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Programm English

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Programm English

  1. 1. march 11th – 13th 2 0 1 0 V Uni Campus Wien PROGRAM www.bolognaburns.org
  2. 2. Celebrating B don‘t think ologna? We CALL so! Interna nal call for ti participatio o- n O nM arch 11 and 12 ministers of 4 2010 the edu 6 European co cation celebrate the untries will 10 year anniv Bologna proce ersary of the Considering ss in Vienna the current si and Budapest . 02 protests in m any Europea tuation and th e ongoing CALL on is a mocke n Universitie 023 ry for all of u s. s this celebra ti- 0 The Bologna- S 034 process has cl TENT of improved early failed to mobility. The achieve the ag 0 pressure of ha reed goal CON ENTS in the „regul ving to finish ar amount of your studies time“ in fact 045 for a stay abro T CON L R ACTIlogna ON 0 within the fr ad. Furtherm ame of auto ore the rigidi complicates ty of the new the possibility CAL FO ks bo gna de the desire nomy of the curricula (all d mobility be particular in 056 tween univer stitutions) im CALL ttaks boto nal c pe - l 0 sities. artaatac nsna io al rs t 067 T he much acclaim tes in fact se ed autonom y of higher ed a a n rt fé Tra snatioy Tous 0 mass- and el tion for the rves a polic y iteuniversitie s and hence of differenti uaction instit ation bet wee u- C é Tranve Cit Tour march 07 i ves way to “e majorit y of people: The a expropriat righ ion of educa- n Calf ernaitve Citn 12thmarch 08 y fficiency” an Bachelor- an d “achievmen t to free education gi- d Mas ters tude t” principles t at n o th a rn ui and „higher“ nt s and differ , which select lte ping in on o2 gna 1o 080 nical underfi education an nancing univ d workforce entiate bet w . In combina een „lower“ a g l 1 up to privat e financing er sities furthe rmore are fo tion with chro - a pingu on B logna 102 of private co rporation in and conseque ntly to the di rced to open g Itemson Bonner both teaching rect influenc e a 0 1 Together and research . 1 Items op Pla ner e 124 10 orksh p PlanGlanc 1 lebration of we will show a process, th that we do no t agree with W rkshoe at a lance 141 capital! at limits educ ation to the produc tion of the ce - l Wohdeue at a Gops 2 human Sc edul orksh ps 212 This protest Scist of W rksho t h o r 2 an developmen d its further L of WSuppot m p t Lisall forSuupot Bootca t r 23 our particip lives from C l for p, no ation! l CaarCam B mo r De Come all and contribute to fo own process the establishm Call for free educ ent of our ation!
  3. 3. CAF 14 March , 11 through From e n will b informatio TRA É ps, lect ures :>>> bolo - d worksho “art at tack provided an iod s will take T he occasion of gna“ projec the Bologn t uses the a summit t and chill- o place. So fa ut per r, the progra mm e includes ations: com - is year to discuss ar following items and st king place th on in the fiti & stencil, ta protes t and ac ti guerrilla, graf as a form of events munications d, RoR wor k- the current the oppresse - order to pro cess . theatre of , screen prin -las ting way hics , film NAT , layout grap NS d long e, the in a creative an shop ance ar t/publ ic spac The sched ule of the and the ting, per form the st reet s” , and from 8 – 14 we e k IONA onst rations lecture “Rec . laim March is tig ht with Nex t to dem ous work- ea demonstratio mit , vari a chill- out ar ns, blocka counter- sum opportunit y panel disc ussions and des, shops will provide the a t i o n shops; and work- s resistance i n f o r m L ills to expres More at it is all the to acquire sk is availa b le important to provide the more way. log sport .eu / in an ar tistic ngculture.b ticipants in the summit par- es should htt p://movi place to retr with a and experienc eat and soc Impressions but be tur- a casual env ialise in e forgot ten ironment. not quickly b d?) pieces d into (j ointly create ne ing exhi- i- Café Transn boards. In c - in an ensu ational will o ase of a hig of ar t which ral public Monday, 8 p en on spontaneou h turnout, ake the gene March, with s discussio bit - should m sic and snac live mu - shops etc. c ns, work- and reflec t ks. an subsequ think about place in the ently take . BarCamp o on the issues The dynam ic Button ex Campus. n the Uni also open o hibit will ill n Monday. brought by Buttons to One room in summit part the Café Tra from all ove icipantsts nal is dedica nsnatio - r Europe (a ted to the „A L beyond) will nd even draft