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Openness in Education, Systems Thinking & Educational Practice Ed Media June 24, 2014i

Openness in education can be illustrated as expressions of iterative socio-technological innovations that reduce barriers and create multiple opportunities for practice. Through the convergence of collective intelligence and ICTs, particularly Internet-based applications, openness has been reincarnated as the “new paradigm of social production in the global knowledge economy” (Peters, 2008, p. 10). The ensuing open education renaissance—proliferated through open source, open access, open content, and MOOCs—has disrupted the insular worldview of the traditional academy and reignited debate about the purpose and future of formal education. This paper suggests that thinking of openness as a system, to examine both the whole and the sum of its parts, can provide a means for adapting and aligning educational practices to the significant shifts occurring outside of institutionalized settings. A literature review and evaluative tool are presented.

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Openness in Education, Systems Thinking & Educational Practice Ed Media June 24, 2014i

  1. 1. OPEN DESIGN https://sites.google.com/a/pacificu.edu/teaching-learning-in-higher-education/ Recognizing that design matters, that the values and goals of open education can be either hindered or advanced through design choices, is the primary motivation for establishing design principles” (Kahle, 2008, p. 44)