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How to Generate Leads with SlideShare

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Learn how to use SlideShare to generate traffic and leads with this detailed, informative show and tell tutorial by Barry Feldman. The article was originally created for Social Media Examiner.

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How to Generate Leads with SlideShare

  1. How toGenerate Leadswith SlideShare
  2. socialmediaexaminer.com http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-generate-leads-with-slideshare/How to Generate Leads With SlideShareBy Barry FeldmanPublished January 10, 2013Are you using SlideShare?Would you like more leads?In this article I’ll reveal how to use SlideShare to generate quality leads.SlideShare for Leads?SlideShare is the world’s largest content-sharing community f or prof essionals.Data collected by ComScore and presented in an inf ographic by Column FiveMedia, SlideShare: The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing, reveals SlideSharehas 5 times more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn (which now ownsSlideShare).SlideShare traf f ic is driven
  3. SlideShare is a good traffic source for many businesses.SlideShare traf f ic is drivenlargely by search and socialnetworks. Visitors are mostlyconducting research at work,so if you’re using the websiteand its services as a strategicmarketing tool, you can makeit a substantial weapon inyour lead generation arsenal.How Businesses Can UseSlideShareThe f ollowing 3 points willhelp you generate leadswith SlideShare.#1: Make a CompellingPresentationSlideShare accepts videosand various types ofdocuments; however,slideshows tend to perf ormbest and earn more views. Toincrease the effectivenessof your presentation:Compose withSlideShare in mind.Slide decks created f orlive presentations mayf ail on SlideShare. Yourslides should “speakf or themselves.”Revisit and reviseslides that are likely to require explanations.
  4. Slide decks that "speak for themselves" work best on SlideShare.Communicate your point with simple, arresting design.Design with care.Highly viewedpresentations tend tof eature attractivegraphics. Yourpresentation shouldinclude powerfulimages and qualityfonts that are easy toread on small screensand maintain a highdegree ofprofessionalism onevery slide.Keep it simple.Presentations may beviewed quickly and insmall spaces, so it’swise to create a deckwith a laser-focusedmessage and presentyour ideas in smallbites using as f ewwords as possible.Tell a story. Employclassic storytellingpractices with a logicalsequence and anobvious beginning,middle and end. Breaklonger works intochapters.Employ contentmarketing bestpractices. Yourpresentation will bevalued most when itscontent ref lects thatyou understand yourmarket’s challengesand deliver helpfuladvice f or overcomingthem. It won’t hurt to beentertaining too.Take risks.Presentations stand
  5. Present data in small, easily understood bites.Use storytelling conventions and tactics such as chapter markers to deliver a lesson.Presentations standout f rom the crowdwhen they areprovocative, f unny orbold. Don’t shy awayfrom edgy ideas withthe rationale that you’retrying to conductserious business. Aplayf ul sense of humorhelped make “TheeBook is the Stud inYour Content MarketingStable” an extremelypopular presentation.Understand thecapabilities ofSlideShare. Youruploaded content will beconverted f orpresentation.Animations will notconvert. The best wayto ensure the integrityof your work is to saveit as a PDF foruploads to SlideShare.Invest in talent andquality. If you lackwriting or design talent,outsource the work.Plan to spend the timeor money it takes tosecure the rights tostrong photographyand illustration.You’ll f ind rich libraries of f reedesign templates built intoPowerPoint and Keynote. Foreven more templates, searchf or “f ree PowerPoint (orKeynote) templates” to locatesites such as f ppt andDezineGuide.Also, services such asSlideRocket and PhotoSnackof f er f ree online slideshow
  6. Slide decks that blend education and entertainment perform best on SlideShare.Have fun and employ a sense of humor to make your story stand out.of f er f ree online slideshowcreation tools.#2: Capitalize onSlideShare FeaturesOn the site’s SlideShare 101page, the company points out:SlideShare f eatures aprof essional andeducational communitythat regularlycomments, f avoritesand downloads content.Content spreadsvirally through blogsand social networkssuch as LinkedIn,Facebook and Twitter.Individuals andorganizations useSlideShare documentsto share ideas, conductresearch, connect withothers and generateleads f or theirbusinesses.Consider using featuressuch as:Sharing—you canedit the settings forany uploadedpresentation to makeit available publicly orprivately per yourproject’s objectives.Embedding—code isprovided, which makesit very simple to embedyour SlideShareassets on yourwebsite and blog.Users can also embedyour work, which of tenexponentially expandsthe exposure of yourpresentations.
