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  4. . about Us Highangle is a production house and content creator based in Jakarta. Since we first set up in 2010, our mission is to create and produce videos that deliver your message and reach your audience through an interesting story telling and beautiful imagery.
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  14. 18th Asian Games Colors Of Asia TV Commercial Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) produced TV Commercial spot to help promote the biggest sport event in Asia, 18th Asian Games. With the title “Colors of Asia” this spot communicate ‘the energy’ by showing various colors explode when the athletes perform. The spot ends with legendary badminton player, Taufik Hidayat, carries a torch. It represents Indonesia as the host of 18th Asian Games. Watch the video here
  15. Samsung Tumpah Berkah TV Commercial Watch the video here Samsung Home Appliance division held a campaign during Ramadhan month, called Tumpah Berkah, where customer can trade in their old appliance. All three spots that are produced for this campaign shows a customer doing easy “trick” to change their old stuff into new Samsung products.
  16. Starbucks Art in a Cup Social Media Commercial Watch the video here For Starbucks, coffee making process is just like creating a piece of art. It involves creativity and skill. These Art in a Cup spot show beautiful imageries about Starbucks coffee making and its ingredients.
  17. Hitachi Bengong Bareng Cak Lontong Social Media Hitachi released the latest refrigerator product, with four advantages. Hitachi communicates these four advantages through a video concept of stand-up comedy by cooperating with the comedian Cak Lontong. In each video episode, Cak Lontong will tell one advantage of the Hitachi refrigerator with his unique style that seemed serious but humorous. Watch the video here
  18. Bluebird “Makna sebuah kesederhanaan” Short Movie for social media As one of the campaign to increase the closeness of Bluebird to society, in the midst of the many online taxi providers, Bluebird produces short story taken from the real experiences of Bluebird drivers and customers. Watch the video here
  19. Laurent Body Lotion “Cleopatra” TV Commercial Laurent body lotion contains Goat Milk and fragrances typically used by princesses. Therefore the concept of Laurent TV Commercial communicates the softness and fragrance of Laurent, which will make women feel pampered like Cleopatra. Watch the video here
  20. Garnier White “Pipi Pink” Social Media Garnier Sakura White challenged three women who lack confidence in their skin tone to try a product, and prove the results within 4 weeks later. All three women were subsequently reunited after 4 weeks to communicate the results using the product whose names remain anonymous. And it turns out that the product is Garnier Sakura White. Watch the video here
  21. La La Life “Lala Chan” Social Media Lala Life is sanitary product for hand and can be used on a variety of goods. In the commercial video of Lala life, we show 3D character of Lala Chan, who is the prominent character of La La Life. Here Lala Chan shows how to use La La Life, which can kill germs, illustrated in 2D. Watch the video here
  22. Frestea “Klasik Asik” Social Media Frestea, a leading beverage brand in Indonesia, running its campaign entitled KlasikAsik. That is an invitation to young people to be creative to create something new by modifying something classic. To support the movement, Frestea produced digital video that provide real-world sample of KlasikAsik, in the field of music, dance, and fashion. Watch the video here
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  24. Axis Company Profile Axis is a telecommunication service provider. Axis produces Annual Report video that communicates the performance of Axis within one year. By combining live shoot and motion graphic to convey information, then continued with dynamic editing, the video becomes an informative and interesting annual report to see. Watch the video here
  25. Conwood Company Profile Watch the video here Conwood is wood replacement material provider. They are promoting the concept of green technology. This video is produced as a media to promote the excellence of Conwood. Combining the concept of illustration, Pop Up 3D Animation, and real live shoot, the video becomes an informative media communication, and remains attractive despite the long duration.
  26. VIT Company Profile Watch the video here VIT is a bottled water manufacturer operated under Danone. To improve marketing among distributors, VIT produces company profile. This video communicates the brief history of VIT, VIT Excellence, and the testimonies of distributors who have successfully cooperated with VIT.
  27. Schneider Electric Company Profile Watch the video here Schneider Electric is a company involved in the field of Energy Management. As a media to communicate the company, Schneider Electric produces Company Profile by combining live shooting packed with typical motion graphic of Schneider Electric. In doing so, it further raises strong Schneider Electric personality brand.
  28. Jakarta Garden City Company Profile Jakarta Garden City is a residential area that is being developed in Cakung, East Jakarta. This Company profile outlines the facilities offered by Jakarta Garden City, which is packed with illustrations of familial scenes, as a representation of a residential concept developed by Jakarta Garden City, namely LIVE-WORK-PLAY-LEARN. Watch the video here
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  30. AIA Introduction to AIA Sharia Many people do not know the difference between conventional and sharia insurance. AIA as a market leader in the insurance industry, supported by the prominent blogger Fifi Alvianto has released video which contains basic information on Sharia insurance. This video uses parables that exist around our lives. Watch the video here
  31. BTPN Purnabakti Success Story Corporate Presentation To socialize the Retirement business program, BTPN makes testimonial video that tells the business success of the retirees, with the assistance of the BTPN. The video describes how the processes and business activities are conducted Watch the video here
  32. Panin Bank “One Fine Day” Corporate Presentation Superbonanza is Bank Panin’s promotional program with prizes. In the lucky draw event, a video presentation is required to outline the facilities of Bank Panin that is made into a short story titled “One Fine Day”. Watch the video here
  33. AQUA Aqua Home Service Education Aqua Home Service is a reseller program for the first beverage packaging product in Indonesia, Aqua. This video communicates the procedure to become a reseller of Aqua products and tips to become a successful Aqua reseller. The illustration uses the scene of housewives lottery club, which includes motion graphic to clarify the information, make this video very informative, easy to digest and maintain the excitement Watch the video here
  34. AIA Bancassurance Corporate Presentation The brief description that we received is to make an exciting video testimony of bancassurance agent. Therefore, we created a testimonial video with a natural style. We then combined the testimonies with the daily activities of the agent, and packed in a dynamic editing style. Watch the video here
  35. 0 4Motion Graphic
  36. Maybank “BII – Maybank Transformation” Presentation BII has now changed into Maybank Indonesia. This video is produced as part of the press conference series in the transformation of BII into Maybank Indonesia. Taking the spherical element that became the icon of BII logo, this video tells the journey of a coin in which the coin becomes a part of the transformation. Watch the video here
  37. Adira Insurance “Blue Man TravelIN” Corporate Presentation   TravelIn is travel insurance from Adira Insurance, which offers various facilities for travelers. This video communicates the features of TravelIn. Using the Travelin mascot, Blue Man, the video is packed in 2D motion graphic animation. Watch the video here
  38. AIA “Real Life Heroes” Corporate Presentation AIA Insurance has an annual program called “Real Life Heroes Award”which is an award for agents who goes extra miles for their customers. This video is an invitation to the agents to participate in the award. The overall video uses illustration to make the information to be more attractive. Watch the video here
  39. Maybank “Woman Eco Weaver” Corporate Presentation As part of a regional campaign, Maybank Indonesia organized a CSR program aimed to help women weavers in several regions in Indonesia. Combining parallax photograph, illustration and motion graphic, the video aimed to present the CSR program of Maybank at the program launch event. Watch the video here
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