a final ttempt to b e mad e a La c k for the exhib vailable a declaration“ for delibera . A room A it. Thus, the ting the issu will grow by exhibit xh es, disco - Cr Ar t At t the day, rea vering pers and b e com rranged pectives an e more and sing alterna d discus- verse. more di- tives. We are hap py to invite fo work shop work shop workshops, art sessions or other, prefe- rkshops, All week fro Sunday the m M onday through o participants in the openin and friends all summit to join us rably shared, events. summit part g of the Café are welcom icipantsts tional on 8 M Transna - e to make arch, 6 p.m. „“art-attack: >>> >>> the large so use of e The material for workshops etc. will be fas, a foosb bologna“, the creative variant of a of snacks and all table, e, provided. Please send a list of required an Internet critical discussion of the Bologna an- n na an- the Café Tra corner in n material and a brief description of the nsnational. niversary, is looking for motivated oking motivated vate ted te people who are willing to deal with wit with ith workshop including a suggestion for In addition a date as well as your contact details , everyone the Bologna summit, its consequen- uen- uen- information can post ces or with resistance in general in ral l to »»» artattack@kukuma.info one about vario vements as us mo - a technical, artistic, creative, chaotic otic otic week prior to the summit. We also wel- well as cont to discussio ributions or any other way. come and appreciate all other kinds of ns on the message ssa assistance, be it administrative or on- This would be possible by means of ans site!
  4. 4. March 12th Spaghetti Comfort Eating – Bologna burp! with a spontaneous reading about case studies of european university of arts Bologna misery. EVITANRETLA Presentation of a new working group: ‘Flash Mob Theater – Moving Theatre’ CITY TOURS Music program – protest band Send-off of the whale, a group project of the working group ‘Penguin’: „Red Vienna“ - this ex- hiss - and architecture. pression stands for the or The walk shows a T An educational whale in the form of a 14 meter long Austro-Marxist proj ct project ojec o different Vienna. bookshelf, filled with free books that represent know- of the Viennese social social o Leaving behind the ledge, education and research in a wider sense. democrats to conjure an uree bourgeois “Ring- exemplary, proletarian tarian ar a straße”, we will ex- town out of nothing. This pro- g. This pro- . s plore the history of the working agpinguin.wordpress.com ject took place between 1919 ween 1919 n 9 class movement at important and 1933/34, after which the wh c h which the locations of the time between party was forbidden. During en. During n rn the wars. The object will be relocated to the Burgtheater from our exploration tour through ur through r r March 13th to 14th as part of a manifestation. what was once the strong- he strong- e t o g- Starting: 13:00 hold of the Austrian working n working kn Meeting Point: C1 Campus A picknick around the whale is class movement we take a e take a e Please apply at hanna.lich- closer look at proletarian art etarian art t a tenberger@reflex.at planned, and there will be some talks/lectures.
  5. 5. WHY WE HATE BOLOGNA? #6 Because creating intel- lectual property means cultural burglary. Because university councils have #1 Because it makes us sick! Employability has destroyed my life. to be abolished. #7 Because the administrati- ve effort of the employees #2 Because BA/MA is a project to enforce the building of elites! Cutbacks of the university explodes. Bureaucracy is the worst thing mean oppression! ever. #3 Bologna means com- petition as the highest #8 ECTS and moduls mean paternalism and perfor- 10REASONS principle of regulation. Bologna means “ranking – re- mance pressure WHY WE HATE Because modules are compart- ligion” and the dictatorship of ments of the brain. the free market! BOLOGNA #9 Because employability is the new battle cry of #4 Bologna means the only thing that counts is utilization! capitalism. Because Bologna means instru- mentalization of education and Because Bologna is the neo- knowledge. liberal reconstruction of the University! #10 Because it builds a dic- tatorship of the recto- #5 Bologna makes the uni- versity more authorita- rian. Why hate Bologna? Be- rate at the university. We want democracy cause the concept of a service oriented university is a lie. now! (And let‘s not forget about revolution!)
