VISUALIZE THE APPROACH 1 YEARSTRATEGICSNAPSHOT Mission Vision Vision Vision Vision Vision Value Value Value Value 1Yr Goal 1Yr Goal 1Yr Goal 1Yr Goal Cloud Year1 $14.9M $28.6M $10M Theme Epic Epic Epic Epic Epic Capability Capability Capability Feat Feat Feat Feat Feat MULTI-YEARSTRATEGICSNAPSHOT Mission Vision Vision Vision Vision Vision Value Value Value Value Long TermGoal Long TermGoal Long TermGoal Long TermGoal Long TermGoal $14.9M $28.6M $10M Theme Epic Epic Epic Epic Epic Capability Capability Capability Feat Feat Feat Feat Feat Enterprise Div Div Div Div Div BU BU BU Portfolio Portfolio Portfolio Portfolio Portfolio Program ProgramProgram Program AgileCraft wasdesigned torecognize the standardcadence ofStrategy Development atmost Corporations. Mostmajor corporations implement at least 2 strategies • Amulti-year Market Strategy spanning 2-5 years and • a 1 year Execution Strategy. …and Companies want totrack BOTH.
  11. 11. CREATE THECORE STRATEGY The pyramid in Jira Align a hierarchical visualization of your strategic plan.... 1. Customizable - As few or as many levels as needed 2. Allows for longer term/Multi-year effort tracking 3. Provides rollup to annual/semi-annual snaphots
  12. 12. Investment theme allocation and management reporting by PI provides Portfolios with up to date fact based data against strategic investment plans. MONITORTHE INVESTMENTS
  14. 14. IN THE END
  15. 15. IN SUMMARY INTERNAL PRACTICE Maintain a clean purposeful Portfolio view that conveys the vision and value for the strategic investments ALIGN THE OFFER Our Offer with Market and Complimentary services through other Atlassian Capabilities and through Partners GOING BEYOND Cannot scale Crazy. Jira Align is not an Island and the Roadmap for the whole offer must address the wider ecosystem
  16. 16. TAKEAWAYS • Strategic Planning should be iterative • Shorten the cycles when you can • Gather Inputs from multiple sources • Current market conditions • Competitor evaluations • Product usage info • Prioritize the output! • There is only one
  17. 17. KEEP THE CONVERSATIONGOING… • Reach out andconnect with Tina • www.linkedin.com/in/tinabehers/ Tina.Behers@cprime.com • Registerfor upcoming webinaron LeanPortfolio Managementand JiraAlign withTina and Rich Knaster(SAI): https://cprime.zoom.us/webinar/register/9015669970526/WN_mCkiaT79R1endegpbwv04w • Check out our upcoming webinars; read ourblog, download whitepapers/case studies &more: • www.cprime.com/resources • Sharewith us what topics you areinterested in, ask us questions orgive us feedback! • learn@cprime.com • Follow us on Social Media and sharein the conversation & keep updated on thought leadership, events & more. • www.linkedin.com/company/cprime-inc • @CprimeInc on Twitter
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  19. 19. THANK YOU