  7. Increase your impact with professional design featuring quality photography and illustration.Privacy options enable you to make your presentations public or private.presentations.Video and audio—youcan embed YouTubevideos in yourpresentations or“slidecast,” meaningyou can sync an MP3soundtrack. Uploadwizards are provided inyour My Uploads menu.Social sharing—it’seasy to share contentor promote thesharing of yourcontent on Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn,Google+ and Pinterest.In f act, a LinkedIn appallows you to have yourSlideShare content f edto your LinkedIn prof ilepage. You mightconsider targeting aspecific socialmedium because theSlideShare home pagef eatures documentsthat are hot on Twitter,
  8. SlideShare gives you (and viewers) HTML code to easily embed your presentation on yoursite or blog.User settings offer options for adding audio or YouTube video to presentations.that are hot on Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn.Go “pro”—a trio ofpaid Pro plans arespecif ically designed toenable you to includecustomizable leadcapture forms, createcompany brandedchannels, and collectdetailed analyticsincluding perf ormancemetrics, user identitiesand interaction details.Following—you canfollow other users,mark presentationsas a favorite, emailcontent andcomment. So, likeother social media, youare of f ered tools tobuild a community,interact andrecognize others.SEO—the content ofyour slides isautomatically made intotranscripts, whichaccompany yourpresentations. Whenyou understand andsmartly applykeywords, yourSlideShare material cando very well on searchengines. (By recentmeasures, SlideShare
  9. A LinkedIn app makes it easy to embed your presentations on your LinkedIn profile page.Go pro with a paid account to include lead capture forms and functionality.measures, SlideShareamassed 3 billion slideviews per month.)#3: Make LeadGeneration YourObjectiveRemember, SlideShare mayget f iled under “social media,”but you’re taking it seriouslybecause its users are seriousabout research and discovery.Remind yourself of this whilecreating content f orSlideShare and be deliberateabout generating leads.Consider these additionaltips for generating leads:Repurpose withpurpose—if you’vebeen active in contentmarketing and socialmedia and have astrong grasp of whatworks f or yourbusiness and itsobjectives, reuse andrepurpose your mostengaging content f orthe SlideShare site.Examples andtestimonials—don’tf orget opportunities todeliver proof ofconcept. That is,highlight real-worldsuccess stories andfeature testimonialsin a f air and objectiveway when you can.Leverage authority—if
  10. Paid account holders have news feeds with updates including follower activity andpresentations marked as favorites.SlideShare automatically transcribes presentations to improve search engineresults.Include case studies to increase credibility.Leverage authority—ifyou’re on a mission toestablish authority,draw from the ideasof thought leaders.Cite their work. Endorsetheir ideas and theymight just return thef avor.Share—SlideShare isa social medium. Followthe content creatorsyou admire and sharetheir work.Provide contactinf ormation and links—your presentations can includelinks throughout to generatetraf f ic to your site, media outletsand landing pages. At the end ofyour presentation, provide therelevant contact informationand make it easy to continuethe conversation.Call to action—if a viewer hasmade it to your f inal slide, he orshe is interested inwhat you have to sayand is likely to havequestions, want moreinf ormation or want todo business. Don’t becoy. Provide the callto action you seek.Marketers are increasinglyf olding SlideShare into theircontent marketing strategybecause the website hasproven ef f ective f or buildingbrands and generating leads.Apply the tips providedhere to create a compellingpresentation, take fulladvantage of SlideShare’srich features and generateleads for your business.
  11. Include case studies to increase credibility.Leverage ideas from established leaders to increase authority.SlideShare promotes sharing and reports whats "hot" on social networks.What do you think? Are youusing SlideShare? Are yougenerating leads? Leaveyour ideas, questions andcomments in the box below.Tags: barry f eldman, build brand, callf o r act io n, co mpelling present at io n,co nt ent market ing st rat egy, lead,leverage aut ho rit y, slideshare,slideshare f eat ure, slidesharemarket ing
  12. Embed links to make it easy for viewers to contact your company.Offering additional information on your presentations topic is an effective call to action.
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Learn how to use SlideShare to generate traffic and leads with this detailed, informative show and tell tutorial by Barry Feldman. The article was originally created for Social Media Examiner.


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