  6. 6. WORK SA March 13th: 10:00 −12:30 Ma Titel Info L SA March13th :13:30 −15:30 Titel Info o L SA M Tit March 13th:16:00 −18:00 Titel Info L SHOP Illusion or reality? Feminist tion a on demand concerning educa- ands n and protest movements GER Gender Budgeting and Education Worksh kshop concerning queer politi itical and science-critical strate ategies at the Universities ENG LISTE The Personal is political. Educat cation, gender relations Sexism in the Protests. GER queer linguistics er and freedom fr The Double Crisis: The Glo- Do The constitution of know- Furthe steps after this ther bal Economic Crisis, and the Ec ENG GER GER ledge workers weeken kend? Crisis of the University sis Internships and "Exploita- Balanc and perspective of ance Gender and Education Kno Knowledgeworkers in the bility" - How the demand of ENG GER the un university protests hex hexagramm of precariesness work place affects students Educat cation protests, strikes Education & Research in Times of Crisis Soc Social Selection within the of uni unions and political per- GER ENG Elites and education GER Aus Austrian Educational System specti ctives Education & Social Inequality Edu Education and social ine- How wowould education look Migration and education like in a classless society n quity ty International Education Protests Int ducation Protests Educati Protes ducati tests Reform revolte or revoluti- orm, What does left university ENG Democr ocratising instead of on? St Students of the protest GER politics say? Challenges and GER privat vatising Neoliberalisation of Education mov movement in Iran international experiences of ITA Bologn goes global. The ogna the left in universities Fragme gmentation of subjects intern ernational dimension of Analyzing ways of protest: and ap approaches to bridge it Democracy, Education, Society acy, Educ the bologna process. Conse- bo ENG Do we need a squatting que quences for critical deucati- strike? Further & Other on politics? pol Aktion bank attack: Civil I'm fr to feel free to learn free Univer ver versality between disobedience and the in freedom! fre CRASHWORKSHOPS knowledge explosion and knowle commer merialization possibility to radicalize the education protests Fairne of tax, educational rness FR March 12th: 14:00 − 16:00 Bologn - career path - idea ogna Gouvernemental gouver- conven economy for a vent, ments in the academia of GER common welfare mon Titel Info L of praxis pra the 21. century Free E e Education Democra- feminism and education – cies - so society development ENG TBA GER Academ and Democracy demia ENG Basics on Lisbon Strategy basics bottom up tom in higher education and ENG What's behind Bologna? - research Academ and the repro- demia Critizism about the political Emanci ncipating education GER N.G. GER duktio of ideology and tion Entrepreneurial University economy of higher educa- author hority goes Europe? Bologna and ENG tion Who? How? What? - Process ?H Histor of the student tory Lisbon International implementati- of par participation in the praxis ESU ENG protes of Austria tests Academia reform and the service on of the Bologna process Battle of Vienna! Students tle Implem lementation of the bolo- in accordance with the location The Bologna Process and the agains the right-winged inst BV ENG gna process of the medizin pr ENG Austrian education system Gramsci goes Venezuela! Educa- FPÖ! GER Implementation of the Bologna studie dies tional reforms and questions of UV GER ENG Educat cational cutbacks, aus- process at the University of Vienna Rich kids for all! Absolute hk power in the bolivian process terity packages and racist ity Bologna ABC BV ENG income ome Does "live long learning" agitat tation: We need a new work as an arm for social left-w t-winged party! ABC of educational policies UV GER How can social movements ca opening and democratizati- reach their goals? Internati- ch on of higher education Democr ocratic Schools – What, ENG onal and Austrian examples la Why, H , How, Where? of successful actions and suc social movements ial
  7. 7. FRIDAY 12.3. Summit Kick-Off - „Why a counter-summit?“ 13:00 - 14:00 DISCUSSION ABOUT FINAL JOINT PAPER 14:00 - 16:00 Crash course workshops (ABC of education politics, Bologna basics...) 16:00 - 18:00 workshops CHECK-IN PANEL-DISKUSSION: Crisis of higher education institutions and Bologna 18:00 - 20:00 with Eva Hartmann, Andreas Keller, Isabel Bruno and activists of the protest movement in England, eastern Europe and Austria. - Workshopday SATURDAY 13.3. teaching neoliberal- gender + and international education democracy, isation and education research education and social education educational in the crisis protests inequality and society politics 09:30 - 10:00 workshop CHECK-IN 10:00 - 12:30 ANALYSIS and CRITICISM 12:30 - 13:30 lunch break 13:30 - 15:30 ANALYSIS and CRITICISM 15:30 - 16:00 coffee break 16:00 - 18:00 PERSPECTIVES and ALTERNATIVES FINAL PODIUM DISKUSSION - Alternative perspectives What to do? How to go on? Start where? Possibilities? 18:15 - 20:15 so far Michael Hartman and activists (italy, spain, austria) DISCUSSION / PRESENTATION OF FINAL JOINT PAPER SUNDAY 14.3. ALTERNATIVE CITY TOURS + PROGRAM
  8. 8. WORK EDUCATION & EDUCATION & SOCIAL RESEARCH IN TIMES OF INEQUALITY CRISIS SHOP Knowledgeworkers in GER the hexagramm of pre- Social Selection ENG within the Austrian LISTE cariesness Prekär Café & Squatting Teachers Educational System. Sophie Lojka A self-study with an activist pic- ture- and postcard- action T his workshop will analyse the Austrian educational system (especially the University field) in regards to social selection (class, GENDER AND Workshop concerning gender, ethnical background, EDUCATION ENG queer political and Further steps after this etc.) and try to formulate solu- science-critical strate- GER weekend? tions. gies at the Universities ÖH Uni Wien, Bildunspolitisches Referat GER Illusion or reality? Prekär Café & Squatting Teachers H.Hacker, C.Klapeer,K.Schönpflug Sophie Schasiepen, Jule Fischer A workshop designed especially for and with people who try to A debate on medium-term forms of organizing the „producers“ of knowledge GER Education and social inequity establish queer strategies at uni- A bout feminist claims for the educational system. Parti- cipation, criticism, self-reflexion, versities (whatsoever). Including a „storytelling café“, possibilities for working groups with a focus Ingolf Erler The constitution of know- Internships and Ex- the querying of education in its on „perspectives“, „hopes/fears/ strategies“. GER ledge workers ploitability — How relation to freedom – these are the demand of work essentials of an emancipatory Prekär Café & Squatting Teachers ENG placements within study H. Hacker is a sociologist, C. Klapeer is a poli- approach to education. tologist, K. Schönpflug is an economist at the programmes affects AG Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen university of Vienna. The conflict about US. Discussion and further development of a manifesto for the staff of scientific students prospects Regina Gottwald, Angelika Grabher GER Gender Budgeting and humane disciplines. ENG queer linguistics and Education GER Elites and education Elisabeth Klatzer Persson Perry Baumgartinger The Double Crisis: The Global Economic Crisis, ENG and the Crisis of the Michael Hartmann GER The Personal is political. GER Education, gender Sexism in the Protest University relations and freedom ENG Migration and Education Gundula Ludwig, Rosa Costa Edu-Factory Birge Krondorfer/Frauenhetz Ilker Atac
  9. 9. INTERNATIONAL Action bank attack: Civil NEOLIBERALISATION OF Entrepreneurial EDUCATION PROTESTS disobedience and the EDUCATION ENG University goes Europe? GER possibility to radicalize Bologna and Lisbon the education protests Reform, Revolt Bologna goes global. Oliver Prausmüller GER or Revolution? Student Ben Stotz The international dimen- ENG sion. Consequences for protests in Iran U niversities should be more „market-oriented“, are going Pedram Shahyar, Reza Gilani I n the past year activists of the „education-on-stike“ movement in Germany organized bank raids critical politics? to be the „Europe of knowledge“, more competitive. These de- Eva Hartmann in a few cities. Why? Which con- mands are being discussed in S tudents in Iran‘s protest move- ment. After an opening putting- into-perspective the workshop tent-related impulses were made? Academia reform and the this workshop. provides an analysis of today‘s BEIGEWUM and one of the bank robbers in GER service in accordance BEIGEWUM protests focusing on the students‘ the context of the education strike and „ac- tion bank raid“ with the location movement. Basics on Lisbon Strat- Torsten Bultmann ENG egy in higher education Pedram Shahyar – attac coordinator and Analyzing ways of and research network of young exile Iranians, Berlin GER protest: Do we need a Reza Gilani – rso Vienna and AG Iran squatting strike? GER Bologna-career path - Isabelle Bruno, Marie-Pièrre Gaviano idea of praxis ENG What does left university Oskar Stolz, Friederike Benda Sonja Staack How would education GER politics say? ENG look like in a classless ITA T he educational protests in the past year were marked by size, spontanety and occupations of Gouvernementale gou- GER verments in the acade- society Atene in revolta (Italy), mia of the 21. century Albert Kropf et al. lecture halls. We evaluate the SDS (Germany), education strike in Germany and Perspektiven (Austria) give arguments in favour of an occupation with strike. Felix Silomon-Pflug T he „educational ideal of Hum- boldt“, the „reformations of the 70s” and other terms of the protest C hallenges and international experiences of leftists at the universities. Using international Both are members of the federal managing committee of BEIGEWUM and authors of the S hould the commodification of education be analised beyond scientific products and the influ- movement. A discussion. discussion paper „agenda for strike 2010“ Vocational teacher at a vocational school, examples, the event discusses ence of companies? trade unionist and SLP-activist. what might define a leftist univer- sity policy and which organizatio- Political scientist and doctoral student nal structures would be adequate GER Balance and perspective Universality between for this. A presentation of different of the university protest GER knowledge explosion projects. GER Whats behind Bologna? and commerzialization Johannes Wolf, Bernd Albrecht Werner C. Rotter Nicole Gohlke Education protests, S tarting from an assessment of the Audimax-movement we‘d GER strikes of unions and like to discuss how we might and should move on. A political economics criticism of higher education. An intro- F rom the history of the foundati- on of Bologna University to the education cybernetics of the cor- political perspectives duction and evaluation of the Bo- porate groups. Activists of the RSO university group, students logna reformation. Revolution, Sud Éducation of politics and international development W.C. Rotter is a degree holder in Dramatics and members of the Audimax-movement. Speaker of the LINKEN concerning higher and Journalism, librarian education policies at the Bundestag.
  10. 10. DEMOCRACY, EDUCATION, SOCIETY GER I‘m free to feel free to GER Emancipating education Fairness of tax, educa- Gramsci goes Venezuela learn in freedom! GER tional convent, economy Educational reforms and for a common welfare ENG questions of power in Bertrand Stern Fanny Uri-Müller, Bella Schlehai- the Venezuelan Higher der, Stefan Probst Christian Felber Education System T he way from „Pisa“ to „Bologna“ is logical and straight-line: It’s Margarita Langthaler, Fabian Unterberger the way of a subtle step back- wards – from university back to Battle of Vienna - H ow can universities be demo- cratised and financed suffici- ently? A discussion about alterna- school – of the human being and GER Students against the tives. The workshop gives an over- view of the Venezuelan edu- cational reform which aims at his abilities to access education. But aren’t the ability and the will right-winged FPÖ! Author, lecturer at the WU, cofounder of At- tac to access – unrestricted! – educa- Karin Wilflingseder enabling all Venezuelans to ac- tion what makes the human being cess education. a free human being? GER Democratising instead Does „live long lear- Langthaler: ÖFSE (Austrian Research Foun- Freelance philosopher who dedicates himself of privatising ning“ work as an arm for dation for International Development) and to the questions of how to organize unrestric- lecturer at the department of International ted education. GER social opening and de- Development. Unterberger: International De- Bernhard Leuboldt, Pia Lichtblau, mocratization of higher velopment student Rosa Nentwich-Bouchal education? Who? How? What? - Democratic Schools – GER Process of participation Ulf Banscherus ENG What, Why, How, in the praxis ENG History of the student Where? protest of Austria Julia Tirler, Philipp Rodleitner tba EUDEC Free Education A model of a participatory pro- cess will be presented in this Fragmentation of sub- ENG Democracies – society workshop. The participants will GER jects and approaches to then discuss how this process can bridge it development bottom up. be implemented in the educatio- nal sector (and further). Anja Franzen, Günter Hager- Wolf-Dieter Narr Madun, Stefan Lattner The speakers are students and members of the association “UnsereBildung” (OurEduca- tion) B ringing debate and work for Free Education and a Co- operative Society into the daily Educational cutbacks, austerity packages and life of people by founding au- GER racist agitation: We tonomous networks inside exis- ENG Academia & Democracy need a new left-winged ting social systems. party! Psychotherapist focussing on Wolfgang Nitsch Martin Maurer social systems development
  11. 11. TION let us FO FOO ACCOMODA lease place to slee p p RE D VE FURTHER & OTHER If you need a epage under ve E RY om know at the h rns.org/accommodation with ry rev O http://b olognabu in Vienna to si gn in foo a olutio NE Implementation oft the We als o need people ace as place to sleep to 1 Fro plate n beg d! ! eir free sp gan 4th t m M of g ins ENG bologna process in the and to offer th ers. ite for the summ re in Vienna trib food here warch 1 ood medicine studies already a ep be ution. for a ill be 1th If you a place to sle u don´t have the locate The free c ve- Mirijam Müller and yo rmation point d V sity court in two oK¸ on- please turn to the info 2a wil ity campus. cam t at the univers pus t the uents a l W hat does Bologna mean for subjects that have not yet been affected by the Bac/Master CHILD CARE . nive t r- change? What can it be like? How We are trying to make the counter summit as child friendly as possible, so we can we participate in the fore- have organized a child care from march 11th to march 14th. It is important to us to front? Which plans are known? know when this is necessary, so please write to: hanna.lichtenberger@reflex.at If you coudn´t make an advanced notification turn to the information point at the Students of Vienna Medical University, mem- bers of ÖH/VSStÖ. university campus. GER Rich kids for all! Absolut income CALL FOR SUPPORT Many things have to be planned, paid for and organized to make the events in March a success. AG Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen The easiest and most effective way to participate and show support is to come to the demonstration on March 11th (3pm, Westbahnhof)! You can also help out with many other things, especially in the week from 8th to 14th. A n open workshop with the pos- sibility for all participants to give short inputs. Reflection and It takes a lot of people to organize things and spread the word with flyers and posters before the Week of Action. If you have time to help out, contact us! implementation of an unconditio- In the week from 8th to the 14th of March many hands and minds will have to work together! Join in and help make our Week of Action a success!These are some specific areas where help in is especially important and nal basic income, which guaran- everyone is welcomed with open arms: tees societal participation, as an s lp us river ble to he individual legal claim. and d are a hops AG Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen ED cars orks E NE * who the w W *p eople during cook How can social move- GER ments reach their goals? slate gi es or If you want to *tran onations o cut veg the d et for participate turn *food ho lik corders shops Irene Müller ple w h cam ork to the information *peo wit f the w W hat kind of protest movement ple on o do we need? How can we re- point at the *peo ntati ma OEH Universität Wien ach our goals? A time for balance and forecast. u n i v e r s i t y docu tivities Account Number: 00234517100 c Austrian Bank Code: 12000 Irene Müller is a sociologist, a coach for po- c a m p u s ! and a Bank Name: Bank Austria Reason for payment: litical education, an active member of the Even if we work for free, BOLOGNA GIPFEL university protest movement, SLP and the sadly we still have to depend on money BIC: BKAUATWW women’s movement. for a lot of things. Especially in questions of infrastructure IBAN: AT47 1200 0002 3451 7100 any financial support is welcome, so if you have a few spare Euros, you can help make the protests a success!
  12. 12. SUMMIT DEMO united against 1st Rule: You do talk about Bar Camp. As a way break with the traditional authoritarian concept of a conference CUTBACKS IN 2nd Rule: You do blog about Bar Camp. we have integrated an open space room, called a barcamp. A barcamp is Ad-hoc-Not-conference, which as EDUCATION AND WELFARE! first took place in San Francisco in May 2005, and in the german speaking part 3rd Rule: If you want to present, in september 2006 in Vienna. you must write your topic and Barcamps have grown out of the name in a presentation slot. necessity of people to exchange ideas in an open environment to learn from 4th Rule: Only three word intros. each other. It‘s an intensive event without an authority. Everyone who is 5th Rule: As many presentations gathering is participating and nobody is just a consumer. In the wiki on the at a time as facilities allow for. barcamp website topics and partici- pants are listed, and on the day the 6th Rule: No pre-scheduled pre- barcamp you just fill the open slots sentations, no tourists. on the board of the barcamp room with your topic you want to give an 7th Rule: Presentations will go input. Important to say is that you on as long as they have to or until leave enough space for reflecting and they run into another presentation discussion your ideas. our future in our hands! slot. For the unibrennt barcamp Bolog- naBurns, which takes place on the 12. 00 8th Rule: If this is your first time at BarCamp, you HAVE to present. (Ok, you don’t really HAVE to, but try to and 13. of march, the first ideas are to make the friday to a cafe transnational for sharing experiences, ideas, per- spectives and further coming plans of the activists from all over Europe. 11.3. 15 find someone to present with, or at least ask questions and be an interactive participant.) more information: www.barcamp.org VIENNA WESTBAHNHOF www.barcamp.at ww MAKE BOLOGNA Alternative Summit, March, 12. - 14. HISTORY! 46 education ministers are invited for a champagne reception in the 46 education ministers are invited for a champagne reception in and celebrating their reform and celebrating Vienna Hofburg the Vienna Hofburg of higher education their reform ofof higher education ofin the course of in the course the 10-years anniversary the Bologna-process. the 10-years anniversary think so! the Celebrating bologna? We don’t of Bologna-process. bolognaburns.org bologna.uniwien@unsereuni.at